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Akin May Write a Book

Teagan Goddard reports that Todd Akin is considering writing a book now that he has lost both his House seat and the Senate seat he would almost certainly have won if he had not revealed his ignorance and extremism to the world. That is, of course, the first step to becoming a star on the Christian rubber chicken circuit, giving speeches for $5000 a pop. As one of the leading members of the Family (aka the Fellowship), he won't be out of work long. He's too well connected. … [Read more...]

Christian Fraud to Address Pentagon Prayer Breakfast (Update: Not Anymore)

The Pentagon is hosting a prayer breakfast on Wednesday and the keynote speaker will be Ray Giunta, a man with a rather sordid past and another in a long line of Christian frauds who bought a worthless degree and then went around calling himself a doctor. Amanda Terkel reports: … [Read more...]

The Conservapedia of Fact Checking

There's a new site called Conservative Fact Check that will likely provide a good deal of entertainment. The creator of the site, some guy named Chuck Rogers that few people have heard of, says it is "dedicated to providing a conservative alternative to enormously liberal-biased fact checking sites like,, and" … [Read more...]

Your Epic Wingnut Rant of the Week

Man, I've seen some incredibly delusional sermons in my day, but this one may take the cake. It's from the Deliver Us From Evil conference in October. This is Steve Foss, senior pastor of Upper Room Church in Keller, Texas. Republic of Gilead spotted this and has a partial transcript. This is interspersed between momentary lapses into speaking in tongues, which makes it all the more hilarious. It's all about the Nephilim, alleged human-angel hybrids that died in the great flood and then became … [Read more...]

Levin Does His Job

Sen. Carl Levin may be a Democrat, but as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he also knows which side of his bread contains the butter -- and who is paying for it, too. Like Leon Panetta, he is trying to stir up fear over even the tiny cuts in defense spending in the sequestration deal: … [Read more...]

Morton a Victim of His Own Demon

I meant to write about this a couple weeks ago and forgot, but PZ's post reminded me. Like PZ and Aron Ra, I knew Glenn Morton as an ally, and a very important one, in the fight against creationism. I worked with him on a couple different projects over the years. And I, too, am saddened that he has now deleted all of his writings on the subject and lashed out in a fit of irrational rage at those he previously worked with. PZ explains the nature of Morton's Demon, an idea that Glenn came up with: … [Read more...]

Farah’s YEC Irrationality

In the wake of Sen. Marco Rubio's politically convenient but highly ignorant answer to a question about the age of the earth, Joseph Farah comes riding in on his hobby horse to defend young earth creationism. What he ends up doing, of course, is showing just how illogical he can be. He has two arguments, both of them nonsense. The first is a weak attempt to change the subject: … [Read more...]

Lively: Uganda a Model for the World

As the Ugandan legislature seems poised to finally pass a law that allows the government to murder not only gay people but anyone who repeatedly argues for their equality, the president of Uganda has officially declared his nation to be a Christian one: … [Read more...]

MI Republicans Push to Pass Anti-Sharia Law

With the current two year session of the Michigan state legislature set to expire at the end of the year, and with it all submitted bills, the state House is set to take up HB 4769, which would prohibit the use of foreign or Sharia law if its use would violate the rights of any party in the case. … [Read more...]

Ann Coulter: Voice of Reason?

Every once in a while, something happens that is so shocking, so completely in opposition to everything you know about the world, that it's quite unsettling. That's how I feel after reading Ann Coulter's latest column, in which she actually makes sense. If you can ignore her usual juvenile insults, she's actually right when she argues against the claim that the Republicans lost because Romney just wasn't conservative enough. … [Read more...]

AIG Has a Message for Atheists

Deacon Duncan linked to this hilarious post on the Answers in Genesis website, which is an open letter from someone named Bodie Hodge to atheists everywhere. It's every bit as ridiculous as one would predict it to be, starting with the very first paragraph: … [Read more...]

Lawsuit: Raped Girl Gets Suspended, Rapists Don’t

A lawsuit has been filed against a school district in Dayton, Ohio alleging that the school suspended a female student after she was raped by two male students, who were only kicked out of the drama club for their actions. Courthouse News Service reports: … [Read more...]