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When Bryan Fischer Was Okay With Women as President

So the other day Bryan Fischer said that you would be perfectly justified in voting for Donald Trump just because he's a man because God does not want women to be in positions of power like the presidency. But guess what he said in 2011 when Michele Bachmann was running? … [Read more...]

Fischer: Clinton ‘Motivated by the Spirit of the Antichrist’

Jennifer LeClaire wondered whether Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist or an "Illuminati witch" and Bryan Fischer has a third possibility. She isn't actually the Antichrist, she's just "motivated by the spirit of the Antichrist." … [Read more...]

Fischer: Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Hold Public Office

And we can unsurprisingly add Bryan Fischer to the list of Christian misogynists who say women are unfit for public office and should not be allowed to be president. And he thinks something -- he doesn't say what -- would change if some prominent person would say that on TV. … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Contradicting Himself on First Amendment

If there's a less self-aware person in the known universe than Donald Trump, it would have to be Bryan Fischer. He just keeps contradicting himself on the application of the First Amendment and seems totally oblivious to it. Or he simply doesn't care. The latest example. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Anti-American Conception of Rights

Bryan Fischer is well-known as a Christian theocrat with very confused views about the Constitution, so it's no surprise that he makes the ridiculous claim that since rights are "God-given," anything that God says not to do in the Bible can't be a right in this country. … [Read more...]

Fischer Upset the RNC Had a Gay Speaker

I think the GOP was wrong to have Peter Thiel speak because he thinks women having the right to vote has undermined freedom and democracy in this country. Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, is highly agitated that they let him speak because he's gay. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Latest ‘Mark of the Beast’

I am endlessly amused by how Christians invoke the "mark of the beast" from the Book of Revelation. They just reinterpret it continually so it's always coming true. It's a barcode! It's a social security number! It's dessert topping AND a floor wax. Bryan Fischer invents a new meaning: … [Read more...]

Fischer: GOP Invited a ‘Demon God’ to the RNC

Bryan Fischer says that the GOP invited a "demon god" into the Republican National Convention, and apparently he isn't talking about Donald Trump. No, it's because they had a Trump-supporting Muslim deliver a prayer at the event. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Obergefell Ruling Was Just Like 9/11

Sunday was the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court's Obergefell ruling, which made same-sex marriage legal nationwide. Bryan Fischer, true to form, takes a look back with the most ridiculous comparison he can come up with: It was just like 9/11! … [Read more...]

Fischer Declares Himself Smarter than the ‘Cultural Elite’

One of the things that always amuses me is when ignorant people who lack the most basic ability to reason invent all sorts of reasons why they're really the smart ones, not those pointy-headed intellectuals with their fancy book learnin' and those college degrees. Like Bryan Fischer: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Anderson Cooper Shouldn’t Cover Gay Issues

Bill O'Reilly says feminist women shouldn't be allowed to cover Donald Trump. Trump says Latino, female and Muslim judges shouldn't be allowed to preside over any case involving him. And now Bryan Fischer says gay journalists shouldn't be allowed to cover "the homosexual agenda." … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Invents Some History

Bryan Fischer is arguing, as he long has, that we should prohibit all Muslims from coming to the United States, and he is inventing some history to do it. He compares people from Muslim countries to people from the countries where the Ebola virus was common and falsely claims that we stopped immigration from those countries. … [Read more...]