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School Shooting to Promote Hysteria

There's been another school shooting, this time in Ohio, so you know what that means. Cue the hysterical overreaction, finger pointing and hand wringing. By now, I'm sure someone has already blame it on "removing God from our schools," or on atheism in general, or on the teaching of evolution ("if we teach kids that they're animals, they'll act like animals"). … [Read more...]

Romney’s Specter Attack on Santorum

It's really quite amusing to watch rival candidates try to come up with new ways to attack one another, especially when the race is close and people are getting desperate. Here's a video clip from the last debate when Romney attacked Santorum for endorsing Arlen Specter: … [Read more...]

Maybe the Catholic Church Should Try This

Just when you thought you couldn't be shocked by anything done by Christian loonies, this happens. A church in Florida has banned children from their services so their pastor, a convicted sex offender, can go on preaching without violating the law. … [Read more...]

FRC Mad at Dick Cheney

The virulently anti-gay Family Research Council is mighty upset with Dick Cheney for supporting marriage equality in Maryland. Robert Morrison, an FRC "senior fellow," writes a weird, meandering blog post slamming Cheney. Try to make sense of this: … [Read more...]

Fischer: An Attack on Santorum is An Attack on Jesus

This may be one of the funniest things Bryan Fischer has ever said. He's defending Rick Santorum's many loopy statements, especially about the existence of Satan, and he says that if you're attacking Santorum, you're attacking Jesus himself: … [Read more...]

Beck Sponsor Hit With Big Fine and Judgment

Goldline, the ubiquitous benefactor for Glenn Beck, was always an obvious scam. Someone who could not see that is someone who is dumb enough to be a Glenn Beck fan (or to be Glenn Beck himself). Now a court has hit the company with a big fine and a judgment for fraud. Mother Jones reports: … [Read more...]

Barton Explains Science and Religion

David Barton has decided that all scientists in the world are doing it wrong. You see, they should really just be reading the Bible because any science that is in conflict with the Bible must be wrong, no matter how much it explains or how rigorously it's tested. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts to ‘Encircle’ Supreme Court With Prayer

The Christian Defense Coalition and a collection of other Christian right groups has a plan to make sure they win the lawsuit over the health care reform law. They're going to surround the Supreme Court with people and pray the day before the oral argument takes place. … [Read more...]

Why Substantive Due Process Matters

Okay, this one goes out to all the con law geeks in the audience. Get your lighters in the air...Cato Unbound has a very interesting debate going on about substantive due process. What is substantive due process? Glad you asked. Actually, I don't care if you asked, I'm going to explain it anyway. … [Read more...]

Santorum on Evolution and Sex

More and more speeches by Rick Santorum from the last few years are surfacing. This one is hardly surprising given his history of advocating for the teaching of creationism in science classrooms, as he himself pointed out: … [Read more...]

Utah May Ban Discussion of Contraception

Republicans in the Utah House of Representatives have passed a bill that would prohibit schools from teaching about contraception or safe sex in sex education classes. The Salt Lake Tribune reports: … [Read more...]

Santorum: College is Evil

What happens when the already crazy Rick Santorum does an interview with the even crazier Glenn Beck? He has to turn the crazy up to 11. Not only is Satan attacking America, but now going to college is all part of Obama's evil plan to corrupt the nation's youth. … [Read more...]