The President Makes an Inappropriate Oral Sex Joke about the First Lady?

Does this moment seem unintentional to you?  The President was delivering a scripted speech at a Beverly Hills fundraiser for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council when he said this:


After President Clinton’s tenure, I’ve heard enough about Presidents and oral sex.  However, the biggest issue is not whether this was an intentional double entendree or an accidental gaffe.  The real issue is that we really don’t want our President to be speaking to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council.

Let’s unite to elect Mitt Romney in November!

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  • Odinkitty

    Romney Personally Issued Marriage Licenses to 189 Same-Sex Couples

    Romney: “I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation.”

    Romney: “I was a SEVERELY CONSERVATIVE Republican Governor.
    This is an ad when Mitt ran for governor.

    • David French

      So . . . you’re voting for Obama?

    • Terry

      First off, no governor of ANY state’personally” issues marriage licenses. Get your facts straight!

      • Darin Southam

        Thank you

    • Darin Southam

      You are a seriously mislead person… don’t vote for corruption AKA Barack H. Obama. Romney 2012!!

  • Green Eyeshades

    His speech was clearly scripted and it’s hard to imagine that no one on his staff understood the double entendre. Even I, a fifty-something ultra conservative from Utah knows the meaning of “going down.” Even if he did make an unintentional gaff he and his speech writing staff still deserve to be criticized over the remark if for no other reason than they are just plain stupid.

  • Barbara

    You people really are so desprate you will grasp at any straw. This President has shown every possible respect for his wife and family and yet you are so stupid and frantic that you would try to make something out of it that is totally false. Conservative Republicans are a joke. You belong back — not in the 20th century, but in the 19th century. You cannot accept a black man in the white house and you will destroy our ountry in your attempts to have him removed. You people are so sad that you cannot move forward.

    • Green Eyeshades

      If thinking that holding the President of the United States to a higher standard than using his wife as the brunt of a crude sexual joke is taking us back to the 19th century then hitch up the team, I’m ready to go.

      Even if you think he didn’t mean it that way, then at best, he and his speech writers are guilty of being incredibly ignorant. And, by the way, race has nothing to do with it. His ideology and philosophy for governing have everything to do with it.

    • Terry

      Nice dodge.

  • Jana Mae

    Profane misogynist. Not to mention bi. So proud.

  • A Hornaday

    “However, the biggest issue is not whether this was an intentional double entendree or an accidental gaffe. The real issue is that we really don’t want our President to be speaking to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council.”

    I don’t know about that. I’d say the issue here, if there is one, is whether it was an intentional double entendre, not his audience. The LGBT Leadership Council is the LGBT focused group of the DNC. Whether you find their policy preferences unwise or its members immoral doesn’t change the fact that here the President was speaking to an official affiliate of his own party, which should by itself be rather non-controversial. We’d hardly tut if the president were the guest of Jewish Democrats, even though such an audience would comrise people who deny the divinity and reject the atonement of Christ. Besides, is he not also the President of LGBT Americans?

    However, I quite agree that the President ought not be making risque oral sex jokes to any audience, and doing so knowingly or intentionally DOES demean the office he holds.

    • A Hornaday

      Sadly my typing failed me in the comment above, but I stand by the point I made so inartfully.

      • Nancy French

        Dear Hornaday –Yes, I didn’t realize that the LGBT Leadership Council was part of the DNC! Thanks!

  • john doe

    nope. he has a look of confusion after the crowd reaction.

  • Anya

    Yes, he definitely does appear to be nonplussed by the audiences reaction. I expect his speechwriters caught hell for this.