Parents: ParaNorman Introduces Children to Homosexuality

Spoiler Alert

When we lived in Philadelphia, one of my daughter’s acquaintances was being raised by two women in a lesbian relationship. My friend explained the girl had two mothers and – essentially – two fathers, due to the circumstances surrounding the insemination. It was a bit much for my kindergartner to properly process, so I didn’t address the issue with my daughter. After all, I wasn’t going to tell her that “all families are the same” which was the message the public schools in Philadelphia were pushing. Instead my family’s Christian faith informs how we view sex, marriage, and parenthood, so I figured I’d answer questions only as they came up. At the time, I wasn’t ready to talk to her about heterosexual romance and definitely wasn’t ready to explain our position on homosexual relationships.  

When we moved from Center City to Tennessee, we didn’t encounter similar family situations at Zion Christian Academy, a private Christian school near our house. This allowed us to discuss our beliefs about sex and marriage with the children when the kids were mature enough to understand it. We currently have three children – a teenager, a pre-teen, and a 4 year old. We’ve had “the talk” with the older two, but the pre-schooler is still asking probing questions about the etiquette of spitting and hair pulling at school. (Our family is anti-spitting and anti-hair pulling, we keep reminding her.)

However, parents who take children to the new movie ParaNorman might have to answer unwanted questions about sex.

ParaNorman centers around an 11-year-old outcast Norman who sees ghosts everywhere and must stop the dead from rising. (This is related to a witch’s curse put on his hometown hundreds of years ago, making him the only person to save his town.) Zombies, ghosts, witches… how can a parent go wrong?

There are reportedly two scenes parents need to know about. In one scene, the dad asks his son what he’s watching. Norman responds, “sex and violence.” These irritating one-line remarks frequently pop up in kids’ animated movies, a wink-wink from the producers to the invariably bored parents. Normally, kids don’t notice them and parents get a chuckle.

However, the second scene involves one of the subplots. Norman’s sister has a crush on a kid she tries desperately to impress throughout the movie. After she fails to turn his head, she finally asks him out.

“Sure,” he responds. “You’re gonna love my boyfriend. He’s like a total chick-flick nut.”

My friend saw the film in a “red state” and she reported that “you could hear the gasps in the theatre from parents” at the unexpected line. “I should have known something was up when the theatre manager made a huge disclaimer and offered refunds if we did not like the movie,” she wrote.

This line might not raise parental eyebrows in larger cities, but I thought I’d let parents know about this sexual orientation “reveal” at the end in case you want to avoid these types of conversations in the car on the way home.

ParaNorman is rated PG for “scary action and images, thematic elements, some rude humor and language.”

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  • Christina

    Thanks for the heads up. We will not be watching this!

    • Mike

      Christina, you really should! It was great , with a great message for kids to stay true to who they are. It also has a very strong anti-bullying message.

      It’s a bit “colorful” but harmless, really.

    • eric


    • Areyouserious

      Refusing to watch a movie just because of a character’s sexuality? What world do we live in now?
      Why are Christians so anal over what two other people do in bed? It’s none of their business or concern, really.

      • william johnson

        i stopped watching modern family when the gay couple decided to adopt another kid
        we don’t have to accept and love what they do
        no watching is our freedom of “choice”
        should we be sent to reeducation camps because of this
        the movie makers CHOSE to have the boy be gay to normalize homosexuality.
        we don’t have to accept that
        won’t buy the DVD

        • Beth

          God, you’re a massive bigot.

        • matty

          If you don’t want to see a film because of a throwaway line about homosexuality, or even just because ghosts and zombies isn’t your thing, whatever, that’s fine. You don’t like the idea of homosexuality, that’s your deal. But the fact that you hide it from your children is wrong. It teaches your kids that gay is something dirty that should be hidden from them. You don’t have to tell them how gay people have sex, they surely are familiar with man-woman relationships, did you have to tell them everything that goes on in the bedroom for them to wrap their heads around that? Hiding it just hurts society, and makes gay people feel like second class citizens who should hide what they are in public. Anyway, you can only hide it from them for so long, gay people exist, and they will find out eventually, in an environment that you can’t control. Sidenote, it was the gay couple adopting a SECOND child that broke the camel’s back for you? They already had one kid, and anyway, they were main characters featured in every episode, if you don’t like gay people why watch in the first place?

