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LA School Psychologist Spouts Racism Online

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports that a psychologist with the Jefferson Parish school district has been leaving racist comments in an online forum on that very newspaper's website. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has an ongoing lawsuit against that district over treatment of black students, is calling attention to those comments as evidence of the problem: … [Read more...]

Federal Judge Blasts DOJ on Guantanamo Tapes

A federal judge is apparently fed up with the stonewalling from the Pentagon and the Department of Justice in a Freedom of Information Act case seeking video recordings of forced cell extractions at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Politico reports: … [Read more...]

Obama Stance Continues Shift on Marriage Equality

When President Obama announced his support for marriage equality, as tepid as it was, I said at the time that it would likely result in a shift of a few points in public opinion polls in favor of equality. And it has done exactly that, according to a new poll: … [Read more...]

How to Tell a Real Virgin Mary Apparition

The Catholic Church has released, for the first time in English, its rules for figuring out whether a claimed apparition of the Virgin Mary, or a message allegedly received from the Virgin Mary, is genuine or not. They're pretty amusing, wasting a great deal of verbiage with little actual meaning. … [Read more...]

Joyner ‘Prophecies’ Martial Law

For the looney right, it seems, we are forever just on the verge of having martial law declared. This was standard John Birch Society rhetoric for decades and now wingnut preacher and "prophet" Rick Joyner says the Lord has revealed to him that the entire world economy is going to collapse and martial law will be imposed: … [Read more...]

New Database Tracks Wrongful Convictions

The University of Michigan Law School and the Northwestern University School of Law have joined forces to establish a database of major criminal exonerations around the country, initially finding about 2,000 of them, which only really begins to scratch the surface of the wrong convictions in our justice system. … [Read more...]

Crouch: God Kills People Who Oppose TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Network founder and first class con man Paul Crouch and his smarmy son, Matt, had a conversation that was captured for a TV show and put on Youtube. It was removed, but someone else had captured it and reuploaded it. In that conversation, they clearly implied that God would kill those who opposed TBN -- you know, like the Crouch granddaughter who has revealed so much of their financial scam with a lawsuit against the network. … [Read more...]

Police Misconduct Project Gets New Home

For the past couple years I've been on a mailing list for the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, which was a one-man operation run by David Packman. This is how I've found many of the stories of police brutality that I regularly report on. The project just got to be too much for Packman, so he sought someone who could take it over and had many offers. After allowing people on the list to vote on it, he handed it over to the Cato Institute, who have given the project its own website … [Read more...]

Congregation Fine With Pastor’s Barbaric Teachings

Pastor Charles Worley's novel idea of rounding up all gay people and putting them in what would essentially be a concentration camp may look barbaric to any sane people, but there don't appear to be many such people in his congregation. They love the idea. … [Read more...]

Alabama Creationism Bill Dies

A few months ago I reported about a bill submitted in the Alabama state legislature that would allow students to leave school to take a released-time course in young earth creationism and receive full academic credit for doing so. The NCSE reports that the bill has now died with the end of the current legislative session. … [Read more...]

New Documentary: The Revisionaries

There's a new documentary out about the science and history revisionism being pushed by the Texas Board of Education. It's called The Revisionaries and it's winning awards at film festivals all over the country. Here's the trailer: … [Read more...]

Ted Nugent: Super Patriot

While appearing at a concert in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted Nugent recorded a backstage tribute to the troops. I wonder if he had crapped his pants before he did it, you know, as a sign of his "heartfelt" appreciation of the guys he called "chumps" and "imbeciles" when he was dodging the draft in Vietnam. But that's okay. He has a yellow ribbon on his Hummer and owns a lot of guns, so that proves what a warrior and patriot he is, right? … [Read more...]