Fun weekend event for married couples

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My wife, Ashley and I are excited to announce that we’re partnering with Craig and Jeanette Gross (of and bestselling authors Jeff and  Shaunti Feldhaun for a weekend marriage-enrichment event for couples. It’s going to be practical, inspirational and FUN!! We want to put on these events in partnership with local churches, so please share this info [Read More...]

When his dream is her nightmare.

Marriage requires a lot of healthy compromise. It’s important for spouse’s to dream together, but based on our different personalities, one spouse’s dream might seem more like a nightmare for the other. For instance, my “dream” TV viewing is usually a sports event which is Ashley’s “nightmare.” Her dream TV viewing is a show on Lifetime [Read More...]

30 creative date night questions.

Never stop discovering new things about your spouse. Ask each other these questions and you’re guaranteed to laugh and learn something new! You could ask each other these questions all at once, or do one a day for an entire month as a conversation starter. However you do it, have fun and enjoy the time [Read More...]

5 Valentine’s Day gifts your husband actually wants!


February 14 can come and go without much fanfare for the typical married couple, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to recharge your marriage! I know finding the right gift for your man on Valentine’s Day can be tough, so I’ve put together a list below to help you think of some new, man-approved [Read More...]

Ten ways parents must protect their kids.

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My wife Ashley and I recently got a home security system. Previously, my only “home security” was keeping a Louisville Slugger under my bed! When people would ask me “Do you own a gun?” I would smile, flex my relatively miniature muscles and say, “Yeah, I own two guns!” Needless to say, it was time for [Read More...]

Ten FREE ways to improve your marriage.

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I often hear people say stuff like, “Well, I’d like to improve my marriage, but I can’t afford to.” What they usually mean is, “I can’t afford babysitters, lavish vacations, expensive gifts, etc.” If you’d like to improve your marriage, but you’re also watching your budget, I’ve got some great news for you…It doesn’t take [Read More...]

5 keys to a focused life.

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I recently got glasses. I really needed glasses for years, but I refused to acknowledge the need. I assumed that there was a worldwide conspiracy to make words too small and blurry. My sweet wife, Ashley, finally talked me into getting my eyes checked, and I’m so glad I listened! Now, everything is in focus. I can see [Read More...]

4 ways to prevent a crisis in your marriage

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This morning, I sat down with a married couple in crisis. The exhaustion and frustration was evident in their weary faces before either of them spoke a word to tell me about their situation. They, like many couples, are both juggling the demands of stressful careers, parenting, and several major life transitions all happening at [Read More...]

How to start a Marriage Ministry.

As a pastor and the founder of the Facebook Marriage Page, I’ve had thousands of interactions with married couples from all over the world. These interactions have taught me a few things about the current state of marriages: 1. Married couples need encouragement and practical tools to help them. 2. Most married couples don’t know where [Read More...]

Your 7 most important relationships.

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Your life will ultimately be defined by your relationships. I learned this life-defining principle when I was a kid. My mom was a hospice nurse and I would occasionally tag along on her house calls as she compassionately cared for her dying patients. As I hung out with people who knew their time on earth [Read More...]