How men can reclaim their lives for Christ through the beatitudes

Men today are facing a crisis. Each day we are faced with a culture that minimizes our roles as fathers. This does have to be the case however. We must learn to cast aside what society tells them they should be and instead, embrace their faith and become the fathers God wants them to be. “God has a plan to transform you into the father you are meant to be through his love and grace.” Greg Popcak has written a book that shows men exactly how to accomplish this in BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be an Awe … [Read more...]

The yield is what counts, Angels: Day 246

St. Peter, says St. Augustine, denied Christ, stood in his way, and misunderstood the New Covenant—yet  he will judge angels. What  matters most to Christ is not the thistles we had to uproot from our souls, but the yield we give him once the gospel is planted.We see the same thing in the Gospel, where the devils confess that Christ is the Son of God in the words used by Peter, but with a very different heart. So, though the words were the same, Peter is praised for his faith, while the impi … [Read more...]

We dig our own ditch, Angels: Day 245

When the rich man in Christ’s parable begs that Lazarus  give him just a little water, Abraham tells him that there’s a great chasm between the righteous and the sinners. What does that mean? asks St. Asterius of Amasea. That the na- ture of our lives creates a vast separation between the righteous and unrighteous.It is also worthwhile to examine intelligently how each of these men when dead was carried forth. The poor man, when he fell asleep, had angels as his guards and attendants who carr … [Read more...]

Taste and see, Angels: Day 244

The holy angels drink from the sweetness of God, says St. Ambrose—but  the sweetness is hidden from you as long as you are captive to sin. As soon as all your hope is placed in the Lord, you taste what the angels taste.With good reason, then, is the sweetness of God hidden to you. The law placed in your members, resisting the law of your mind, brings you into captivity. The holy angels drink from that sweetness, but it is hidden from you. You cannot drink and taste that sweetness, because you … [Read more...]

Unlike angels, sometimes we’re wrong, Angels: Day 243

St. Augustine points out that St. Cyprian was wrong about some things—but he was wrong in the right way. It is angelic to refrain from judging those who have different opinions on obscure things, but the presumption of  the devil to divide the Church over those differences.It often happens that something is imperfectly revealed to the more learned, so that their patient and humble charity, from which comes the greater fruit, may be proved—either in the way in which they preserve unity when th … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Patrick and the Fire

Review by Laura SocksPatrick and the Fire: A Legend about St. Patrick is written by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky.  This book is one of many wonderful little books for primary aged children telling tales of saints and legends from Pauline Books & Media.  These books are always a favorite in my house!  This particular story tells of one of the legends of St. Patrick – the fire that would not go out!  It is the night of a great festival that begins with a huge bonfire being lit, but the first fire … [Read more...]