Honorable Mention: Ordain a Lady!

It does NOT get much better than this:

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From the Women’s Ordination Conference, working for the inclusion of women in the Catholic priesthood, this fantastic “Call Me Maybe” video … the best one yet?

Just a few of the lyrics as I jotted ‘em down:

Hey, I was baptized / and this is crazy

But God just called me / so ordain a lady!

Justice doesn’t look right / with only male priests

But God just called me / so ordain a lady!

Hey, I was baptized / and this is crazy

But God just called me / so ordain a lady!

All the other churches / try to schmooze me

but I’m a Catholic / so ordain a lady!

And a bit from one of the verses:

My call is a fact / but some pope in a hat

closed discussion on that / and now he’s in my way

And the dancing women priests and Catholic schoolgirls have more here.

It’s cute, and clever, but it also reflects a serious theological point about God’s call:  it’s real, whether patriarchal institutions want it to be or not.  Beyond that, this movement is about women who want to remain Catholic AND live out their call to serve as priests.  Many women over the generations have had to make a choice between their call and their church.  The Women’s Ordination Conference points out that this is a choice that no one should have to make.


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Caryn D. Riswold is a feminist theologian in the Lutheran tradition. She is Professor of Religion and also teaches Gender and Women’s Studies at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, where she has worked for over a decade teaching undergraduates to think critically and creatively about religion. She earned her Ph.D. and Th.M. from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, holds a master’s degree from the Claremont School of Theology, and received her B.A. from Augustana College in her childhood hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • JoFro

    You’ve got be seriously kidding me if you think this video “reflects a serious theological point about God’s call”!

    • Pseudonym

      Certainly it reflects the point in a glass darkly.

  • Christine Cuttle

    Based on Scripture, it would seem to me the issue is a condition of the heart. Idolatry of wanting something one can not have based on God’s Word penned through Paul. The fact the words “Don’t Listen to St. Paul, because I can lead the way” says Biblical inerrancy is questioned, that the Holy SPirirt, GOD Himslef, was wrong. I find this a heretical view and the song is blasphemous.

  • Leah Johnson

    Where in the bible has God ever called a woman to be a priest? Were any of the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament and the apostles in the New Testament women? Was God wrong when He chose them?
    Also, what do you do with scriptures such as 1 Timothy 2:1-15 & 3:1-13 and Titus 1:7-9 & 2:1-5?
    Lastly, whom did satan approach first and deceive in the garden?

    • http://www.pocketables.com John Freml

      A woman named Junia was named by Paul as an apostle in Romans 16:7.

      Also, what is the most important job of a Catholic priest? Most would say it is to make Jesus’s physical presence (in the Eucharist) available to believers. Who was the first person to bring Jesus physically into the world? Mary, his mother.

      Lastly, wasn’t Adam equally at fault with Eve?

    • GarlicClove

      Sarah, the wife of Abraham is a prophet to whom God revealed the rites of purification of women in the old testament. Deborah was a woman that God placed in charge of all of Israel when he named her a judge ( Judges 4:4 Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel at that time.). Miriam is listed in the book of Micah along with her brothers Moses and Aaron as prophets sent to the people of Israel. These are just a few of the female prophets found in the Bible.

      • Pseudonym

        Anna (Luke 2:38) and the daughters of Phillip (Acts 21:9) are also named as prophets.

      • Daniel James

        Tell me again what this has to do with priesthood???

        • Pseudonym

          You raise a good point. Perhaps a more accurate answer to Leah Johnson’s question, “Where in the bible has God ever called a woman to be a priest?” is that in the Bible, God never “called” anyone to be a “priest”, if by “priest” you mean kohen orhiereus.

          In the case of hiereus, the word from the New Testament customarily translated “priest”, there are four distinct usages:

          1. To refer to the priests of the Gentiles (e.g. Acts 14:13).
          2. To refer to Jewish priests (i.e. kohen; see Matt 8:4).
          3. To refer to Jesus (e.g. Heb 5:5-6; actually, most of Hebrews).
          4. To refer to all Christians (e.g. 1 Peter 2:9, Rev 1:6).

          There is no distinct office of “priest” in the New Testament. So in a deep sense, Christian women (and men, for that matter) are not “called” to be priests. They already are priests.

          There’s also, of course, the word presbuteros, which is usually translated “elder”, but does seem to be a distinct church office. I looked briefly, but couldn’t see a reference to any kind of “call” there, either.

  • Leah Johnson

    Also, “Don’t Listen to St. Paul, because I can lead the way” says that the inerrancy and sufficiency of scripture is unreliable, but a woman priest would know better. How can anyone “lead the way” if they don’t believe that all scripture is inspired of God and is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)?

    The song is blasphemous and any woman who either is a pastor/priest or seeks to be one are being blatently rebellious against God.

  • Leroy Smith

    This is terrible. This is a video that further substantiates the idea that society is influencing faith and not the other way around. Even involving the Little Flower- one of the greatest women to ever live. What’s made her greater than the masculine voiced woman here is that she remained obedient to God’s Church. Unbelievable to involve innocent children in this too. Where’s the milstone?

  • Woodstock Churchlady

    This video brightened my day, but the anti comments made me so sad, both for the writers and for the movement. I hope the Women for Ordination don’t get their hearts broken. Even though the Protestant churches would love to have them, I’m going to pray for their cause!

    • Caryn Riswold

      I agree completely, Woodstock Churchlady … I decided to let the ‘hater’ comments stand, in part so that people who think this isn’t an issue anymore (as many of us protestants want to believe) can see the level of vitriole out there. I’ll admit that even I was stunned at some things that commenters here have said.

    • Daniel James

      People who cannot ascent to the teachings of faith within the Church should leave it. In fact, if they truly believe that the Catholic Church is wrong, they are morally obligated to do so. What are they waiting for – the male hierarchy to tell them to leave? I guess women really can’t make up their minds!

  • sg

    Let’s not forget that Balaam’s talking donkey was a jenny.

  • Ruthetta

    Awesome! Love the song and the message.