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Won’t Someone Think of the Defense Contractors?

This website reports on a recent speech by the CEO of one of the world's biggest defense contractors whining about the entirely mythical "sudden and serious cuts" that the sequestration deal, which almost certainly isn't going to happen anyway, would make in defense spending. … [Read more...]

WND Gets New Columnist

The owners of the Worldnutdaily apparently don't think they look dumb enough for giving weekly columns to Pat Boone, Chuck Norris and Victoria Jackson. Now they've added John Rocker to the list (for at least as long as they think it will sell some of his books that they get a cut of). And he apparently thinks that failed prosecutions have something to do with "big government" (a tired marketing slogan if ever there was one). … [Read more...]

Radio Host Wants to Pistol Whip Nuns

The cesspool that is right wing talk radio continues to get worse and more toxic. Wingnut radio host Jan Mickelson noted that a group of nuns were going to Washington, DC to protest against the Ryan budget and he asked a sitting congressman whether he could arrange to have them pistol whipped. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut on Wingnut Crime

This one is especially fun. Remember when Rand Paul said after President Obama endorsed marriage equality that he didn't think Obama's position "could get any gayer"? Tony Perkins criticized him for that and now Peter LaBarbera is criticizing Perkins for criticizing Paul: … [Read more...]

Barton’s Substance-Free Response to Critics

With our own Chris Rodda joining John Fea, Warren Throckmorton and others in debunking David Barton's new book full of lies about Thomas Jefferson virtually line by line, Barton took to his radio show to offer a pointless and entirely substance-free response to his critics: … [Read more...]

The Texas GOP’s Extreme Platform

My friends at the Texas Freedom Network have a rundown of some of the more extreme provisions in the 2012 platform for the Texas Republican Party. They did finally drop their demand that homosexuality be criminalized, but they left plenty of crazy bigotry in there: … [Read more...]

Bozell Group Uses Fake Jefferson Quote

Warren Throckmorton reports that the group ForAmerica, which was founded by right wing looney L. Brent Bozell, has been spreading a fake quote from Thomas Jefferson all over Facebook. This one isn't about church and state though, it's about the scope of government: … [Read more...]

OMG! Obama’s Turning the Boy Scouts Gay!

Chuck Norris has a Worldnutdaily column, which may well have been written by someone else, using the familiar rhetorical trick of "just asking questions." Hey, he's just asking questions, the presumed answers to which point to a rather silly conspiracy theory that Obama is trying to create a "pro-gay Boy Scouts." His evidence for this? A member of the Boy Scouts national board who wants to change the organization's official discrimination against gays has ties to Obama. … [Read more...]

Ellery Schempp on 50th Anniversary of Engel Ruling

This is a guest post from Ellery Schempp, the plaintiff in one of the most landmark Supreme Court rulings in history. June 25th was the anniversary of another such ruling, Engel v Vitale, which removed mandatory prayer from public schools. This is his celebration of that ruling. … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Listen to Limbaugh

During my brief day at home before flying back out again, I had a lot of running around to do and I came across Rush Limbaugh's radio show on the radio while seeking out something to listen to. I left it on that station for a few minutes and was reminded of just how inane that show is. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Reactions to Health Care Ruling

It's going to be fun to watch the right wing put out their pre-written responses to the Supreme Court upholding the individual health insurance mandate. You know everyone had multiple statements written in advance depending on the outcome, right? My favorite so far is from Ross Kaminsky at the American Spectator, under the breathless headline: "Roberts Wrecks America." … [Read more...]

Crouches Accused of Covering Up Granddaughter’s Rape

Things may have just gone from bad to worse for Paul and Jan Crouch, owners of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. One of their granddaughters is already in court alleging massive financial fraud by the organization and now another granddaughter has filed suit claiming they covered up her rape by a TBN employee. … [Read more...]