Trust in God’s justice; Angels: Day 332

God judged even the angels justly, says St. Gregory the Great, so we should have no doubt that he will judge us justly.When we have doubts about the things that are done concerning us, we should look at others that we know well, and quiet that grumbling of the thought that came up because of our uncertainty.Look then: scourges bring the elect back to life, but not even scourges keep the wicked from doing evil. So Almighty God’s judgments on us are very secret, and not unjust.But if we … [Read more...]

Shining like the sun; Angels: Day 331

Rufinus of  Aquileia reminds us that, in the resurrection, our bodies  will  be changed and glorified, just as Christ’s was. What was planted as a physical body will be raised as a spiritual body, fit for the companionship of angels.But since God’s saints have these promises, and an infinite number like them, about the resurrection of the righteous, it should not be hard now for us to believe the promises that the prophets have foretold as well—namely, that the righteous will shine as the sun … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 026 with Father Michael Kerper

Father Michael Kerper grew up in Philadelphia, attended Catholic schools as a boy, and then studied politics and economics at La-Salle University, labor relations at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and moral theology at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Ordained in 1985 for the Diocese of Manchester, Father Kerper has worked as a parish priest throughout New Hampshire.Father Kerper and I discuss his book from Sophia Institute Press A Priest Answers 27 Questions Yo … [Read more...]

Angels rejoice at a new arrival; Angels: Day 330

St. Ambrose remembers holy men whose prayers ended wars on earth. When such a man is taken up to Heaven, he says, the angels rejoice to welcome him.Don’t we know that the saints are fighting even when they’re on holiday? Wasn’t Elisha at rest? Yes, at rest in body, but in spirit he was active, and he fought by his prayers when the noise of horses and the noise of a great host were heard in the camp of the Syrians, so that they thought that the forces of other princes were marching against the … [Read more...]

Our Church relationship DOES matter

We sometimes may find ourselves wondering through life aimlessly. The temptations and distractions of our modern society weave their way into our lives and grab hold. If we pause and consider this, we may discover that the gadgets and games have no real purpose in our fulfillment. So, what does matter? Pat Gohn tells us what does matter is our Catholic faith. Her latest book is entitled All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters and it serves as a gentle yet direct reminder to us about … [Read more...]

Angels are waiting for us; Angels: Day 329

In the end, says St. Augustine, we’ll rejoin the angels, and all of us together will make one temple of God, one heavenly Jerusalem.The house of God is also a city. For the house of God is the people of God. The house of God is the temple of God. What does the Apostle say? “For God’s temple is holy, and that temple you are” (1 Cor. 3:17).All the faithful are the house of God—not only those who exist now, but also those who have existed before us, and those who will come after us, to the e … [Read more...]