Romney Responds to a Woman Asking for Free Birth Control

Well, this video clearly shows the difference between the philosophies of President Obama and — hopefully soon — President Romney:




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  • Rosamaria

    Great response.

  • Jada in GA

    AWESOME!! Of course, that’s not what the libs want to hear. They are so desperate to believe in this utopian “FREE” society that they will vote for the “other guy”. Scary stuff…

    • marcus aurelius

      Yes Jada in GA. We who grew up in the South, in an earlier time, “making our dreams come true”
      all look on with horror to see the pablum be sucked up for the Progressiive(Stalinist)masses.\

  • alisha

    I will happily pay for her birth control if it means her not propagating the species. What an entitled nit wit.

  • Steviedore

    The lack intelligence among some of us is just scary.

  • Steviedore

    Also…. I am sure your daddy is proud. She was lucky they didn’t show her face.

  • dignan

    steviedore, that lady doesn’t have a daddy…

  • Alma

    Missed opportunity. She already has free birth control. It’s called abstinence.

  • Phillip Hall

    Xlation for anonymous sex addict, “I want to have lots of sex and force other people to take responsibility. ” Liberal ethics. Nice response by Mitt!

  • BrentW

    She got her 15 seconds of fame.