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America’s Most ‘Bible-Minded’ Cities

The American Bible Society has released a list of the nation's most "Bible-minded" cities, based on polling about how often people read the Bible and whether they believe the Bible to be the word of God. I don't think anyone will find many surprises on the list. … [Read more...]

Enyart Settles Trademark Infringement Suit With NPR

Bob Enyart, who is a true wingnut's wingnut, has settled a trademark infringement suit filed by NPR over the name of his radio show. Enyart called his show Real Science Friday and NPR sued him for infringing on their trademark for the Science Friday show. He's now renamed his show Real Science Radio to settle the case. … [Read more...]

Santorum’s ‘Pro-Life’ Propaganda

Former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum's latest column at the Worldnutdaily is about the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the March for Life. Unsurprisingly, it contains some seriously slanted rhetoric on the subject. … [Read more...]

BLAG’s Terrible Argument Against Marriage Equality

The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, the attorneys hired by the House of Representatives to defend the Defense of Marriage Act after the Obama DOJ decided not to, is offering up some unusual arguments to defend the law. In a brief (PDF) filed with the Supreme Court, they argue: … [Read more...]

ADA Promotes Truth and Innocence by Association

The American Decency Association, a tiny little fringe group based not far from where I live, is bringing fake "ex-terrorist" Kamal Saleem to West Michigan for several appearances and they're offering up a silly and irrelevant response to criticism of Saleem and his "life story." The Grand Rapids press writes about it and links to articles that show Saleem's claims of being an ex-terrorist are not the least bit believable. The ADA's "answer" to that is, oddly, innocence and truth by association: … [Read more...]

Suit Filed Over Alleged Scientology Real Estate Scam

I wrote recently about an alleged real estate scam by the "Church" of Scientology. Now a couple who are former members have filed a federal lawsuit over it in Florida and are promising more lawsuits to come from others who contributed large amounts of money for the program. … [Read more...]

Exchanging Scripts on Dividing Up Electoral Votes

With several Republican state legislatures considering proposals to divide up their electoral votes, would it surprise you that both parties have proposed similar things in the past and have now flipped their positions entirely out of political convenience? In Colorado, for example, the Democrats tried to do the same thing in 2004 when it would have helped them defeat Bush. And the Republican governor was up in arms about it: … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Obama Making Satan and God Equal

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, who last year declared that President Obama was possessed by as many as 50 different demons, now says that Obama's half-hearted defense of marriage equality is putting Satan and God on equal footing. And that's bad. … [Read more...]

Confusing Intent and Tactics

One of the things that we often see -- and often engage in ourselves, if we're being honest -- in political and religious arguments is the assumption that any disagreement over tactics is really due to a disagreement over goals. If we think an idea we oppose will lead to some negative result, we often presume that the person advocating that idea must intend the result, thus presuming evil or immoral intent rather than a mere disagreement over how best to achieve a goal or how to balance … [Read more...]

Rabbi Spero’s Profoundly Non-Historical Claims

The Worldnutdaily publishes a column by Rabbi Aryeh Spero that claims that liberals have redefined conservative terms and it's time for the right to "reclaim our conservative moral language." But he stands history completely on its head in making his argument. … [Read more...]

The Worldnutdaily and ‘Hostility to Religion’

The Worldnutdaily has an article about an en banc ruling that I wrote about last year in a case where a Wisconsin high school held a graduation ceremony at a church. The district court and an appeals court panel upheld that as constitutional, but a rare en banc panel of 10 judges overruled both lower courts and declared that it was a violation of the First Amendment. … [Read more...]

Another JAG Officer Butts Heads With Administration

One of the most remarkable, and most ignored, stories of the last 12 years has been the astonishing number of military officers in the JAG corps that have stood up against the military tribunals at Gitmo, first under Bush and now under Obama's modified system. No fewer than five highly decorated officers resigned their commissions in protest of those kangaroo courts under Bush and now a Brigadier General is pushing back against abuses in the Obama tribunals. … [Read more...]