Church Sign Epic Fails, Christian T-Shirt Edition

Thought I’d mix it up a little bit, especially since I’ve seen so many remarkable Christian themed T-shirts. And if you go out and buy one of these after seeing this, even as an ironic statement, so help me…

You just got stuffed by J-dog.
…And ever since I became a Christian, everything has been PERFECT!
Picturing Jesus in a gimme cap with a PBR on a trout boat right now, listening to some Skynyrd.
So they crucify people in space too?
Had to happen.
Nothing says “love” like a T-shirt with big, bloody nails on it.
Think this is the storyboard for The Hangover, Part 3
What’s better than big, bloody nails? A big, bloody hand with big bloody nails going through it!
BTW, pretty sure if you wear this, you’re a nerd. Does that means you’re satan?

Guessing this one is meant ironically…and awesomely!!!

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  • My favorite Jesus t-shirt:

    There’s a hockey one as well.  =)

    Really enjoying this series, Christian.

    • Hilary

      The only thing that would make “Jesus saves” better is if he were Keeper in a Quidditch match. 

      What House would he be sorted into?

  • I would totes get the Air Jesus t, though. 

    I mean, ironically, of course.

    •  “Totes”? Do you also read Dinosaur Comics?

  • Melody

    I’m a nerd (of sorts). Does that make me Satan?

    • Chuckles

      This also begs the question, “What makes him a nerd?” Does he live in his mother’s basement and play D&D on the weekends? Does he dress up at comic book conventions and quote Monty Python incessantly?

    • Only Christian Culture would still think that “nerd” is a put-down. but then, if you spend your whole life living like you’re still the big jock in sixth grade…

      •  Statement 1: Truth.  Also–hi, Jas-n!

  • Joedog_75

    My sister has one that has her church’s name on it with the slogan “Jesus loves you, but I’m his favorite”

  • i’m an ex-Family Christian Stores employee. Just after i quit, i came back to help with inventory and they had new shirts– my “favorite” was one with a bird on it, the caption being “Don’t be angry. Be glad!” 

  • JoelR

    First of all, I want to go on record for nerds everywhere and say we don’t appreciate being equated with Satan. Second, I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t think that weekend all that great.

    • Amen, and amen.

    • Agreed…particularly with that first part.

    • isaacplautus

       I’m pretty sure that true contemplation of the Cross is not something that can or should fit on a t-shirt. 

    • Jesus had such a bender that weekend…

  • GDwarf

    I like how the arrows on the “Best Weekend” shirt go both ways. I now am imagining Jesus getting nailed to the cross, then jumping off it and getting a snack, jumping back up…

    • shamim reza

      Yes, very much so, ?dark night of the soul?.
      Thanks Nox and please forgive me for my going on at some length in that
      last post, I got a little carried away, was too long, really. Have a
      great weekend friend.

  • str

    Thank you for sharing. I see you receive a bit of so called “friendly fire.” As a whole,
    that’s where we fail the most.

  • Aaron Gray

    Wow, these are terrible! Check out Tyler Stanton’s post on how to design equally bad christian t-shirts.