Josh Jipp (TEDS) gives a great TEDS-style talk on “Jesus the Economics Teacher” Read more

Three great new commentaries out in the New Covenant Commentary Series: Kim Huat Tan – Mark Believing that the needs of beleaguered Christian communities in turbulent times would be best met by resourcing the life of Jesus, Mark wrote a Gospel that was at once plain and subtle, fast-paced and yet profound. The essence of being a follower of Jesus was therefore clarified, so that such communities might differentiate the essential from the trivial and be fortified in their testimony… Read more

Dyson Heydon is a former Justice of the Australian High Court (= Aussie version SCOTUS) and he recently delivered the Inaugural PM Glynn Lecture on Religion, Law and Public Life at the Australian Catholic University. His lecture is available online and it is MUST READ. Here are some choice quotes: Modern elites consider that what one does not condemn one must be taken to accept. Modern elites have failed to understand that that places them in a difficult position. Some little time ago… Read more

For all you Jonathan Edwards fanboys and fangirls, you might want to read this volume on the global reception of Jonathan Edwards: Edited by Rhys Bezzant (Dean of Global Mission at Ridley College) The Global Edwards: Papers from the Jonathan Edward Congress Held in Melbourne, August 2015 In a globalized world, networks are key, whether they are networks of people, ideas, or interests. In this volume of essays on the texts and teachings of Jonathan Edwards, contributors from each continent ask… Read more

As part of a promotion for Brian Wright’s book, Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus, you can take a quiz about ancient literacy and book culture. How much do you know? FYI, it is dang hard!! See here. Read more

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like Christmas had come early for me. My email contained two very positive reviews of my most recent two books. First, over at RBL, Mark Harding (former CEO and Principal of the Australian College of Theology) reviewed my book An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans. The review is very thorough and detailed, with a few points of contention, but ends with a very warm affirmation: In summary, I doubt whether there is a… Read more

Eerdmans does a great job interviewing Scot McKnight about his new Colossians and Philemon commentaries. Some very interesting comments on Paul and slavery: Paul did not realize how immoral slavery was! Read more

I had great fun with Matthew Bates from the OnScript podcast discussing my book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology, where we get into everything from christology, Ebionites, apotheosis, Cannabis flavoured Tofu, Ted Nugent crossed with Hugh Jackman, and me singing a segment from Hamilton. You can listen to the whole thing here. Episode: It is sometimes claimed that Jesus became God for the earliest Christians on the basis of Roman models of human divinization or apotheosis. Did the earliest Christians really promote Jesus… Read more

Below is a great video by Ridley College’s Rhys Bezzant about Luther’s 95 Theses. Read more

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, can I recommend the following book by Volker Leppin and translated into English by Ridley College’s Rhys Bezzant and Karen Roe: This brief, insightful biography of Martin Luther strips away the myths surrounding the Reformer to offer a more nuanced account of his life and ministry. Coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this accessible yet robustly historical and theological work highlights the medieval background of Luther’s life in contrast to… Read more

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