David Archuleta’s Farewell

Though we practice different faiths, I can’t help but admire David Archuleta’s decision to step away from his singing career for two years in order to be a Mormon missionary and develop his relationship with God. It’s a choice that takes courage and character, especially for someone whose business is in the public eye. Being a public figure usually involves doing all the work possible to get your face out there and keep it out there. Yet here he is, stepping out of the show business spotlight for two years. The only Catholic equivalent I can think of right now is soccer star Chase Hilgenbrinck retiring from the sport in order to enter the seminary and become a priest.

I can’t say I’m totally surprised by Archuleta’s decision though. I’ve followed his career and even recorded a phone interview with him a couple of years ago when his Christmas album came out. There’s a sincerity, humility and depth to him that are admirable. Like most of us, he’s gone through some struggles in his life (vocal paralysis, parents’ divorce), and the adversity has built his character. His new experience will likely do the same.

Here is David’s “It’s Not Goodbye” video:

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