Christian Music Has Failed Michael Gungor

Michael Gungor has been under a lot of fire lately for some comments he has made about the bible. He has received a backlash of criticism from Evangelicals and even had a few concerts canceled. I have listened to a few interviews where Michael has mentioned some of the horrible things people have said against him and it saddens me. There have been all kinds misrepresentation and mean things said towards him. The response has hurt him and his family, needlessly. Right or wrong, Michael Gungor, like many before him, is another victim of the Christian music genre.  Read more

Stop Limiting Christ’s Atonement

The cross of Christ is the most central point of all of human history. It’s the single greatest event the universe has ever seen. More than that, it’s the most magnificent example of love, sacrifice, and justice that has ever, or will ever, be produced. When I have doubts or wavering faith the cross is where I stop look back and say “There, right there!” It works like a source of nourishment at my deepest roots. It makes me who I am and drags me away from who I was. Words cannot contain or even begin to accurately describe the beauty and power of what happened there on that day.   Read more

Robin Williams And The Best Thing He Ever Did

Every time I have watched this movie I think about that scene for a days to come. It wasn’t until talking to my wife about it, the other night, that I realized why it resonated with me so much.  She said, with much wisdom, it’s because we have all experienced serious hurt, to one degree or another, and we all long for someone to pursue us and show us freedom. She was so right. You almost see the chains of guilt and anger come falling off Will as Shawn talks to him. To be set free from the bondage that deep pain brings is nothing short of the gospel. And, like other moments of great repentance, redemption,  and vulnerability all Will can say “I’m so sorry” Read more

God And The Problem of Evil

e tend to drift along happy and content and then when something terrible happens we start wondering where God is. If God truly is omnipotent and benevolent then why does this stuff continue happen? Why doesn’t He stop these horrible things? It’s certainly not a question of power or ability. I think scripture and other events in history make this clear. So, why then, if God loves us, does He let these things happen? This is complex question with an even more complex answer. And, even that answer is wrapped in mystery. Read more

9 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Marriage

I am the farthest thing from a marriage expert. I am a novice and a moron. That’s a lot of the reason the first few years of marriage were so hard on us. In fact, its pretty clear, to anyone that knows me, I am just figuring this stuff out as I go along. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned some things along the way. Below are 9 recommendations of things (I learned the hard way) that you should be doing in your marriage. Read more

An Apology From A Calvinist

I am a Calvinist and I am not ashamed to say that. I fully embrace, what is often called, “The Doctrines of Grace” and find general theological agreement with men like Tim Keller, R.C. Sproul, John Piper, Matt Chandler, Jonathan Edwards, CH Spurgeon, John Calvin, and Martin Luther. If those words or names mean nothing to you I would encourage you to keep reading, because there is a good chance at some point in your life you will come across them. I have held these beliefs for a little over a decade and I can earnestly say they are, contrary to common belief, beautiful truths. My entire life is a testament to that. I am sure there are people who will read this and get upset at the word or thought behind what is called “Calvinism”. In fact, I hope those people read this – this post is mostly for you. Hey, I totally understand that. There are really hard questions and seemingly unnatural logic in what is sometimes called “Reformed Theology”. I am more than happy to dialog, at some point, about that stuff – its important. Read more