        • bill(Guillermo3)

          @William Johnson:
          What’s the problem you don’t have to accept? Afraid you’re gay?

      • DJH

        Ahhhh, so ‘Christian parents’ who might choose to avoid subjects of this nature are prying into your bedroom now. Sound to me like yet another example of the militant intolerant and hate the liberals are so well known for.
        Funny how the people preaching tolerance so loudly are always the least tolerant of the opinion of others.

        • bill(Guillermo3)

          @DJH: In what language are you writing?

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          Yes, you’ve got it – the people who criticize people who are actively campaigning to hurt gays are more intolerant than the people who are actively campaigning to hurt gays.

          And yes, intolerance of intolerance is a horrible sin.

      • Morris

        “Why are Christians so ANAL over what two other people do in bed?” Ahaha, I see what you did there. You’re so funny. (sarcasm) If it’s strictly a matter of what people do in their bed, why is it then in a children’s movie. Seems like a lot of what people do in their bedroom is all up in everyone’s face nowadays.

        • Ben

          See that’s the problem. It true that what people do in bed is nobody’s business but their own. It’s also true that we don’t need to hear about what people do in bed in a kids movie (or anywhere, really). The thing is, the movie doesn’t say anything about what the guy is doing in bed, he just mentions in one sentence that he has a boyfriend. Nothing is thrown in anyone’s face or pushed down their throat. If you don’t approve af gay people being gay, then tell your children that you don’t approve. You don’t have to have “the sex talk” to tell them that.

    • Manning

      I hope your children don’t grow up to be bigots like you, Christina.

      • william johnson

        bigotry defined as what Manning says, not 20,000 years of human society and more than one text considered sacred by billions.
        i know, just because billions believe it doesn’t make it true
        please go to your local mosque and tell them how intolerant they are

      • JWJ

        How are they a bigot? Do you even know know what that word means or is just some sort of reflex hate you type when you disagree with somebody?

        All they are saying is that they won’t see the movie.

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          I love it when bigots pretend that they’re not bigots. It’s so adorable.

          Yeah, we do know what the word means, dearie.

          If the shoe fits, wear it. None of this equivocation and none of this “I don’t see myself as a bigot so how could I possibly be a bigot?” nonsense. Embrace your bigotry.

    • Jacob

      Way to be an asshole Christina. I hope your kids are smart enough to not listen to your bigotry when they get older.

      • Josie

        She said she wouldn’t be seeing the movie and you call her an asshole? What am I if I say I don’t enjoy Tim Burton movies? good grief grow up

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          I’m not sure where Tim Burton came into the conversation… He has nothing to do with this film.

          But thanks for the dishonesty. You know full well that that comment, in response to this specific article, was not an expression of dislike for Tim Burton.

    • Garrett

      I can’t believe you, Christina. You’re not going to a movie because a character is gay? What’s wrong with you? Being gay is a genetic mutation like blue eyes and hair that isn’t black. You’re an idiotic, religious bigot for being a homophobe.

      • Josie

        Classic “bigot” response. Someone is allowed to have different views than you and not be a idiotic religious bigot…

    • Paul

      Wow, there are so many angry posts on this christian story on a christian website. I wonder how many christians are posting angry comments on gay websites. Everyone needs to clam down. If people want the right to raise their kids believing that homosexuality is OK, then christian should also have the right to raise their kids believing that it is not. Where is the tolerance? All I hear is anger.

      • Jennie

        What does tolerance have to do with people raising their children to hate others just because they’re gay?

        • David

          You need to learn the meanings of “tolerance” and “hate.” First, no hatred is revealed or implied in this article, only in your post. Second, “tolerance” does not mean “change to believing the same thing as those to whom tolerance is directed,” but “nonviolently living alongside despite the differences in belief.” Tolerance, in other words, is exactly what you refuse to show toward someone who doesn’t agree to believe that homosexuality is contrary to norm.

          So in your terms, the question should be: What does tolerance have to do with hating others just because they believe something different from what you believe? The answer to that would be “nothing.” You’re an intolerant bigot using “tolerance” as a shield, not actually being tolerant.

          • MyUsernameIsaLecture

            But that’s the thing: This whole “Why won’t you accept different beliefs” argument is a red herring. This isn’t just a matter of beliefs.

