“How beautiful, the hands that serve”: a moving ordination slideshow

A couple weeks back, I posted on the diaconal ordination of Sean Suckiel.  Below is a lovingly produced slideshow of the event, which also includes his profession of faith and Deacon Sean’s first vespers/Benediction.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Thank you! My grandaughter (11) drew me a picture of the Church as being Holy, Apostolic, Universal….and she asked me why it is called Apostolic. I told her how the Apostles laid hands on good men who would continue the line of the Priesthood and this has continued for 2,000 years….etc. I sent her this video in hoping it would give her a picture of the words I said to her. It was beautiful…..I guess You-tube is good after all! Thanks….Grammy aka Frammy, Drammy….Dean Baldwin

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