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Barton: American Was Never Colonialist

Sometimes you really have to wonder whether David Barton is breathing the same air the rest of us are. He's so utterly deluded that one could be forgiven for assuming that he was doing serious drugs. And he is, in a sense -- he's high on Jesus. On his radio show recently he declared that America had never been a colonialist country, unlike those anti-religious countries in Europe: … [Read more...]

Romney and the Auto Bailout

It's kind of fun watching Mitt Romney try to construct a coherent position on the auto bailout. He was against it before he was for it, but he's still against it, but Obama did exactly what he suggested even though he wrote an op-ed blasting the whole idea. Here's how he tried to explain it during the Arizona debate: … [Read more...]

How the Catholic Church Handles Political Apostasy

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers makes an important point about Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and the fact that they favor many policies that violate church doctrine, yet the only thing the Church ever demands political fealty to is birth control and abortion. … [Read more...]

Obama’s New Tax Reform Proposal

President Obama has put out a "framework" for a tax reform proposal, that is very short on details but would essentially trade lower marginal tax rates for corporations for the elimination of "loopholes" -- good luck getting a coherent definition of what that is -- that will supposedly raise more revenue. And the experts are pointing out some of the problems with it. Scott Hodge writes: … [Read more...]

Fed. Judge Strikes Down Pharmacy Restrictions

In what is sure to be a very controversial decision, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Leighton has ruled that a law requiring pharmacies to stock the morning-after pill violates the religious freedom and equal protection rights of pharmacists who have religious objections to doing so. You can read the full ruling here. I haven't read the entire thing yet, but it appears that he based the ruling largely on the grounds that since pharmacists are allowed leeway on what they stock for non-religious … [Read more...]

Arizona House Passes Bible Class Bill

The Arizona state House of Representatives just passed a bill that would allow local schools to teach elective courses about the influence of the Bible on American history and American culture. It passed 42-15. … [Read more...]

Santorum’s Weird Obsession With Your Sex Life

The more people dig into statements made by Rick Santorum over the last few years, the more it is revealed just how warped the guy is. He seems absolutely obsessed with regulating your sex life, while projecting that obsession on everyone else. This is from a forum he took part in during 2008: … [Read more...]

Prop 8 Backers File for En Banc Rehearing

The group defending California's Prop 8 in court have filed a request for an en banc rehearing with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Some legal experts thought that was unlikely, that they would appeal directly to the Supreme Court instead. It is rare that an en banc rehearing is granted, but no more rare than the Supreme Court agreeing to hear a case. Here's an amusing line from the article: … [Read more...]

Badass Quote of the Day

From Garry Wills:"Rick Santorum is a nice smiley fanatic. He does not believe in evolution or global warming or women in the workplace. He equates gay sex with bestiality (Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum). He equates contraception with the guillotine. Only a brain-dead party could think him a worthy presidential candidate. Yet he is praised by television pundits, night and day, for being 'sincere' and 'standing by what he believes.' He is the principled alternative to the evil Moderation of Mitt … [Read more...]

Allen West Fills Up His Hummer

Tea Party favorite and wingnut extraordinaire Allen West has taken to complaining on his Facebook page about how expensive it is to fill up his Hummer -- and how it's all Obama's fault that gas prices have gone up. Politico reports: … [Read more...]

Coolest. Republican. Wife. Ever.

This is hilarious. One of the Virginia Republican legislators who supported the mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound bill told his fellow delegates that his wife had refused to have sex with him because of that. And the level of detail he offered is hilarious. This is how Republican husbands try to get their wives to have sex: … [Read more...]

Hoekstra Disappears Ad Down Memory Hole

Only a couple weeks after debuting a racist campaign commercial during the Super Bowl and then adamantly defending it to anyone who would listen, Pete Hoekstra is now quietly trying to erase that ad from all of his web and social networking sites. … [Read more...]