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Father Michael White and Tom Corcoran have written a book that at first glance would seem to be the answer to every parishes prayers. They have successfully taken their parish, the Church of Nativity in Timonium, MD and turned it from a struggling parish to a booming one. During that process and in this book are some good points and some bad points. In this review I will give some highlights of each.I found the chapter on tithing called “Don’t Rob God” to be very interesting. They were able to … [Read more...]

The Saint Who Fought the Dragon

The Saint Who Fought the Dragon:  The Story of Saint George is written by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky.  First, what this book is not.  It is not the legendary tale of George killing the dragon to save the town and a princess.  Now, what this book is.  It is a simple fictional story of St. George for young primary age children showing all the wonderful reasons he is one of the great martyrs of the early Church.  It shows how this greatly honored Roman soldier was willing to give up everything for his l … [Read more...]

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Daughter of America

As this ministry becomes more of a family affair, we have another review today by my wife. This time on one of the Encounter with the Saints series books by Pauline Books.Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Daughter of America by Jeanne Marie Grunwell is part of the Encounter the Saints Series published by Pauline Books.  Our oldest two daughters read this book quite quickly and said how much they liked it.  They told me many details from her life that they had learned.   I decided to read this little bo … [Read more...]

CBB Interview With Christopher West

I recently finished reading and posted my review of Christopher West's recent book Fill These Hearts. That review can be found here. This was the first book of Christopher’s I have read, but I have known about his work for some time now and was very excited when he agreed to an interview on the book and his ministry on the Theology of the Body. Thanks Christopher for taking time out of your certainly busy schedule and sharing some answers with my readers!Q: For my readers who may not know, y … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing

Christopher West has once again given us a book that presents points from Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, in an approachable, easy to read book. Saint Augustine said “Our life is a gymnasium of desire.” The question becomes what do we do with our desire?From the first pages of Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing, the author opens with an interesting point that human longing or desire is not limited to only romantic love or sexual desire. This eros is the desire w … [Read more...]

Holy Crocodile!

We have a guest review today. My wife has just finished reading the book Holy Crocodile! with our two youngest daughters. Here's what she has to say about the book!This is not your ordinary book of saints. Holy Crocodile! by Caroline Cory is a collection of 20 short tales of saints based on actual legends. These stories are told almost like animals fables but with a religious twist. What makes this book different? The animals make all the difference! Instead of the saints helping the animals; … [Read more...]