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Jacobs: Obama Responsible for Weather Calamities

Here's a delightfully idiotic rant from faith-healing fraud Cindy Jacobs, claiming that she "prophecied" that 2011 would have terrible weather patterns and disasters because of Obama's "anti-Biblical" policies. She says that 2011 was "the worst year for weather-related disasters in our history, and I was mocked everywhere for that because they don’t understand spiritual things.” Oh, and it's going to get worse. … [Read more...]

Barton Screws the Pooch on Lawrence v Texas

David Barton can't seem to get much of anything right. Not only is he wrong about practically everything he says about the founding era of the country, he is equally ignorant of modern American history. Like his recent claims on his radio show about Lawrence v Texas, the case that overturned state sodomy laws. … [Read more...]

Schlafly’s Bizarre Title IX Claims

Phyllis Schlafly is a fountain of absurd and crazy claims, but this one may take the cake. On her radio show last week, she actually attacked Title IX on the grounds that women won too many medals at the Summer Olympics and the men didn't win enough. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Obama Wants to Eliminate Non-Poor

Joel Gilbert, the guy behind the absurd documentary Dreams of My Real Father, which claims that Obama's real father is not Barack Obama Sr. but Frank Marshall Davis, who apparently passed communism to his progeny through his genes, says that health care reform is a plot to kill everyone other than the poor. … [Read more...]

Plantinga, Nagel, and Evolution

Andrew Sullivan links to a number of other sources talking about a new book by Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga. Atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel reviews that book and gives it far more deference than it is due, mostly because Nagel appears to be pretty clueless about evolution. … [Read more...]

German Catholic Bishops Like Mandatory Tithing

I didn't know this, but apparently Germany has a really creepy law that assesses a higher tax to those who declare themselves adherents of a particular church, with the extra tax being given to that church. The German Catholic Church gets more than $6 billion a year from that policy. … [Read more...]

BLAG’s Lame DOMA Defense

Too many acronyms! The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), the attorneys hired by the House to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), is making some rather silly arguments in the various legal challenges that they are engaged in. Take a look at this brief filed in one such case. They're trying to argue that there is a rational basis for DOMA because it "encourages responsible parenting." Which leads to arguments like this: … [Read more...]

Romney’s Adventures on Univision

With the polls showing him losing the Latino vote by a huge margin, Mitt Romney booked an appearance on Univision, the Spanish-language TV station, last week. It didn't go so well. Not only did he show up with a fake tan that would make John Boehner blush, now details are coming out on a whole bunch of other behind the scenes incidents. … [Read more...]

Colombia Creates Small Separation of Church and State

In what seems like an incredibly obvious development, but probably isn't to everyone, the nation of Colombia has prohibited judges from quoting Bible verses to justify their rulings, saying that their rulings must be made on the basis of secular reasoning and the country's constitution. … [Read more...]

Romney Plays Games With Taxes

The Romney campaign released Mitt's 2011 taxes Friday afternoon in an attempt to put the whole tax issue behind them, but they've only raised more questions. As many people quickly pointed out, he actually overpaid his taxes to make sure that his rate stayed above that 13% he said was the bare minimum he'd paid. He did this by only claiming some of the charity contributions he made. … [Read more...]

Court Issues TRO Allowing Football Bible Banners

In that battle over the use of Bible verses on banners held by cheerleaders for the team to run through at football games and Kountze, Texas, the district court has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the school from prohibiting such banners. The text of the order contains no explanation for that ruling. The suit was filed by the parents of the cheerleaders after the school responded to a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation by telling the cheerleaders they can't use … [Read more...]

Farah: Give Money to Bachmann

Worldnutdaily poobah Joseph Farah has an "urgent plea" to that site's readers to send money to help the campaign of Michele Bachmann, who is facing a tough reelection challenge from Democrat Jim Graves. As usual, his grasp of the facts is not exactly firm: … [Read more...]