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Wingnut: Satan to Blame for UFOs

A long time ago, Kent Hovind caused much hilarity when he claimed that UFOs were "Satanically owned and operated," but it turns out that this is a pretty common belief among the fringes of the Christian right. Mark Hitchock, author of a recent book on "blood moons" and the end times, is the latest: … [Read more...]

FFRF Gets Bible Verse Removed from School Gym

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has successfully forced a public high school in Parkersburg, West Virginia to remove the Bible verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" from a gymnasium wall. And of course, some people are upset about that. … [Read more...]

A Torture Victim Speaks Out

Juan Mendez is a UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. He's also a victim of torture himself, at the hands of a brutal Argentinian junta in the 1970s. He has an article in Politico expressing his disappointment that the United States, which helped free him from his torturers, has now embraced that very practice. … [Read more...]

Christian Conservatives Hammer Palin’s Torture Remarks

It's probably a good thing to be reminded now and then that not every Christian conservative in the country has sold their soul to Republican tribalism and several of them have stepped up to blast Sarah Palin for her hideous declaration that if she were in charge, waterboarding is how she would "baptize" terrorists. Here's Joe Carter of The Gospel Coalition: … [Read more...]

From Reagan to Palin on Torture

Sarah Palin, aka Bible Spice, spoke at the NRA annual meeting last weekend and whipped up her usual combination of half stupid, half morally appalling and all annoying. She actually got wild applause for saying that if she were in charge (how's that for a frightening thought?), she'd bring back waterboarding in a big way: … [Read more...]

NCSE Announces New Friend of Darwin Award Winners

The National Center for Science Education has announced this year's winners of the Friend of Darwin award, given to those "whose efforts to support NCSE and advance its goal of defending the teaching of evolution have been truly outstanding." I was very honored to have received this award myself in 2009 and this year it goes to the attorneys in the Dover case: Vic Walzcak, Eric Rothschild, Steve Harvey and Richard Katskee. Science journalist Faye Flam is also receiving the award. Congratulations … [Read more...]

Fun With Lawyers

The New York Times is having a bit of fun with attorneys, putting together a series of videos acting out word for word some of the funnier cross-examinations and depositions they can find. This one is from a deposition where an attorney gets increasingly frustrated with a witness who refuses to say whether his office has a photocopier. … [Read more...]

VA Bigots to Fast, Pray to Stop Marriage Equality

The Family Foundation, a bigoted Christian right group in Virginia, is asking their followers and Christians across the state to join them in fasting and praying for 40 days in order to stop same-sex marriage. I don't know why they think that will have any effect, but I say go for it. … [Read more...]

Beck: The Bible is Our Only Hope

Here's another one of Glenn Beck's ridiculous daily staff meeting videos as he shouts at his staff about how America is going to hell in a handbasket and the Bible is the only thing that can save us. I especially like the guy to his left trying to ignore the screed. … [Read more...]

Kristol Defends Racist NBA Owner

Leave it to Bill Kristol to rush to the defense of racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in the wake of his latest statement putting his bigotry on display. Ironically, Kristol says that we should judge Sterling by his actions rather than his statements: … [Read more...]

Linda Harvey’s Breathtaking Illogic

One of the most ridiculous arguments we hear constantly from the Christian right is this idea that gays and liberals are in cahoots with Muslims to destroy Christianity. Unhinged bigot Linda Harvey praises Muslim cab drivers who refused to drive cabs with ads for the Gay Games in Cleveland while still claiming there's a Gay-Muslim axis working together against Christianity. … [Read more...]

God’s Not Dead in a Barbwire Column

Jeff Allen, one of the editors of Matt Barber's new site BarbWire, phones in this column, which is little more than the movie God's Not Dead turned into a sad attempt at writing about politics. It's full of the usual strawmen and false assumptions we've come to expect. … [Read more...]