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Another Great Keyes Rant

Alan Keyes is apparently still upset that he got pummeled like a cheater in a prison poker game by Barack Obama when he carpetbagged into Illinois in 2004 to run against him for the Senate. In a recent radio show he called Obama a narcissistic, totalitarian, semi-psychotic communist. … [Read more...]

Why Republicans Can’t Reach Out to Black Voters

One of the panel discussions at CPAC last week focused on how the Republican Party could more effectively reach out to minority voters. It featured K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans, but one of the audience members, who claims to be a descendant of Jefferson Davis, showed exactly why the GOP has such a problem reaching black voters. Watch this video: … [Read more...]

The Obama Derangement Syndrome at Free Republic

President Obama did an interview recently where he said that the worst thing about being president is that he can't just be a regular person, that sometime he fantasizes about putting on a fake mustache and go into a bar and just talk to people. Any sane person would view this as a normal and understandable reaction to being in his job, but the nuts at Free Republic view this as an opportunity to take their ignorant bigotry out for a walk. Some of the comments: … [Read more...]

Burnett: God was on Set of ‘The Bible’

I haven't watched a second of The Bible on the History Channel because, frankly, it can't be anything but terrible. Silly me, but I don't think the guy who brought us Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice is going to produce a scholarly and interesting show about the Bible. But that's okay, because God helped him produce the show. … [Read more...]

Cardinal George: Secularism Leads to Persecution of Catholics

Tim Drake tracks down the original source for a quote that has been circulating for a few years, usually attributed to Chicago Cardinal Francis George, that predicts anti-Catholic persecution. He confirmed with George that the quote is accurate and that he's not backing down from it. Here's what the cardinal told him about what he'd said: … [Read more...]

CPAC ‘Infiltrated’ by People They Banned

One of the hallmarks of wingnuts is that no one but them is ever pure enough. It apparently isn't enough that CPAC banned GOProud and other gay conservative groups from the conference, apparently, because even after doing that Cliff Kincaid and Bryan Fischer still claim they've been infiltrated by them: … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Spencer vs CPAC

One of the things I find endlessly amusing is watching the really really far right attack the really far right as not being crazy enough. Robert Spencer and his pal Pam Geller do this whenever anyone on the right even suggests that maybe they've taken things a bit too far, accusing them of being tools of the global Islamic caliphate. Like CPAC, for instance, which Spencer declares is now "Sharia-compliant" because, for the first time in years, he and Geller didn't get invited to speak. … [Read more...]

How Background Checks Lead to Hitler

Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America, the insanely-far-right group that thinks the NRA are a bunch of weak-kneed liberals, went on Crosstalk Radio with Jim Schneider and they explained how background checks for buying guns leads to genocide, just like it did with Hitler. … [Read more...]

Blackwater Operated as CIA Extension

Eli Lake has been pouring over the documents filed in the prosecution of Blackwater that ended in almost no consequences for that company breaking the law repeatedly, and what he's found is pretty disturbing. Blackwater operated as an unofficial extension of the CIA around the world. … [Read more...]

The Myth of ‘Winning’ Vietnam

Rep. Loui Gohmert, who may well be the single dumbest person in the entire Congress, gave a talk at CPAC on Thursday and delivered a line that has become virtually a mantra on the right, that we could have won Vietnam if only the politicians had allowed it to happen. … [Read more...]

New Favorite Wingnut Word: Disordered

I'm sensing a new meme developing among the anti-gay right. Lately I've seen several of them claim that being gay is "disordered," though I have no idea what they actually mean by that. Illinois State. Rep. Jeanne Ives is the latest to do it in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage there: … [Read more...]

Congressman Claims Abstinence Only Sex Ed Works

Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) went on Tony Perkins' radio show and claimed that abstinence only sex education works really, really well, better than comprehensive sex ed in fact. He wants to spend more than $100 million more on abstinence only sex ed. … [Read more...]