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Lenten Menu Plan – Week 1

We are trying to do a (mostly) vegetarian Lent so that we reduce our grocery bill and can send some extra money to those in need this year. However, I am determined that it not be pasta every night of the week, since many of my quick, go to meals involve chicken or beef. I have created a menu plan for this week, and any keepers will make it on to next week’s plan as well.We are super duper busy at the moment, so the goal was easy, healthy meals which the children could help to p … [Read more...]

Courage! Forward!

From yesterday's "Saint Quote of the Day" calendar:Courage! In the spiritual life, whoever doesn't go forward goes backwards. ~Saint Pio of PietrelcinaAnd today:So you have failed? You have not failed; you have gained experience. Forward! ~Saint Josemaria EscrivaSo very appropriate for this Lenten season!  … [Read more...]

“Marriage is like planning a trip to Hawaii…”

As I was driving in the car one night, listening to the radio, I heard Chuck Swindoll giving a talk on marriage. He made a great analogy that I thought I would share with you today: "Marriage is Like Planning a Trip to Hawaii."Imagine that you are planning a trip to Hawaii. You have all of your suitcases packed full of funny-looking Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops, sunscreen, and big hats. You step onto the plane and you are in a great mood - you're going to Hawaii, after all! You imagine the … [Read more...]

Patheos Switch

Good Afternoon! I just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that we will not be moving over to Patheos today. There are some tech and design issues with the new site and we are currently working with Patheos to fix these things. I am hoping everything will be ready to go in the next week. And we will let you all know as soon as the new site is up and ready to go. Thanks again for reading! … [Read more...]

Patheos, Six Seeds, and Us

I wanted to share with our readers a little bit more about our thinking as we transition our blog to the Patheos Faith and Family portal over the next few weeks.First of all, many may not know what is.  The idea of the site is to present the "marketplace of ideas" with writers and experts from various religious denominations and philosophical backgrounds.  In that way, for me, it is reminiscent of our time at Princeton, where the "Office of Religious Life" had chaplains a … [Read more...]

Sweet Lenten Beginnings

The three younger ones and I just returned from our Ash Wednesday service... Can I say how nice it is to take in church with the little ones in tow? For holy days and others like this, we head to a less formal church down the street that we can make in a timely manner after preschool pick-up. We sit in back in the corner, we sing and wiggle and take in the liturgy, but without the stresses and rigor of usual Sunday Mass. It is sweet. Today MG toddled around, carrying the worship aid paper. J … [Read more...]

New Beginnings

Lent is about new beginnings, right?  Well with the start of this Lenten season, Building Cathedrals will be moving!!!After much thought and prayer among the Builders, we have decided to move our blog to the Patheos site.   At Patheos, we will be part of their new Faith and Family portal.  Our current site will simply redirect to the Patheos site, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find us over there.  However, if you get our feed in a Google Reader, you will need to upd … [Read more...]

Why Having More Children Is A Good Idea

[Read more...]

Preparing for the Race

Good morning, dear friends!As Lent approaches, I feel compelled to share the same story that I shared last year about this time. It is actually not my story, but a story told by a priest who helps out at our parish - once in a while, he says the Mass that we typically attend on Sunday mornings, and he just happened to be saying this Mass again yesterday, just as he was last year on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Since he shared the same story this year, I will too :)This particular priest, … [Read more...]

Weekend Waffles

I thought that I would post this great recipe for healthy waffles, just in time for your Saturday morning breakfast! We actually tried this recipe on a weeknight and called it a "silly dinner," which basically means that we have breakfast for dinner on the nights when I have run out of ideas, or when I don't feel like fighting with the kids about what is being served for dinner that night :)In any case, here is the recipe, adapted from a recipe at (Whole Grain Waffles with … [Read more...]