Thoughts of Holy Thursday: Of Remembering and Presence

NB: this is an extremely hastily written reflection. So it is more poetic than normal. So enjoy or else accept my apologies. Tonight is Holy Thursday. Tonight, we step outside of this moment, the linear progression of time. Tonight we do not focus on how our actions pile upon each other moving us throughout life. [Read More…]

St. Joseph, Masculinity, and Embracing Impositions

    Sometimes, life requires embracing impositions. Like when I blew my tire out a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of exercising my capacities as a strong, independent, capable woman, I strongly, independently, and capably got out my cell and called Dad. Dad had, like he always is, been up already since about [Read More…]

Lent: Because We All Know It’s About Fasting and Giving Stuff Up, Right?

What are you doing for Lent? The question is on most of our minds, with more or less grudging, whether due to our own awareness or because our priests and friends and mothers have been asking us of late. As a Catholic convert, the concept of Lent was rather nebulous when I entered the Church [Read More…]

Please Stop Panicking About NFP: The Internet Makes Everything Scary

You know engagement and wedding season are heading to full force when you start seeing an uptick in posts talking about NFP. And along with those posts come the apparently requisite extremes that go along with them, and suddenly you start hearing all the questions necessitated by the whole being-Catholic-and-having-sex thing. See, NFP conversations, particularly [Read More…]

Sin: It’s a Lot Like Sour Candy

  So sour candy is *literally*the best. Yes, yes, I’m an adult and I can eat dark chocolate covered fruit things like the adult I am, without a single limitation except you know, my pants. But sour candy, particularly if I’m working on a project, is where it is at. The problem is that, as [Read More…]

Silence, Predestination, and the Primacy of God’s Love

This week, I’ve been really struggling to find something to write about. With my Facebook feed enraged about any number of things, of late it sometimes seems the best thing any of us can do is to simply stop contributing the incessant flood of enraged (be that self-righteous or even righteous) emotions that just won’t [Read More…]

So You’re Anxious About God’s Will: Three Thoughts on Figuring It Out

  It’s not that I get anxious about things, it’s just that if I’m not up at midnight with a head full of doubts, trying to figure out God’s will is for me, I might actually do it. So life, right? It just keeps happening (unless it doesn’t, I suppose). All these choices, and you [Read More…]

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Mary: Faith Without a Last Page

  I was reading The Lord by Romano Guardini at one am, as I am wont to do when I’ve sufficiently freaked myself out by watching Criminal Minds while home alone, and I was struck with the realization of something I had never seen before. So how many times have I read or heard the various Mary [Read More…]

And the Darkness Has Not Overcome It

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. -John 1:5 I’ve always loved Christmas lights. Candles flickering, lights twinkling, fires radiating, all of it. Whether it’s staring at the Christmas tree or walking around to see the decorations on houses, particularly those that subtly use light to reveal the shapes of [Read More…]