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Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton

Of all the Bryan Fischer awards I've given out, this might be the most jaw-dropping one yet. It's like David Barton has finally reached peak David Barton. He actually had the audacity to say of another fake historian that if something he says is factually wrong, he should correct it. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Trump Won 80% of the Country!

Bryan Fischer continues to one-up even himself at being absolutely ridiculous. Now he suddenly thinks that winning the most acres is more important than winning the most votes in an election. He says Trump won 80% of the country, if you count it in square feet or something. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Government Employees Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote

Bryan Fischer is making the utterly vile and ridiculous argument that anyone who works for the government should not be allowed to vote because they have a conflict of interest. I'm sure the soldiers fighting overseas will be happy to hear they can't vote. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Melania Trump

It's been obvious for a long time that Donald Trump is perhaps the least self-aware human being ever to exist. Now his wife Melania is challenging him for that title, saying in a speech the other day that as First Lady, she would try to end cyber-bullying. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Total Lack of Self-Awareness Remains Intact

I give the Bryan Fischer award to those who are totally oblivious to their own contradictions because, with the possible exception of Donald Trump, he puts this trait on more obvious display than anyone on the planet. And he does it yet again about the First Amendment. … [Read more...]

Fischer Thinks He’s Like Jesus. And Doesn’t Understand Trolling.

Bryan Fischer lashed out at Right Wing Watch on his radio show on Thursday because they often quote the unhinged and dishonest things he says. And that apparently makes him just like Jesus because they're "trolling" him like the Pharisees did to him. … [Read more...]

Fischer Continues to Contradict Himself on First Amendment

Bryan Fischer continues to blatantly contradict himself on the meaning of the First Amendment, with a lack of self-awareness that is truly staggering. Here's what he wrote last Friday, that the First Amendment cannot possibly apply at the state level: … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Lying About Ebola Travel Restrictions

No useful lie ever dies, especially when it involves the Christian right -- you know, those arbiters of morality who are so much more ethical than the rest of us. That's why Bryan Fischer keeps repeating this lie about travel restrictions during the Ebola outbreak a couple years ago: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Only Anti-Choice Christians Qualified to Be Judges

Bryan Fischer says that only anti-choice Christians are qualified to be judges in this country, no atheists need apply. Of course, he also thinks that the First Amendment applies only to Christians, so you might want to take that with about 14 tons of salt. … [Read more...]

Fischer: God is Punishing Us with Diversity

The tilt-a-whirl inside Bryan Fischer's head has spun out yet another absolutely bizarre claim. Now he says that God is punishing America with diversity because if we speak different languages, we can't communicate to commit more evil. Or something. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Hillary Has Opened Herself to ‘Demonic Influences’

Bryan Fischer is trying to horn in on Gordon Klingenschmitt's turf, diagnosing people -- those he disagrees with politically, of course -- as being demon-possessed. This time it's Hillary Clinton, who has apparently "opened her life up to demonic influence." … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Donald Trump

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness and this one is a doozy. It isn't just that Donald Trump has accused Clinton of his own worst traits (as he often does), it's that he criticizes her for the thing he said about himself virtually word-for-word previously. … [Read more...]