A Beautifully Poignant Moment: Brother of Bernie Sanders Causes the Former Candidate to Cry

Amidst all the political chaos and sniping, this was a very touching moment last night: Larry Sanders casting a vote for his little brother. [Read more…]

Top 11 times Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault or rape: an antidote for his speech-inspired nostalgia

“In the spring of 1971, I met a girl.”  That’s how Bill Clinton began his speech at the Democratic National Convention, causing Rachel Maddow to say, “I think the beginning of the speech was a controversial way to start.”

She found it “shocking” and “rude” that he kept referring to Clinton as a “girl” and building her “political story” around him.  This was not a very “feminist” way to start a speech, she said.

Others thought Bill’s speech was “humanizing” to his notoriously stiff wife, vintage Clinton.

However, what both critics and fans of Bill’s speech are forgetting is that his past is more like the stuff of the latest HBO Sunday night drama instead of elderly statesman: a callous playboy politician sexually assaulting interns while charismatically campaigning for votes. Scores of accusations and victims stretching over several decades. Allegations from victims of bullying and intimidation by his cold and calculating wife.

[Read more…]

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If a Republican had said THIS, the cries of “homophobia” from the Left would be deafening

The Wikileaks dump of hacked Democratic National Committee e-mails is proving to be a treasure trove of insight into behind-the-scenes bias and political manipulation by top-level Democrats. [Read more…]

QUIZ: Which Bachelor is YOUR Perfect Match?

Many of you know I helped Sean Lowe write his book “For the Right Reasons: America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First.”  I thought some of you Bachelor fans might enjoy this quiz! [Read more…]

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Democrats Boo During the DNC Opening Prayer; Convention Slides into Bernie v. Hillary Chaos

The Democratic National Convention opens today in the City of Brotherly Love — Philadelphia.  Or, I heard it described when we lived there, the City of Brotherly Shove. [Read more…]