Extreme Makeover, the Catholic Digest edition

The venerable little magazine that has been a fixture in a lot of Catholic living rooms (and, I suspect, a few bathrooms) is getting a new editor, new focus, and a new look.

The press release:

Bayard, Inc. announces a new direction for its landmark publication, Catholic Digest. With the March 2012 issue, Catholic Digest will relaunch with an updated format and a fresh focus, under the direction of new editor-in-chief, Danielle Bean.

Bean, an award-winning author, blogger, and editor of Faith & Family, brings a new voice and an updated look to the publication. “I am thrilled about the new direction we are taking with Catholic Digest and can’t wait to share it with our readers,” said Bean.

Bret D. Thomas, president and CEO of Bayard, Inc., said, “As our new editor-in-chief, Danielle is committed to making the all-new Catholic Digest inspiring, relevant, faithful, and fun. With the relaunch, Catholic Digest will publish in a larger size, with a fresh look and a contemporary focus.”

And Danielle Bean has this to say on her blog:

With the March 2012 issue, Catholic Digest will re-launch with a larger size, an updated look, a contemporary focus, and a new voice. I have been working hard to make this new magazine inspiring, relevant, faithful, and fun, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

As we began the work of updating Catholic Digest, however, it became clear that there would be overlap, in mission, style, and content, between the new Catholic Digest and Faith & Family. As a result, the decision was made to cease publishing Faith & Family magazine in its current form, in order to focus on this new initiative. We are notifying subscribers of this change, along with details about their options, with a letter going home with the Winter 2011 issue (which is arriving in mailboxes this week).

The new tagline of the new Catholic Digest is “Faith & Family Living.”

As we work to make the new Catholic Digest a fresh, relevant Catholic publication, featuring content from Faith & Family’s award-winning writers and editorial team, we remain committed to the Faith & Family mission of supporting and encouraging you in Catholic living. That same mission will also continue here at Faith & Family Live, where we support and encourage Catholic families in our active online community.

Stay tuned.  This is exciting news for Catholic media.  Ad multos annos, to one and all!

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9 responses to “Extreme Makeover, the Catholic Digest edition”

  1. Good news, I suppose, but I will very much miss my “Faith & Family” subscription. It’s been a terrific magazine that I’ve very much enjoyed.

  2. I’m very happy about this! I had a subscription to C.D. as a teen, which I paid for myself. I really liked it! Sometime in the ’90’s, it began to change and a lot of the features in it that I enjoyed most were disappearing or becoming very weak, and then it didn’t seem to be overtly Catholic much at all. I had long since dropped the subscription and didn’t even bother looking for used copies in the back of the church. I hadn’t seen a copy in so long, I wasn’t sure it was still being published.

    I’m very much looking forward to subscribing again! Yay for Danielle!

  3. I will have to check it out; my family subscribed to the CD when I was growing up, I always enjoyed it. We have subscribed to it at various times since, but we tend to rotate our magazine subscriptions and don’t take the same ones all the time. And yes, sometimes there was a copy of CD in “St. John’s Library”.

  4. So happy to see this great news. I had the privilege of being guided and edited by Danielle when I wrote for Faith & Family. Great things are sure to happen with Catholic Digest with her at the helm.

  5. I hope it works out, however every small format magazine that I’ve enjoyed in the past has not benefited from this kind of makeover. One can hope.

  6. I recently & somewhat reluctantly dropped my long-standing Catholic Digest subscription for reasons similar to those already mentioned. I hope the new version succeeds.

  7. Oh my goodness! This is the most exciting news. I used to love the Catholic Digest and then it seemed like it wasn’t a digest at all, just another magazine. It did keep some of its good things like the “Open Door” and jokes and some of the writers were good but it just didn’t seem the same.

    I have followed Danielle for years and if anyone can turn the magazine around and make it work my vote goes to Danielle. This will be fun to watch – I’m ready to subscribe today!

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