Christians as Immoralists

Nietzsche provocatively labels himself an “immoralist”. This is something gleefully seized upon by theists who absurdly think that the logical result of atheism is a total rejection of all morality. Possibly the most famous and unapologetic of all philosophical atheists himself declared himself an “immoralist”! And the word “immoralist” is simply assumed to mean “one who rejects all morality”. So, there you have it. The [Read More...]

What Are Your Atheistic Humanist Declarations About?

Self-identifying secular humanists everywhere, I have a question for you. [Read more...]

How To Create The Sexual Utopia


With great legal liberty comes great moral responsibility. Or, at least, you know, basic moral decency. If you want a world where sex and nudity are no big deal and both men and women celebrate their sexuality freely, then you need a world where when women open themselves up they have no reason to expect they’ll be sexually exploited—and then perversely blamed for their own exploitation. [Read more...]

I Know There Is No God.

I am reposting this article (which I first published a year ago today, originally under a different title) because it covers concepts central to my thinking about atheism, knowledge, and disbelief in God. Some atheists who are excessively afraid of being like religious people are afraid of saying they believe there are no gods because that’s what religious [Read More...]

When Faith Healing Becomes Faith Killing

The following is a guest post by M Dolon Hickmon September 4, 2014 – The Tennessee Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the case of Jacqueline Crank, an East Tennessee woman sentenced to 11 months, 29 days of unsupervised probation after being convicted of child neglect in the 2002 cancer death her 15-year-old daughter, [Read More...]

How My Personal Sexual Evolution Makes Me Loathe Slut Shaming and Victim Blaming

I grew up a religiously, morally, and sexually conservative person. I believed in virginity before marriage, and I believed in it in a principled and egalitarian way. I didn’t hold to double standards where it was okay for men to be promiscuous but women who were so were “sluts”. I explicitly criticized such hypocrisies then. [Read More...]

James Croft on The Varieties of Oppression

Last week Kaveh Mousavi talked with me on the topic of Liberty to inaugurate a new series of such interviews. Today he published the second in the series, an interview with James Croft. In the excerpt below James makes a point that is all too often not understood or internalized, to our detriment: [T]here are many [Read More...]

It’s Wrong To Sexually Exploit People (Even Celebrities)

Jennifer Lawrence

I have to say, I am remarkably proud of the online feminist community for getting such excellent messaging out in response to recent leaks of stolen nude photos of celebrities. It’s about time that the conversation about such sexually violative and exploitative thefts and exposures get talked about for what they are—an unconscionable use of another person’s [Read More...]

Empowerment Ethics: “Can There Be Objective Morality When So Many People Disagree About Morality?”

This installment of my Empowerment Ethics series is deeply indebted to a superb excerpt from David O. Brink’s Moral Realism and the Foundations of Ethics (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy). Pgs. 198-209 of that book were republished in on pgs. 376-382 of Foundations of Ethics: An Anthology, edited by Russ Shafer-Landau and Terence Cuneo and published by Blackwell [Read More...]

Objective Human Flourishing: A First Response To Jerry Coyne About Ethics

I had an amazing time last weekend at the Pennsylvania State Atheists Humanists Conference (affectionately known as PASTAH Con). I spent wonderful time with some old friends I rarely see in person and met some new people I completely loved. And I was blown away by the response to my talk. The enthusiasm and seriousness [Read More...]