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Fischer Triples Down on Contradictory First Amendment Meaning

Bryan Fischer has a long history of contradicting himself on the meaning of the First Amendment religion clauses. If it involves an establishment clause claim, the First Amendment applies only to Congress; when it involves a free exercise claim, it applies to the states. Shall we see what's behind door #3? … [Read more...]

Fischer Doesn’t Understand How the Courts Work

Wingnut extraordinaire Bryan Fischer once again puts his ignorance and hypocrisy on display by urging Trump to defy the federal judge in Hawaii who issued an injunction preventing enforcement of the Muslim ban 2.0. He seems to have no idea how the courts actually work. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Liberals Throwing ‘Very Demons of Hell’ at Trump

I find declarations like this endlessly amusing. Bryan Fischer says that Christians have to surround Donald Trump with a holy prayer shield because "witches" are casting spells and therefore "throwing the very demons of hell" at him. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Trump Sold Out Christians to the Gay Agenda!

Bryan Fischer is quite upset with Donald Trump for deciding not to rescind Obama's executive order that forbids anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors. To hear Fischer tell it, this is discrimination against Christians on a massive scale. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Bomb Muslim Countries to Show Our Love for Them

We have another missive from the bizarro world that Bryan Ficher lives in. This time he is declaring that the United States should bomb Muslim countries because that's the only way to show them that we love them and push them into the arms of Jesus. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer and George Washington

Last week Bryan Fischer quoted a passage from George Washington's farewell address and strongly declared that if you are not a Christian, you are by definition anti-American and a traitor. When called out, he responded that he didn't say it, Washington said it. Except, of course, he didn't. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Pronounces Us All Traitors

Weapons-grade moron Bryan Fischer has a message for people like me and all other secularists who want a strict separation of church and state. Anyone who opposes the public posting of the Ten Commandments, he says, is a traitor to the United States. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Hypocritical Idea of ‘Special Rights’

The Christian right's rhetoric about gay rights being "special rights" has always been incoherent and hypocritical. Bryan Fischer's use of the term continues that tradition as he claims that unisex bathrooms with stalls are "special rights" for trans people. … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Lying About Past Statements

Like David Barton and Donald Trump, Bryan Fischer has a habit of claiming that he never said things that he did say, presumably because they don't realize that everything they say on their shows or in columns is recorded forever. Bryan Fischer still denies claiming that black people "rut like rabbits." … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton

Of all the Bryan Fischer awards I've given out, this might be the most jaw-dropping one yet. It's like David Barton has finally reached peak David Barton. He actually had the audacity to say of another fake historian that if something he says is factually wrong, he should correct it. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Trump Won 80% of the Country!

Bryan Fischer continues to one-up even himself at being absolutely ridiculous. Now he suddenly thinks that winning the most acres is more important than winning the most votes in an election. He says Trump won 80% of the country, if you count it in square feet or something. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Government Employees Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote

Bryan Fischer is making the utterly vile and ridiculous argument that anyone who works for the government should not be allowed to vote because they have a conflict of interest. I'm sure the soldiers fighting overseas will be happy to hear they can't vote. … [Read more...]