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Kristol Thinks GOP Could Lose the House

With the Romney campaign resembling a circus and Obama's reelection prospects surging, some poll analysts and pundits are saying that something that was unthinkable a few months ago -- the Democrats retaking control of the House -- is now within the realm of possibility. Even Bill Kristol is saying so now: … [Read more...]

The Real Reason for Romney’s Reluctance to Release Returns?

Holy alliteration, Batman! Paul Abrams, writing at the Huffington Post, continues to argue that the real reason why Mitt Romney has refused to release most of his tax returns is because he took advantage of an amnesty provision to close a Swiss bank account that was being used to avoid taxes that he legally owed. … [Read more...]

The Utterly Deluded William Murray

In doing some research for my book, I found out that Madalyn Murray O'Hair's two sons were beaten up several times when she was challenging the recitation of the Lord's Prayer in their school. One of those sons was William Murray, who is now a Christian fundamentalist. And the man is either utterly irrational or a baldfaced liar. Here's what he writes on the website of his PAC: … [Read more...]

Knight: Obama Reelection Could Destroy America

The absurd rhetoric from the religious right about Obama continues, as Robert Knight, formerly one of the men who ran the group Concerned Women for America and now a "senior fellow" at the American Civil Rights Union (one of the numerous wingnut legal groups that thinks it's incredibly clever to name themselves in a similar manner to the ACLU), says that if Obama is reelected it might destroy the republic. … [Read more...]

Continetti Shows Standard Conservative Aversion to Facts

The freefall that the Romney campaign is experiencing is plain for all to see. Well, almost everyone. Matthew Continetti demonstrates the typical right-wing immunity and aversion to reality, blaming it all on that darned liberal media for bringing up those stubborn facts that disturb his almost touching self-delusion. … [Read more...]

Plantinga and the Futility of Faith

I wrote the other day about Thomas Nagel's review of Alvin Plantinga's new book and the ignorance of evolution it betrayed. Sean Carroll also reviewed Nagel's review, but he looks more at Plantinga's ideas about faith and how untenable they are. Nagel wrote in his review: … [Read more...]

Libyans Fighting Back Against Reactionary Militias

While we certainly ought to be concerned about the influence of Islamist groups in those countries that overthrew their dictators during the Arab Spring, there is good news out of Libya, where the pro-democracy forces are fighting back against the Islamic reactionaries. Reuters reports: … [Read more...]

Those Edgy Nude Calendars

Rebecca Watson has a post at Skepchick about the wisdom and usefulness of all those nude calendars. She notes that Skepchick used to do the same thing but stopped a few years ago and she explains the reason why. The post is prompted by the new calendar for Secular Woman, in which several of my friends are slated to appear, but these things seem to be popping up like mushrooms after the rain lately. … [Read more...]

Ryan Would Not Reverse DADT

Well this is an interesting development that should have the hard right throwing a fit. Paul Ryan did an interview with a Miami TV station and said that while he opposed the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, he does not think that decision should be reversed and that's time to move on from that controversy. … [Read more...]

Religious Right Leader Wants to Educate Away the Gay

A religious right leader delivered a message on the Piers Morgan show that should surprise no one, saying that gay people don't deserve equal rights because being gay "ceases procreation" and that the educational system should be reformed to make sure no one becomes gay. Did I mention that the religious right leader in question is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? … [Read more...]

New Orleans Speech Restrictions Stopped For Now

The ACLU is suing the city of New Orleans on behalf of an evangelist over absurdly broad speech restrictions and the judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the ordinance to be enforced pending the outcome of the case. AP reports: … [Read more...]

Romney: We’re Fine. Nothing to See Here.

Mitt Romney went on 60 Minutes on Sunday night and struck the Alfred E. Newman "What, me worry?" pose, saying that his campaign is doing just fine and there's no problem at all. I especially loved this bit of word salad: … [Read more...]