Debate Bingo With AAUW, Amnesty USA, & RCRC

Three of my favorite organizations have challenged us all to Presidential Debate Bingo … to make your debate watching party more fun, and perhaps to dissuade Presidential Debate Drinking Games.  (But who’s to say one couldn’t do both?!)

The basic questions:  Will the candidates address these issues?  Will issues that matter to you even get mentioned?  What is being said and more importantly, NOT said?

The American Association of University Women bingo card includes things like:  Paycheck Fairness Act, “my wife,” birth control, girls, and student loans.

Amnesty International’s bingo card includes things like:  Afghanistan, arms trade, human rights, Guantanamo, and Dream Act.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s bingo card includes things like:  conscience, choice, freedom, family values, and church/religious institution.

This, my friends, is going to be awesome.


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