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Robertson: America’s ‘Secular Atheistic Dictatorship’

From the department of hyperbolic and nonsensical rhetoric: Pat Robertson on the 700 Club said that those who are criticizing Rick Santorum for saying that Satan is attacking America are going to turn the country into a "secular atheistic dictatorship." … [Read more...]

Santorum Defends Satan Comments

Rick Santorum is defending his loony statements in a speech at Ave Maria University about Satan tearing down American institutions. When asked by reporters about it, he said that digging up that speech was "absurd" and that it's just an attack on his faith: … [Read more...]

Culture Wars Radio Debuts

The first episode of Culture Wars Radio debuted on Tuesday. Here's a link to the show page on the WPRR website, where you can download or listen to it. By the way, now taking suggestions for next week's long distance dedication. Last week I used the suggestion of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover for Newt Gingrich. Leave suggestions in the comments. … [Read more...]

The Bible Means What We Want It To Mean

I have often made the argument that the Bible can be used to justify almost any position. Kind, decent, reasonable people can find plenty of support in it for being kind, decent and reasonable; hateful, barbaric people can find plenty of support for being hateful and barbaric. All Christians pick and choose the parts they like and discard the parts they don't. Like Rick Santorum's views on dominion and the environment: … [Read more...]

Jessica Ahlquist on CNN

Soledad O'Brien did a story about Jessica Ahlquist on CNN. Jessica shows once again a poise and thoughtfulness that is far beyond her years; I wish I'd been that composed at that age. They even show our Evil Little Thing t-shirt website, which is very cool. … [Read more...]

An Amusing Wingnut Fundraising Email

In the age of internet spam, sometimes you get funny things in your inbox. Some wingnut group I'd never heard of called Public Advocate somehow decided that PZ Myers has an email address and they keep sending him -- meaning me, since anything sent to an email address that doesn't exist at that domain comes to me -- hilarious fundraising emails. I'll post the latest one below. … [Read more...]

Creationism Bills Dying Around the Country

The Republican leader of the Indiana House of Representatives has, as expected, killed off a bill passed by the Senate that would have allowed local schools to teach creationism in science classrooms as long as they taught a whole bunch of different religious myths. … [Read more...]

Is Obama Lenin or Stalin?

Jeffrey Kuhner, who is employed by the Rev. Moon to dish out ridiculous propaganda for the Washington Times, joined wingnut radio host Janet Mefferd on her show for a serious discussion of whether President Obama was more like Lenin or more like Stalin. Right Wing Watch has the transcript: … [Read more...]

Fed. Court Strikes Down DOMA

A U.S. District Judge in Northern California, who was appointed by George W. Bush, ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a case challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. This is the first ruling to come down since the Obama administration decided not to defend DOMA in court; the defense here was done by the U.S. House. Chris Geidner has some quotes from the ruling: … [Read more...]

Santorum, Torture and Selective Catholicism

Here's another example of how Rick Santorum picks and chooses which parts of Catholic doctrine he accepts and which he doesn't. In May of last year, he came out in support of waterboarding and other forms of torture and said that John McCain just didn't understand how well they worked. … [Read more...]

Historical Revisionism by Atheists

This image is making the rounds on Facebook, purporting to be a bunch of pictures of atheists and with the caption, "He's with them right now, Farewell, Mr. Hitchens." But it's historical revisionism every bit as absurd as anything put out by David Barton. … [Read more...]

Sheldon Adelson: World Class Whiner

You'd think that if you were one of the world's richest men and you're spending tens of millions of dollars to influence a political campaign, the last thing you could pull off is a martyr pose. But that's exactly what Newt Gingrich sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson tries to do in a Forbes interview: … [Read more...]