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Racist Assholes File Brief in Michigan Marriage Case

Those who have been following my blog for many years may remember the names Kyle Bristow and Jason Van Dyke, two white supremacist douchebags who went to Michigan State and managed to get law degrees from other schools. They've filed an amicus brief in the Michigan marriage equality case in the 6th Circuit on behalf of the Traditionalist Youth Network. It's every bit as inane as you would expect it to be. … [Read more...]

The Impenetrable Donald Rumsfeld

Errol Morris writes about former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his complete lack of doubt about any decision he has ever made. Even after a decade of war in Iraq that cost trillions of dollars and found no WMD, he refuses to acknowledge even the possibility that he might have been wrong about anything. … [Read more...]

The Myth of Rich, Influential Gay People

One of the common beliefs about gay people in this country is that they tend to be wealthier than other demographic groups, giving them power and influence far out of proportion of their actual numbers. Nathan McDermott takes issue with that idea and calls it a myth. … [Read more...]

David Brody’s Pathetic Attempt to Defend God

David Brody, Pat Robertson's "reporter" for the 700 Club, is mighty upset with Bill Maher for calling God a "psychotic mass murderer" (and he is, if the Bible is to be believed). And he's offering some spectacularly stupid arguments in defense of his God and against Maher. … [Read more...]

Benefiel Destroyed Baal, Ended a Drought

Self-declared prophets John Benefiel, Mike and Cindy Jacobs went on and on about how in 2007, they used one of their "Baal divorce decrees" to destroy the rule of Baal in Texas and Oklahoma, resulting in months of rains and floods. Which ended the drought. Oh, and prevented Oklahoma from going into recession. … [Read more...]

Lively a Freemasonry Conspiracist Too

So it turns out, entirely unsurprisingly, that unhinged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively, in addition to bizarrely thinking that gay people were responsible for Adolf Hitler, also believes in freemasonry conspiracies. Specifically, he thinks the Supreme Court is part of it. … [Read more...]

What Your Tax Dollars Are Paying to Teach

Katie Halper has an article about some of the more bizarre things taught in private religious schools that receive tax dollars through state voucher problems. In addition to the usual creationist nonsense that has been exposed a million times, some of the history being taught is quite absurd. Like this one: … [Read more...]

White House Responds to Uganda Law

After dragging its feet for a few weeks, the Obama administration is preparing to follow the lead of our allies in Europe by cutting some aid and shifting recipients of other forms of aid to Uganda. Unfortunately, no steps will be taken to help potential victims of the law escape its grasp. … [Read more...]

BP Refinery Leaks Oil Into Lake Michigan

A BP oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana sprung a leak and spewed oil into Lake Michigan. There doesn't seem to be an estimate of how much oil leaked, but it was enough to cover about 5000 square feet. This is almost certainly tar sands oil, which reacts differently in the water than conventional crude. … [Read more...]

The Oral Argument in the Hobby Lobby Case

Lyle Denniston has his usual thorough recap of Tuesday's oral argument in the Hobby Lobby case, which challenges the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that the case is likely to come down to how Justice Kennedy votes. … [Read more...]

Abbott’s Anti-Voting Rights Crusade

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, likely the next governor of that state, has been on a crusade against the "epidemic" of voter fraud, pushing a voter ID law and other measures, to stop it. But his office can only come up with a grand total of six cases in the last 13 years, two of which might have been prevented by voter ID. … [Read more...]

Homeopathy Maker Pulls Product for Containing Medicine

Okay, this story made me literally laugh out loud. Terra Medica, a company that makes homeopathic "remedies" (what they actually remedy is unclear), has recalled a bunch of its products because -- gasp! -- they might contain actual medicine. Clearly, that cannot be allowed. … [Read more...]