Chastity Brings May Flowers?

Well, that’s not exactly what I learned about how the bright spring blooms take hold.

Then again, this isn’t exactly a view of sex and God’s plan that I was taught either:

Where to even begin?  There’s so much wrong with this image, and that only begins with casting as evil some of the very things that are demonstrably beneficial for women’s health and lives like the pill, condoms, and sometimes divorce .

As the folks over at Feministing pointed out in sharing it, “understanding the argument against contraception makes it easier to refute.”

Of course, saying that this illustrates “God’s plan for love, chastity, marriage, and children” makes it a theological argument, reflecting one particular type of religion’s view on the issues.  It states, among other things, that “Procreative love reveals Trinitarian love.”  Which means not only that hetero-procreation is God’s plan, it is the way that human beings are God?

Which explains why the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops and many conservative evangelical Christians continue to fight against full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and preventative healthcare for women.

They are playing God.

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