‘The Simpsons’ skewers Yale’s culture of entitlement and coddling

For those of you who have been watching in amazement as Yale flushes itself down the cultural toilet bowl, you’ll appreciate the treatment that the Simpsons gives it: [Read more…]

Grocery store ad reflects big misunderstanding about “Good Friday”

A recent ad from a grocery story called Tesco demonstrates that they might not quite understand the backstory to the holiday known as “Good Friday:” [Read more…]

Teacher gives sixth-grade students a survey with really inappropriate questions

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.36.13 AM

Some things just leave me scratching my head. [Read more…]

Saturday Night Live’s “Thank You, Scott” Skit Skewers Hashtag Activists

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.19.28 AM

Well, Alec Baldwin wasn’t in this weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit.

“Thank you, Scott” (played by comedian Louis C.K.) skewers armchair hashtag activists for all of their world-changing social media posts…  and it’s great. [Read more…]

Passenger tells Uber driver Trump will deport him, threatens to tell cops he raped her


There is so much wrong with this interaction, you almost have to see it to believe it.  A woman called an Uber and then realized her phone was dead.  When the Uber driver didn’t have a charger for her specific phone, she went ballistic.  The Blaze reports: [Read more…]