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Bravo, Randal Rauser

Randal Rauser is a Christian apologist who has written a book with John Loftus in which he defends Christianity. But to his great credit, he has no desire to defend the warped priorities of so many fundamentalist Christians who are outraged about gay people but unconcerned about actual moral evils. Writing about the horrendous freakout brought on by World Vision's decision to not discriminate against gay people in their hiring (which was quickly rescinded due to the uproar), he points out what … [Read more...]

Former CIA Agent Hammers Feinstein

Former CIA agent Philip Giraldi has some choice words for Dianne Feinstein and other leaders in the legislative and executive branches who tut tut about the Bush torture regime while doing absolutely nothing to bring about justice or to reveal their own role in making it happen. … [Read more...]

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Convicted

Hey, remember all that Republican fury over the idea that terrorists could be tried in civilian courts and convicted without the world coming to an end and dogs and cats living together? Turns out, not so much. Osama Bin Laden's son-in-law was convicted in civilian court in New York, just like hundreds of others have been. … [Read more...]

Dan Fincke on God’s Not Dead

Dan Fincke went to see God's Not Dead, the Christian movie about an atheist philosophy professor who is such a straw man that they might as well have had him played by a scarecrow. Since Dan is an atheist philosophy professor himself, he wrote approximately 48,000 words to review the movie. In the first of his reviews, he points out just how much every single non-Christian character is conveniently created to look just like the negative stereotypes they have of them: … [Read more...]

Bachmann Babbles About Obamacare

Tuesday was the oral argument in the Hobby Lobby case, so some of the far right members of Congress decided to get up and spew some nonsense about the case and about Obamacare in general. Michele Bachmann's contribution was a rambling, paranoid diatribe about how Obama was going to deny life-saving drugs to her. … [Read more...]

It’s Another Worldnetdaily Adverticle

Hey look, the Worldnetdaily has another adverticle -- an advertisement disguised as an article -- for a book they're pushing hard and profiting from. The absurd hook for the story is that the author is going to appear on Fox News as an "expert" on Noah's Ark. … [Read more...]

A Creationist Answers Questions

Allen Clifton challenged creationists to answer ten questions to see if they could provide an answer that makes any sense at all. Lo and behold, one of them did try to answer them. The result is exactly what you would expect, nonsensical answers and non-answers. A few examples. … [Read more...]

HRC on Lively’s Bigoted Legacy

The Human Rights Campaign released a report about the history of Scott Lively's anti-gay crusade this week, including both his advocacy of brutal anti-gay legislation around the world and his history of making the most bizarre accusations against gay people imaginable. … [Read more...]

WTF, Federal Judge?

This just leaves my jaw agape at the idea that someone could become a federal judge and show such staggeringly poor judgment. A federal judge in Nebraska wrote a blog post about how female lawyers should dress in the courtroom. It included this passage about a real lawyer that appears before him: … [Read more...]

Gary Cass is a Theocrat

Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission goes full theocrat in this enraged tirade against "black-robed tyrants." He demands a return to the days of absolute theocracy, with every law in line with his interpretation of the Bible. … [Read more...]

ACLJ Lies About ICANN Transition

The Christian right just keeps lying about the Obama administration turning control over domain names over to ICANN. The latest is the American Center for Law and Justice, which is pushing a petition to get it stopped (which is, of course, just a means of getting email addresses so they can beg for money). And they're selling it with a lie: … [Read more...]

Robertson Explains Why Jesus Wouldn’t Bake a Gay Cake

In a 700 Club segment on the case involving a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding celebration, Pat Robertson launched into a rather bizarre diatribe about why Jesus wouldn't have baked a cake for them either because they would have been stoned to death. He seemed rather sad that things had changed and gay people actually had rights now. … [Read more...]