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Bachmann: Marriage Rulings an Attack on Equal Rights

Michele Bachmann released a statement following the release of the two marriage equality rulings by the Supreme Court, but then she also took part in a press conference where she made the absolutely bizarre claim that the rulings were an attack on equal protection rights. … [Read more...]

Barton Can Lie With Charts Too

Warren Throckmorton catches David Barton finding a whole new way to lie to his ignorant and credulous audience, knowing full well they'll never catch him at it. Take a look at this chart that Barton likes to show during his talks to claim that violent crime has gone up almost 700% since Bible reading was removed from schools. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Unconstitutional to Allow Marriage Equality

Bryan Fischer is nothing if not entirely consistent in his ability to be hypocritical and absurd. In anticipation of the Supreme Court's rulings in the two marriage equality cases, he says governors should refuse to comply with a ruling in favor of equality because it would be unconstitutional. Why? Because it would end self-government. … [Read more...]

Rabbi: Gays Prone to Violence

In the wake of an attack on a gay rights group in Tel Aviv, apparently pulled off by a gay teenager, has prompted a local rabbi to claim that gays are just naturally prone to violence. And the "reasoning" behind his accusation is really quite absurd. … [Read more...]

Crisis Pregnancy Center Lies Caught on Tape has a report on new videos shot at a "crisis pregnancy center" -- read: anti-abortion indoctrination center -- in Cleveland. The "counselor" at the center is either incredibly ignorant or she flat out lies to the young woman who comes in to ask about getting the morning after pill. … [Read more...]

ACLU Files Suit Over NJ Grants to Religious Colleges

I wrote a few weeks ago about the state of New Jersey planning to give more than $10 million to a Jewish school that trains rabbis. Now the ACLU has filed suit in state court over the grant, arguing that it violates a provision in the state constitution that forbids using tax money to support religion. … [Read more...]

WND, Staver Lie About Obama, Holder, DOMA

Here's another of those amusing "WND Exclusive" stories. An exclusive story about the Supreme Court's marriage rulings? Every news outlet in the country has a story about it. You mean this particular story is "exclusive"? Then isn't every story "exclusive"? Anyway, they repeat this tired lie: … [Read more...]

Kennedy, DOMA and ‘Equal Liberty’

Another fascinating aspect of Justice Kennedy's ruling in the DOMA case is its dependence on the "equal liberty" guaranteed by the 5th Amendment. Not the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause? Well, kind of. The 14th Amendment's equal protection clause, Kennedy says, helps us understand the 5th Amendment guarantee of liberty better: … [Read more...]

Thomas’ Perverse Opinion on Affirmative Action

If you haven't read Justice Clarence Thomas' concurring opinion in Fisher v University of Texas, the case involving affirmative action in college admissions, you really should read it. It makes one of the most staggeringly illogical and hypocritical arguments I have ever heard from a Supreme Court justice. He actually equates the arguments for affirmative action with the arguments for slavery and segregation. You think I'm joking? … [Read more...]

WND Still Beating the ‘Obama Got to Roberts’ Drum

The Worldnutdaily is following its usual modus operandi when it's really got a claim they want to hammer into the empty heads of their readers, printing a "new" article on the subject every day with almost nothing new in it. They're doing that with Sen. Mike Lee's book that claims Chief Justice John Roberts was "intimidated" into changing his vote in the health care reform case. Here's the latest bit of dishonesty. … [Read more...]

Tell Time to Stop Dismissing Secular Generosity

I'm sure you've heard by now about Joe Klein's awful cover story in Time magazine last week, which took an entirely inaccurate and gratuitous cheap shot at the atheist and humanist community. His article focused on Team Rubicon, a wonderful organization of veterans that does crisis relief work after natural disasters. And he said this: … [Read more...]

The Audacity of Obama

Before he took office, President Obama wrote a book called The Audacity of Hope. He might well have named it the audacity of Barack Obama. Take a look at this clip from All In with Chris Hayes about the search for Edward Snowden. Pay particular attention to what the president says around the 5:00 mark, that we are seeking the return of Snowden to face trial "to make sure that the rule of law is observed." … [Read more...]