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Fischer Explains Why Obama Changed Mountain’s Name

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When I saw the first reports that the Obama administration was going to change the official name of Mt. McKinley to Denali, which is what nearly everyone in Alaska, especially the native tribes, had always called it anyway, I couldn't wait to hear the wingnuts throw a fit over it and tell us why this makes Obama the most horrible person in the history of the world. Bryan Fischer, you're up: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award: Tom Cotton


The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a breathtaking lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of their own worst sins and being completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy and contradictions. Today's winner is Sen. Tom Cotton, who announced his arrival in Washington, DC a few months ago by authoring that letter sent by 47 Republicans to the government of Iran to undermine our negotiations over their nuclear programs. Here's why: … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Weirdest Idea Yet?

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Bryan Fischer has said some really bizarre things over the years, but his latest argument seems particularly baffling to me. He claims that the entire reason the United States exists is to spread the gospel all over the world, which would come as quite a shock to the men who founded the country and failed to mention that. But further, he says that illegal immigration somehow harms our ability to do so. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Every Bad Thing is a Warning From God

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There are few things that amuse me more than the interminable wankery from the Christian right about how every bad thing that happens is a warning from God, or punishment from God, for -- what a coincidence -- whatever the person making that claim personally doesn't like. On his radio show last week, Fischer continued this inane line of "reasoning" and said that all natural disasters, losses in war and economic downturns are God's warnings to us: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Gays ‘Bringing Slavery Back to the South’

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Bryan Fischer has this bizarre idea that anti-discrimination laws impose slavery because they force someone to work for you. Of course, he's only ever said that about anti-discrimination laws that cover gay people. Apparently it only counts for gay people. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Gay People Are Like Crackheads

Bryan Fischer has been thinking again (sorry, "thinking"), working hard on developing the next round of offensive and stupid things to compare to being gay. And after much "thoughtful" consideration, he settled on this one: gay people are like crackheads. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award: Lindsey Graham

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who show a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of having their own worst attributes. Today's winner is Sen. Lindsey Graham, the mother of all foreign policy hawks, for accusing Donald Trump of selling fear and prejudice. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Obama Exporting Sexual Deviancy

The Christian right loves to criticize President Obama for daring to suggest that other countries should not throw gay people in jail or kill them. Bryan Fischer is the latest, saying that Obama's legacy will be that he has "exported sexual deviancy" around the world. … [Read more...]

Fischer Wants to Thwart God’s Will!

Remarking on a report that there are some 180 languages spoken by students and parents in the NYC public school system, Bryan Fischer says that God is judging America by confusing our languages, just like he did with the Tower of Babel. But for some reason, he wants to thwart God's will! … [Read more...]

Fischer: We Should Ban ‘Gay Propaganda’ Like Russia Does

More amusing hypocrisy from Bryan Fischer. Why, just yesterday he was railing about how Christians are losing their First Amendment rights. Today, he's demanding that speech that is in favor of LGBT equality be made against the law. Because he loves free speech, right up until he doesn't. … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Bryan Fischer Destroys Every Irony Meter in Existence

One of the reasons I find Bryan Fischer so endlessly entertaining is how easily he contradicts himself in the most obvious way. He either lacks self-awareness on a truly historical level or he is absolutely shameless in his lies. Case in point: What does the First Amendment mean? Here's what he thinks it means today: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Christians Won’t Be Allowed to Hold Public Office

The wingnuts are inventing every imaginable ridiculous prediction about the coming persecution of Christians, all because gay people can now get married. Bryan Fischer says that soon Christians won't even be allowed to run for office. And he assures you that he is not exaggerating at all. … [Read more...]