Every human being has a right to be happy and feel a personal connection with God. God puts desire and a yearning for purpose in our lives that guides us to know this connection and to realize fulfillment. But life takes us on journeys, and sometimes that sense of fulfillment can seem distant. Join Rahim Bronner for this teleclass to take a look at what you really want in your life, and how to find the doorways that lead you to divine purpose and fulfillment. Read more

Relationships can be challenging, whether with a spouse, children, co-workers or community. If you struggle to see the love in the faces of those closest to you, you’re invited to listen to this class with Amany Shalaby, Ph.D., as she shares Sufi teachings that can help you to inwardly drink from the real love – the Fountain of Abundant Love – so that you do not outwardly seek love out of desperation or a desire to possess and control, which leads many of us to suffer unhealthy relationships. Read more

Life challenges us to find balance between work, family and spiritual calling. Yet, how do we find that balance? How can we perceive God’s guidance and follow what God calls us to do in this life? How can we trust ourselves and God? Join Hamid Werder for an exploration into these questions and more in hopes of Pursuing Divine Perfection in Work and Daily Life. Read more

Are you a follower of spiritual, or energetic healing practices? Have you ever been tested, your faith in their abilities challenged? Read as one of our student’s recounts a time where she hurt herself on accident, and used it as an opportunity to embody-literally-the healing practices from the path of Sufism. Read more

Join Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davies for a teleclass as he guides us to open our awareness beyond self-judgment and limiting beliefs to the deeper, more intimate worlds of the heart, soul and divine unity, where peace is a living reality, healing and transforming relationships, families, and communities. Read more

Discover the impact cancer had on Dr. John Wadude Laird’s family, and how the work they did as a unit brought about profound transformation for all of them. Then learn what sparked a passion in Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe to discover how to energetically detect the presence of cancer and to understand its healing at the deepest levels of the soul and spirit. Read more

It’s hard not to think of a cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. Yet it can also an opportunity for love, healing and transformation. Join Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD, in this interview series to explore the spiritual underpinnings of cancer and discover healing for the body, mind, heart and soul. Read more

Sufism is a path of purification of the heart. The quest of the Sufi is to seek the Face of God in every face and in every situation life brings before him. Join us here LIVE for a Q&A discussion of the teachings of Sufism and The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism with Salima Adelstein, USHS Co-President. Replay is available here after the event. Read more

Do you feel the flame of passion that burns inside your heart? Calling you to live your passion? Calling you to make a difference for humanity or the animals or the earth? Calling you to serve God? Then we invite you to listen in on this teleclass with Kamila Shenmen, Ph.D., co-President of USHS. If you’ve met Kamila, you may know of the many ways she has shown up to allow the fullness of her light and beauty to shine in the world. She is a true powerhouse. Read more

The ‘Beauty of the Heart’ is what it holds. Indeed, what it receives and from where it received. When these come together, it can build a love that unites, and lasts beyond the confines of a human life or a human body. Truly, what is waiting to enter your heart? Read more

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