Here are four major attributes or characteristics of God. Holiness One characteristic of God is that He cannot dwell with or be in the presence of sin. After the fall, God’s fellowship with mankind was severed. That’s because God cannot even look upon sin as sin is against the very nature of God. This may explain why God had to turn away from even from His own Son at the cross when Jesus cried out, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that… Read more

What are the differences and similarities between the Law of Hammurabi and the Law of Moses? Did one borrow from the other? Ancient Law Books After ancient Israel’s exodus from Egypt, God gave to them the Book of the Covenant, a book which contained the laws of God by which Israel was to live. It is sometimes called the Law of Moses. Another ancient people, the Babylonians, had their own law called the Code or Law of Hammurabi. In reading… Read more

Who was it that killed Jesus? Was it the Jews who delivered Him, the Romans who crucified Him, Pilate who ordered it, or was it us who have sinned? Read more

Racial hatred and bigotry are nothing new, however, there is actually a color more superior than white. White Supremacists Expect more trouble because of the white supremacists, and specifically, Richard Spencer, and even though this is nothing new to this nation, the message they bring is about as anti-American as it can be. White supremacists have been around for as long as the nation has existed, but today they’re becoming more vocal and visible, and this can lead to violence. Former president George… Read more

With the huge explosion of prophets today, what do the Scriptures say about whether they’re from God or not? A New Age of Prophets Prophets, the Freedom of God, and Hermeneutics, a Westminster Theological Journal (52.1), by Dr. Willem A. Vangemeren from Prophets, the Freedom of God, and Hermeneutics is an essential as far as relating to those who believe that they either have the gift of prophecy or they know someone who is a self-proclaimed prophet. One recent example… Read more

Philippians chapter 2 is a very special chapter, as it shows us the mind of Christ, and it all starts with humility. The Mind of Christ It’s impossible to know the Son of God without knowing the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Rom 10:17), and by reading the Word of God. This pursuit of biblical knowledge often brings us closer to the mind of Christ. For example, Philippians 2 tells us of the great… Read more

If ever there was a time for hope, it is today, because it seems there is nothing but bad news, but for there is actually good news for many. Hopeless Today it seems there is bad news just about everywhere you turn, including on the news. Violence in the streets, white supremacists groups are growing, natural catastrophes, protests, some of which comes with rioting, looting, and violence has captured the headlines. In some parts of the U.S., devastating floods, while… Read more

The opioid crisis is spreading across America like a wildfire, leaving charred lives and limb in its wake, and threatens the future generations of America if not solved. Opioid Crisis of 1908 In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt was worried that a an opiate addiction that was sweeping the nation was going to threaten the America, so Roosevelt placed Hamilton Wright as the nation’s first Opium Commissioner, and this man warned, almost prophetically, that Americans “have become the greatest drug fields… Read more

Even after the new birth, believers still struggle against the flesh and fall into sin, but how can we help or be helped by accountability partners in overcoming addictions? Accountable to God Before anyone is saved, they come to the realization that they are sinners who have the wrath of God abiding on them (John 3:36b), and until they repent and place their trust in Christ, they’re accountable to God for our sins. Thankfully, the Spirit of God quickens the… Read more

What did Jesus teach about marriage? Here are some Bible verses about marriage to see what Jesus taught about marriage. A God-Ordained Institution Genesis 2:24 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” There are many Bible verses about marriage but we are examining only those which Jesus taught about on the subject this subject, so first of all, marriage is a God-ordained, God-created institution that… Read more

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