Explore the miraculous

What are miracles and why does God make them happen? Do they hold any importance for us today? How can we tell if something is a legitimate miracle or not? Did God put that image of Jesus in your pancake at breakfast this morning or was that just your imagination working overtime? All these questions and more are answered in the book Miracles (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers Book 18) by Karlo Broussard. The booklet is part of a 20 booklet set from Catholic Answers called conveniently … [Read more...]

From beast to angel; Angels: Day 254

Animals don’t sin, because they follow the laws of nature laid down for them. Angels in Heaven don’t sin, because their wills are perfectly in tune with God’s. But we, says St. Augustine, are halfway between. If we subdue the part of us that’s like the animals, we can rise to the level of the angels.It is a great question whether there is any rational creature for which there is no pleasure in what is unlawful. If there is such a class of creatures, it does not include man, nor does it includ … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf Episode 017 with guest Karlo Broussard

If you missed this past Saturday's show you missed a good one. But ever fear, the archive is here! Karlo Broussard and I discussed miracles and his book  Miracles (20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers Book 18). We take a look at some well known miracles such as  the eucharistic miracles of Lanciano and Siena. We also cover why these miracles are important to us today and do miracles still happen?You can listen to the show below or download it here. … [Read more...]

Long for life with the angels; Angels: Day 253

St. Gregory the Great tells us that our time of waiting here is preparing a richer reward for us. When we love God and long for life among the angels, by waiting our love grows even stronger.“Oh, that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even to his seat!” ( Job 23:3).Those who love still have to wait, so that, because they have loved and wait- ed, they will have stronger title to the reward. So Almighty God is made sweet to us in miracles, but in his own loftiness he remains … [Read more...]

A glimpse of the chambers of the south; Angels: Day 252

St. Gregory the Great reads “the chambers of the south” in Job as symbolic of the depths of Heaven. Just as the climate gets warmer the farther south we go, so the deeper we are in Heaven the more we are filled with the heat of  the Holy Spirit.“(W)ho made the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the chambers of the south” ( Job 9:9).“The chambers of the south” are those unseen orders of angels, and those unfathomed depths of the heavenly country, that are filled with the heat of the Holy Spi … [Read more...]

Even angels can’t take away your sin; Angels: Day 251

When the emperor Theodosius gave orders that resulted in a massacre  in Thessalonica, St. Ambrose, bishop of  the imperial capital of  Milan, refused him communion until he made public penance. He warned the emperor that not even an angel can take away his sin. Only “tears and penitence” can do it.And Scripture tells us that when the people were dying, on the very first day and at dinner time, David saw the angel that struck down the people, and he said, “Lo, I have sinned, and I have done wi … [Read more...]