How Does The Bible Define Arrogance?


What does the Bible say about arrogance? How does it define it? What comes from having an arrogant attitude?  What is Arrogance? Arrogance can be defined as having an attitude of superiority and being full of self or having an extreme form of pride. It can be manifested in an overbearing personality that makes it hard for others to be around. They usually have an inflated ego and sense of self-worth that is highly overestimated and an arrogant person can be presumptuous or claim to be … [Read more...]

What Is The Biblical Definition of Pride? How Is Pride Described In The Bible?


Why is pride a problem with humans? What is the biblical definition of pride and how is it described in the Bible?  A Secular Definition of Pride Pride is not just a problem for me…it is a problem for humanity. Pride’s been defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction in an achievement, an accomplishment, or in someone else or something else but it’s also been described as conceit, egotism, vanity, vainglory, all over one’s own appearance or status in life and not just somethi … [Read more...]

What Is The Bible Definition Of Wisdom? How Are We Wise In God’s Eyes?


What is wisdom? How does the Bible define it? How can we be wise before God’s eyes?  What is Wisdom? Wisdom isn’t simply intelligence or knowledge or even understanding. It is the ability to use these to think and act in such a way that common sense prevails and choices are beneficial and productive. That is my definition anyway. You don’t get wisdom out of a textbook. You don’t get knowledge enough to make you wise. You don’t receive understanding from simply hearing others. Experienc … [Read more...]

What Is The Biblical Definition of Submission? What Is Christian Submission?


Does the Bible give us a clear definition of submission? What does Christian submission mean and look like?  Submission Definition The word submit or submission means to submit under the authority or power of someone else and is usually deemed mandatory or obligatory. We submit to the authorities every time we obey the speed limit. We submit to the laws of the U.S. every time we file our taxes (at least honestly). If we sign a contract, we are submitting to the conditions stated in … [Read more...]

What Is The Biblical Definition of Joy? How Does The Bible Define Joy?


How does the Bible define joy? What does the Bible say about joy? Do you have joy?  Joy Defined Joy isn’t like happiness which is based upon happenings or whether things are going well or not. No, joy remains even amidst the suffering. Joy is not happiness. Joy is an emotion that’s acquired by the anticipation, acquisition or even the expectation of something great or wonderful. It could be described as exhilaration, delight, sheer gladness, and can result from a great success or a ver … [Read more...]

What Is Apostasy? A Biblical Definition of Apostasy


How does the Bible define apostasy? What is it exactly so we can know to identify it?  Apostasy Defined The word itself is from the Greek word “apostasia” and is very much like renouncing or disassociating oneself from a particular religion or certain religious beliefs. It is similar to a rejection of beliefs that were once held and accepting different beliefs and might even be a renunciation of the beliefs that were previously held. For example, is someone converts to another rel … [Read more...]