Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol XXIV

For all you Arabic number snobs, that’s volume 24 of your favorite cringeworthy church signs. Order up!!!

Mom, mom, can I PLEEEEASE go to that church Sunday?

Pretty sure folks needing a 5X T-shirt aren’t into plain toast.

Funny stuff. Gotta admit.

A fair question was raised. How do all these church folk get away with pirating big corporate logos?

Can’t a brother hitch a ride?

Who’s the white guy?

Nuance and context, BE DAMNED!

Not sure if this is white Jesus or that guy from the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercials.

Yaknow, on Rotten Tomatoes, that ratio would be, like, seventeen percent. Just sayin’.

Gotta love Tea Bag references in church.

Rev. Eeyore, presiding.

I know this guy named Jesus; you’ve probably never heard of him.

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  • Ally C

    Christian, i believe Keruso, et al. “get away with” it because it’s parody, not actual copyright infringement- fine line, in my opinion. 

  • Steven Baudoin

    “Little Hope Baptist Church” is my favorite. Do you suppose the congregants are aware of the irony?

  • Geds

    Please tell me that the one about 70 people going to a movie and 12 meeting god isn’t a reference to the Dark Knight Rises shooting.  Because that would be beyond the pale.

  • Dav

    The crack about fat people is not on.  Come on, I expect better from you.

  • Chris

    When I think of Jesus’s words regarding adultery and deserving death, the quote on that first sign is not what comes immediately to mind….

  • christopher_young

    Who’s the white guy?

    Well, he looks a lot like Jerry Garcia in about 1974…

  • Ross Thompson

    Is that Charles Manson on the “Our Only Hope” poster?