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Upcoming Network Downtime

Freethought Blogs will be shutting down for a couple hours around 2 am EST so we can move everything to a new server. Tomorrow morning it will be a whole new network -- new server, new theme, new logo, new design, totally new front page. FTB launched on Aug. 1, 2011 and the new FTB will launch exactly three years later. … [Read more...]

Gohmert Gets a New Conspiracy Theory?

There is no idea so extreme and bizarre that Rep. Louis Gohmert won't swallow it and promote it, so it's hardly a surprise that when a caller on Tony Perkins' radio show suggested that the Sandy Hook tragedy was part of a grand conspiracy, Gohmert was more than happy to entertain the thought. … [Read more...]

Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians to Have Sex

From the mouth of the man who thinks feminism is about making women kill their children, divorce their husbands, practice witchcraft and become socialists comes a whole new ridiculous claim: Gay people are going to force Christians to have sex with random people just like in Sodom and Gomorrah. … [Read more...]

AL Officials: Coal Plant Regulation Violates God’s Will

From the same people who brought you "global warming isn't real because God controls the climate" comes a group of elected officials in Alabama who held a press conference to say that EPA rules regulating pollution from coal plants violate God's will because he gave coal to the state. … [Read more...]

Really, CNN?

Man, it must be a really slow news day over at CNN. Or maybe they're just waiting for another Malaysian airliner to disappear or get shot down. So what are they reporting in the meantime? They're reporting on what "psychics" think about where the stock market is going. … [Read more...]

Priest Getting Text Messages From a Demon

Someone get Gordon Klingenschmitt on the phone, we've got a live one. A Polish priest tried to do an exorcism on a young women and apparently failed (well yeah; there's no such thing as demons) and now he thinks the demon is sending him text messages. … [Read more...]

Schlafly Still Thinks They’re Gonna Win on Marriage

One of the most amusing things to me is watching the Christian right try to convince themselves and others that they're not losing the fight on same-sex marriage. Phyllis Schlafly does so by citing polling data only of Republicans as if they represent everyone. … [Read more...]

New Fraud Joins WND’s Israel Tour

Joseph Farah is leading yet another tour of Israel with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a messianic Jew with views just as bizarre as you would expect from someone who hangs out with Farah. And now there's a third fraud joining the tour, none other than disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker. … [Read more...]

Duigon Wants God to Punish Obama Voters

Lee Duigon, a genuine Christian Reconstructionist, has a column at BarbWire praying not only for God to remove President Obama from office but to punish those who "enabled" his presidency, which presumably would include anyone who voted for him. … [Read more...]

Yet Another ‘Ex-Gay’ Leader Leaves It Behind

We've already seen several of the most prominent "ex-gay" leaders, including John Paulk and Alan Chambers, walk away from the movement and admit that they're still gay despite years of pretending otherwise. Now yet another prominent leader of that movement, Yvette Cantu Schneider, writes on the GLAAD website that she's still gay, just as she always was. … [Read more...]

Sher Zieve Does Wingnut Wrong

Sher Zieve is a far-right conspiracy theorist who peddles the usual snake oil about how Obama is intentionally destroying America because he's in league with the terrorists. And she's more than happy to proclaim things for which she has not a shred of evidence. … [Read more...]

Staver: God’s Gonna Kill Us…Any Minute Now

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, recently went on a cruise with his wife (being a professional liar pays well) and visited Pompeii. It immediately made him think about how his big bad buddy named God is going to kill us all...any minute now. … [Read more...]