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Other Rush Wants Journalists Tried for Treason

Erik Rush, the absolutely deranged Worldnutdaily columnist, has actually managed to turn up the level of authoritarianism in right wing rhetoric with his latest column, in which he proposes that Candy Crowley and other journalists be tried for treason. Yes, he actually says this. … [Read more...]

Mormonism Erases the Past

Andrew Sullivan offers this quote from Bruce McConkie, one of the members of the Mormon church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles at the time that the church suddenly decided, after a century of teaching white supremacy, that blacks were no longer cursed and could now become priests. He said this shortly after that change of policy: … [Read more...]

Corsi’s Latest Lunacy

Jerome Corsi has already proven, to the satisfaction of untold numbers of thinking-impaired people, that President Obama is a commie Muslim who was was in a same-sex marriage in college. But now he's got his biggest "discovery" yet -- Obama had plastic surgery to hide his "real" identity. And he has the pictures to, uh, "prove" it. … [Read more...]

CIA Whistleblower Pleads Guilty

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou has pleaded guilty to charges that he turned over material to a reporter about that agency's program of torture under the Bush administration. This was done as part of a plea deal that will reduce his sentence down to two and a half years: … [Read more...]

1.4 Million Voting for Jesus

I've written before about Bill Keller, who bills himself as the world's top internet evangelist, campaigning to get people to write in the name of Jesus on the presidential ballot instead of voting for Obama or Romney. Last I checked in, about 250,000 people had pledged to do so. Now his website claims that almost 1.5 million people have joined the crusade. That's more than 1% of all the people who will vote on Nov. 6. … [Read more...]

Freshwater’s Absurd Defense

Former Ohio science teacher John Freshwater's case for wrongful termination is currently being considered by the Ohio Supreme Court and his attorneys have filed their briefs in the case. Richard Hoppe looks at the most recent brief, which makes some really bad argument. First, as Hoppe noted a few weeks ago, the arguments they're making are entirely different than the ones they used in their request for the court to hear the appeal. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Billy Graham Edition

I and many others noted recently that the Billy Graham Evangelical Association scrubbed their website of material that called Mormonism a cult immediately after Graham endorsed Mitt Romney for president. It seems other noticed it too, including some of his fellow fundies who are very upset about that: … [Read more...]

Americans Pretend to Be More Religious Than They Are

In the wake of the recent Pew survey that found about 20% of Americans to be "nones" and about 5% who are atheists or agnostics, NPR has an interesting story that suggests that many people exaggerate the extent of their religiosity on such surveys. … [Read more...]

Jacobs Prays Against Hurricane Sandy

As the entire East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy, which is predicted to do incredible damage, Cindy Jacobs is firing up her prayer warriors to pray away the storm. She even gives her followers some talking points on how to say the proper prayer in such a circumstance: … [Read more...]

Delgaudio’s Latest Bizarre Claims

Man, Eugene Delgaudio just gets crazier and crazier. The TSA recently announced that they are replacing those "naked" body scanners with new machines that show a more cartoon-like image of your body. For some weird reason, Delgaudio thinks he should get credit for this -- and that gay people loved the naked body scanners and demand body cavity searches for kids and old people. … [Read more...]

D’Souza Gets Sued

Poor Dinesh D'Souza. First he's caught committing adultery, now he's in legal hot water. His co-producers on that ridiculous documentary 2016 are suing him for breach of contract and other actions and seeking an injunction and monetary damages. … [Read more...]

Ooh, Another End Time Prediction

You gotta hand it to those persistent Christian eschatologists. They aren't going to let a little thing like hundreds of failed predictions of the rapture and the second coming of Christ get in the way of making yet another one. The World Bible Society says it will happen by 2021: … [Read more...]