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Appeals Court Grants Standing in Ten Commandments Case

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling in a very interesting case involving a Ten Commandments monument in Fargo, North Dakota, granting standing to a group called the Red River Freethinkers in a legal challenge to such a monument on city property. Like most other such monuments, this one was donated to the city by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles in the early 60s. … [Read more...]

The Naive Mr. Leakey

Richard Leakey, son of Louis and Mary Leakey and himself one of the most important and famous paleontologists in the world, showed his naivete when he told the San Francisco Chronicle that reluctance to accept evolution will disappear in the next few decades. … [Read more...]

McCotter May Not Be on November Ballot

Now this is pretty amusing for folks in Michigan. Rep. Thad McCotter, one of the loonier right wing congressmen we have, may not appear on the ballot for reelection in November after apparently failing to turn in enough valid signatures on petitions. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Loony Conspiracy Theory on Holder

Bryan Fischer continues to be a reliable daily weather vane for seeing which way the wingnut mind is blowing. On one of his recent shows he offered up a bizarre and clearly false conspiracy theory on Attorney General Eric Holder, saying that he refuses to prosecute anyone if the victim in the case was white -- because he just hates white people so much. … [Read more...]

Legislators Want to Legalize Govt. Propaganda

Buzzfeed reports on an amendment that has been submitted to this year's defense authorization bill that would repeal two federal laws that prohibit the use of government propaganda inside the United States (it's legal in other countries and both the Pentagon and the intelligence services have entire agencies that engage in it, especially in countries where we are at war). … [Read more...]

Ken Ham: Evolution Leads to Gay Marriage

The always laughably idiotic Ken Ham spoke at the Family Research Council's Watchmen on the Wall conference recently and told the crowd that you must interpret Genesis literally or you get gay marriage. Which actually sounds like a good argument against taking Genesis literally, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

Your Crazy Wingnut Quote of the Day

Rick Joyner gives us the crazy wingnut quote of the day:We were unquestionably founded on Judeo-Christian principles but there is an effort in America today to rob us of that identity, to take that away from us. If you want to see what can happen when you lose your identity all you have to do is look at the continent of Europe. The continent of Europe is dark, it is hopelessly lost and it’s going to get worse. Every expert will tell you that by the middle of this century the continent of E … [Read more...]

West Doesn’t Like Early Voting

Rep. Allen West continues to make bizarre statements with no grounding in reality. He told a reporter for ThinkProgress that early voting, which has been reduced significantly in Florida, might be unconstitutional. He also makes a completely irrelevant comment about people thinking it's an "entitlement." … [Read more...]

Barton Still Wants to Throw Gay People in Jail

In this video, David Barton compares homosexuality to murder and other barbaric acts, and says that he doesn't care what the Supreme Court says, being gay should be illegal in this country. … [Read more...]

Bauer Lies About Abortion Poll

Gary Bauer, like many wingnuts, is completely distorting the meaning of a recent Gallup poll on the subject of abortion. He writes: … [Read more...]

Fumento Leaves the Right Behind

To a list that includes Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson, Bruce Bartlett and a few others -- conservatives who have fled from conservatism as practiced by today's American right wing -- add the name of Michael Fumento. He's a longtime conservative writer who worked in the Reagan administration and has written for the National Review, the Weekly Standard and many other such publications. And he's become entirely fed up with right wing hysteria: … [Read more...]

It’s Not Drunk Driving When Cops Do It

Here's yet another example of a police officer -- a retired one this time -- driving drunk, causing an accident and then not even having a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test administered by the officers who found him parked in the middle of the street, having just hit a telephone poll, reeking of alcohol. … [Read more...]