Awesome: Turkish couple spends their wedding day feeding Syrian refugees

Details:  A Turkish couple who got married last week invited 4,000 Syrian refugees to celebrate with them. Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat tied the knot in Kilis province on the Syrian border, which is currently home to thousands of refugees fleeing conflict in the neighbouring country. It's traditional for Turkish weddings to last between Tuesday to Thursday, culminating in a banquet on the last night, but this couple decided they wanted a celebration with a difference. Hatice Avci, a sp … [Read More...]


How not to do a funeral

View image | gettyimages.comThe anonymous priest "Fr. Nonomen" at Commonweal describes an awful experience at one funeral, from bad music to weak preaching:When it was time for the homily, Father Pastor stepped away from the pulpit and walked down to the family in the pews. I was about to give him extra points for speaking from the heart without notes, when, from under his robes, he produced a newspaper clipping. The obituary. He read it aloud and then did something I have never seen in … [Read More...]

Chris Christie: “I’ve used birth control”

From Philly.com, the governor of New Jersey seems intent on giving Donald Trump a run for his money when it comes to speaking his mind about, well, everything:Gov. Christie on Tuesday reflected on his Catholic faith and told diners at a New Hampshire restaurant that he had used birth control, … [Read More...]

Message to priests: “Thank you for your daily ‘Yes’”…

A priest friend in the Diocese of Cleveland forwarded this to me: a nice email sent to all the priests in the diocese for their feast day today.  Click to enlarge … [Read More...]

Gay chaplain reassigned to Newark parish

You may remember this item from a few months back. Now, there's more.Details: A former Seton Hall University chaplain who said he was fired from that position because he supported an organization opposed to anti-gay bullying has been appointed to a new post in the Archdiocese of Newark, c … [Read More...]

Latin Mass dating?

A reader sent me this link, which has the following brief description:You are unwed and want to marry? Get to know traditional Catholics all over the world. Find your match and start a big family. Latin-Mass-Dating.com is for all traditional Catholics – regardless where they attend the T … [Read More...]

Rocco on Francis: “You’re going to have to mop me up if I get to meet him”

With Philadelphia bracing for the Big Visit in September, the granddaddy of Catholic bloggers, Rocco Palmo, is interviewed in the new issue of Philadelphia magazine.Snip:You’ve got to be pretty happy that the Pope’s actually coming to town. Oh, ecstatic, ecstatic. And especially this pope. B … [Read More...]

St. John Vianney, pray for parish priests

From today's Office of Readings, on the Feast of St. John Vianney, some wise words from the saint himself: "My little children, reflect on these words: the Christian’s treasure is not on earth but in heaven. Our thoughts, then, ought to be directed to where our treasure is. This is the glorious d … [Read More...]

Fired Philadelphia teacher delivers petition, seeking to be reinstated

Can you say "photo op"? From Philly.com:Margie Winters, accompanied by about 50 supporters and carrying a box of petitions signed by 23,000 people who want her reinstated as a Catholic school educator, could not get in the front door. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Center City offices … [Read More...]

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

Yes, it's really a thing.Read all about it.There's even a photo contest.From the website: This World Breastfeeding Week, WABA calls for concerted global action to support women to combine breastfeeding and work. Whether a woman is working in the formal, non-formal or home setting, it is … [Read More...]

“Partial-birth abortion is a sacrament in the Church of ‘Choice’…”

View image | gettyimages.com George Will nails it: Even partial-birth abortion is — must be — a sacrament in the Church of “Choice.” This sect knows that its entire edifice depends on not yielding an inch on its insistence that what an abortion kills never possesses a scintilla of moral signif … [Read More...]

A deacon who’s the wheel deal

I have to say, I admire any man who could get away with appearing in public dressed like this:The fact that he's a deacon and is about to embark on a marathon cycling trip makes him downright heroic. From The Catholic Post in Peoria:Deacon Matthew Levy will spend his vacation in France … [Read More...]

Report: women entering religious life later

View image | gettyimages.comMoments after posting this item about the new Little Sisters of the Poor, I stumbled on this report on women religious, which seems noteworthy: Marie Racine was well established, a software engineer for 17 years, when something happened.“We had a meeting, and all … [Read More...]

Say hello to four new Little Sisters

I got this nice note today from Sr. Marguerite, l.s.p., regarding my friends from the Little Sisters of the Poor in Queens: Attached are two photos of our newly professed Little Sisters. Bishop Andrzej Zglejszewski presided the Mass of Profession on Saturday,July 18th. In both photos, from L to R … [Read More...]

Must-see video: the bread of life, up close and personal on the streets

I posted on this a few years ago, but I think it's worth another look.Bishop James Massa preached about this video in his homily at my parish yesterday. It's a fitting connection to the John 6 readings we're encountering in the gospels over these summer Sundays—and a vivid reminder of just what " … [Read More...]

Pregnant mother facing deportation seeks sanctuary in Catholic mission—UPDATED

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:  A pregnant El Salvadorian woman who has been ordered deported for illegally entering the U.S. has fled to an Atlanta-area Catholic mission, where she is seeking sanctuary with her two young children.Claudia Mariela Jurado recently cut off the electronic … [Read More...]

A new bishop drops by

We had the great privilege today of welcoming back to my parish Brooklyn's newly ordained Bishop James Massa. Bishop Massa began his priesthood at our parish 29 years ago; it was his first parochial assignment after ordination, and he was chiefly responsible for introducing something new and … [Read More...]

The veterinarian, husband and father who became a priest

Some may remember when I posted on Frederick Richard Lesser, a widower who was ordained a deacon earlier this year.In June, Deacon Lesser became Father Lesser:Frederick Richard (Rick) Lesser, the widowed father of three grown children, was ordained today [June 20] as a priest of the Roman … [Read More...]