Michael Martin Discusses the Sophia Option

David Russell Mosley

A picture I took while in the Peak District
A picture I took while in the Peak District

Ordinary Time
15 March 2017
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Readers,

I know this is far later than usual, but I wanted to write you a very quick letter. As you know, over the last month I’ve been telling you about Michael Martin and his Sophia Option. Well, in the video below you get to briefly see Martin discuss it. Two of the standouts for me in this video are Martin’s reference to the Waldorf schools (which he saw as nearly perfect, but lacking Christ) and his reference to the late Stratford Caldecott (who has an important place in my life as a major contributor to my Catholicity). So give it a watch and begin thinking about how you might Radically, Catholicly Reimagine Everything.


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