My 30 Day Challenge: Week FOUR of a Different Kind of Black History


 After an exciting closing week of the 30 day challenge, I took a bit of a break prior to jumping back into the groove and formatting week four. This post will have the last week of the challenge, minus the final 48 hours. I will post that in the grand finale post.I dove a little more into culture this week, and adding some color to the discussions. Enjoy! June 17th: “To Disrupt, Discredit and Destroy” The FBI’s Secret War against the Black Panther Party"And so I am … [Read more...]

A Candle for Remembrance: A Juneteenth Working


I have been building to this for a long time.... my whole life I am sure. And so I am starting to write poems, workings, and other spiritual acts that I am using to incorporate culture and my history into my ACTIVE spiritual practice.Here is the first I am posting, motivated by my 30-day challenge of real Black history and the upcoming Shades of Ritual book that is in the works. (This will be published in that book).This can be done as a poem and simple lighting of a candle... or can … [Read more...]

My 30 Day Challenge: Week THREE of a Different Kind of Black History


And week three has come and gone, and the information continues to come. I have found this process incredibly inspiring and humbling. This week I focused a lot on the Black Panthers and the continued revelation that today's damage is built from the ashes of our trauma. How profound for me as I think about spiritual healing and rebuilding.How do we move forward in our spirits if we cannot heal the pain of the past, or even acknowledge it? This is a question I hope we continue to ask … [Read more...]

Loving My Blackness: A Personal Reflection

flag and afro

I love the way my natural hair curls; twisting and turning into a pattern of beauty and wonder. Each day the curls tell a different story, unpredictable and yet defined in excellence.I love how my skin is a mixture of the history of my past. It is the color of the trauma of rape, and yet is the symbol of resilience. It is the color of a revolutionary, and an agent for change.I love how my history shows fierceness from the experience of warriors, healers, mothers, fathers, kings, queens, … [Read more...]

My 30 Day Challenge: Week TWO of A Different Kind of Black History

cornell west 2

Week two of this challenge has been equally as interesting, insightful, and revealing as week one. I am continuing to find very interesting, valuable and educational resources for understanding some of the layered levels of complexity within Black history and culture. I have also continued to post some of my personal accounts and thoughts on racism.Here is the account of week two's posts from my Facebook account. I found some really good videos this week and hope to continue to tap into the … [Read more...]

My 30 Day Challenge: Week One of A Different Kind of Black History

Kathleen Cleaver

As promised, here is a listing of the posts from Facebook for the first week of the 30 Day Challenge. This has been a very enlightening process for me, and I am really paying attention to what it feels like to share some of the joys and sorrows of the ancestral history of Black people. And the response has been very supportive, conversational, and profound. I have appreciated all the feedback from people.Most interesting to me is the transformational process happening internally for me. … [Read more...]

My Thirty Day Challenge: A Different Kind of Black History Month

power to the people

My Facebook post from May 27, 2013:In a call for facts, I will be posting a series of links and references to information about the damage and history of Black people. If this is unpleasing to you, sorry. If you would like to unfriend me, see ya on the flip side. Hopefully people will either learn something or chose to ignore it (as history has taught us to do).Knowledge is power. To remain in a uninformed state is a choice. To actively seek knowledge is a privilege and a right. To know … [Read more...]

Gratitude in Practice: Embracing Today


Finding reasons to connect to our gratitude can be important to the process of spiritual connection. It is the attitude of entitlement that often frustrates me when I am dealing with others in community, even within the Pagan community. I think it is important to recognize that the liberties we often take for granted are the very ones that others have to do without.And so I have started to make sure I vocalize my own feelings of gratitude to those people, places and things that support me in … [Read more...]

Not That Far Away: Honoring My Mom on Mother’s Day


Three years have passed since she died… three years and a couple of months. And every year the pain is easier to bear, her presence is harder to feel and her face is a bit more faded in my memory. I think the more that time passes, I realize that one of the things I do have is the understanding of how much I really am my mother. She is not gone because she lives within me, breaths within me, thinks in my mind, speaks through my mouth and comforts through my arms.I hear these stories from o … [Read more...]

Stepping Into Who I Am: Nappy Headed Goddess Part Two


I watched a recent segment on the Anderson Live show where actress Viola Davis talked about showing her natural hair at the Oscar awards. She said that she was not surprised by the attention that wearing her natural hair created in the media and blogosphere because she is an African American woman. She made a comment that she chose that moment of the Oscars to take off the wigs and "step out into who I was.” I think that is a brilliant way to put it.And while some of the attention she got f … [Read more...]