Black Hair 101

Today, I spent three hours doing Naomi’s new braids, complete with pink beads at the bottom of each strand.  (Yes, only three hours, because my 13 year old Camille is learning how to braid while I partition into nice little squares on her head!) I’m so thankful that it’s now a family affair, because it cuts my time in half.  Thanks, Camille!  Here’s what Camille did:

And here’s what I did:

Anyway, while I was sitting there amidst all of the hair products and supplies, I got an e-mail alerting me to this video that aired on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show.  It’s a crash course in black hair!  Should you ask if it’s a weave?  Should you touch it?  What about swimming?  What is “the kitchen” when it refers to black hair?  Is it clean?  Why do they wrap their head in silk at night? Do afros indicate someone’s about to start a revolution?

Melissa answers all of your questions in this surprisingly short video.  Enjoy!


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Also, if you are a white mother struggling with your black child’s hair, please visit: Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care — this website has all you need to know to care for their beautiful hair!

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