            It doesn’t matter that you believe that gays are “contrary to the norm” (even though the “opinion” that homosexuality is “contrary to the norm” is objectively, demonstrably wrong, unless you have a very limited definition of “the norm.”) It does matter when people with attitudes like those of the author of this article are using their beliefs to justify doing real, objective harm to other human beings.

            If you believe that my gay friends are abnormal, immoral, hellbound human beings – well, so be it. I will vehemently disagree, and I’ll probably consider your views widely immoral for a variety of reasons – but you certainly have the right to your opinion.

            On the other hand, if you try to enact laws that harm gays or try to reinforce your bigotry (and yes, that’s exactly what it is) in society – I will oppose you.

            Similarly, if someone tells me that they don’t believe that blacks are inferior, “not normal,” and not worthy of the same rights as whites, I sure as heck will judge them. I WILL not say that they don’t have the right to their beliefs, but I will do everything in my power to prevent people with those sorts of views from having an influence on the laws of our society.

            So yeah, you don’t actually understand the concept of tolerance. I and all good people will tolerate those who believe and live differently than we’re used to – but ONLY as long as their actions don’t cause harm to others.

            intolerance of intolerance isn’t actually a bad thing. In fact, intolerance of intolerance is the only moral position.

        • DJH

          Where was the hate displayed exactly? Oh, that’s right, the intolerant, bigoted, hate filled liberal doesn’t need proof to attack average Americans for daring to have an opinion.
          What’s sad is you’re ignorant enough to actually believe you’re superior.

          • MyUsernameIsaLecture

            Haha, them supposedly tolerant liberals are so intolerant of my desire to inflict harm on their friends and family – amirite?

            For the record, though, you’re incredibly, exceedingly dishonest in suggesting that this is only a matter of “having an opinion.”

            It’s sad that you think you’ve actually made an intelligent or valid point. All reasonable, moral people laugh at you.

      • Greg

        This also means that I have the right to raise my kids thinking black people are servants and that it’s not okay for women to wear pants. Thank you for the lesson on tolerance!

        • Brad

          Yes, you do. And I’m free to disagree with you non-violently w/o feeling the need to call you names…ergo the true definition of tolerance which escapes you. The only bigotry (non-tolerance) here is the violent reaction against Christina, wishing for her censure (by trying to shout her down) for expressing a mere opinion.

          • MyUsernameIsaLecture

            “Wishing for her censure (by trying to shout her down.)”

            “Violent reaction against Christina.”

            Now that’s a cute bit of framing.

            For the record, though, equating vehement disagreement in the comments section of an article with “censureship” is one of the more dishonest things I’ve heard in a while. By your definition, pretty much every post on the internet (no matter the viewpoint of the author) is followed by “wishes for censure.”

            Also, if you had ever faced real bigotry you would realize how vile and shortsighted your comments sound.

            But I do love how childish the Right has become. They now literally have nothing better than “I know you are but what am I.”

      • Norman

        “I wonder how many christians are posting angry comments on gay websites.”

        More than you care to admit, I’m sure.

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          Yeah, that comment was especially hilarious in how clearly it revealed the author’s lack of perspective and empathy.

          The comments here are nothing compared to the hate you regularly see directed at gays on MANY different websites – but dear Brad above would have us believe that Christina is the victim of “violence” and attempts at censorship!

      • David

        FYI, there are a LOT of people who consider themselves to be christian posting hateful remarks on gay websites! None of them follow Christ’s example very well, but they still consider themselves to be christian.

      • MyUsernameIsaLecture

        “I wonder how many christians are posting angry comments on gay websites.”

        I wonder how many Christians in the United States have to worry about being attacked on the street if someone finds out about their religious beliefs.

        Get some perspective and some empathy, friend. If you think Christians experience more hate and anger than gays, then you simply don’t know what’s going on.

    • Star Killer

      Wow, yes, yes you are a bigot…..and sheeple…..can you have one honest thought for yourself that someone did not put there?

    • Anna

      I smell a bigot.
      People like you honestly shouldn’t be parents if you aren’t ready for the possibility of having a queer-spectrum child.

    • Braddy

      I thought it was excellent. Being the NORMAL homosexual I am, I think it is great that kids are exposed to it because in reality it is not a big deal and people like to make it a big deal saying that that isn’t right for kids. But it is perfectly fine and in no way a danger to parents or their children, and why do you want to avoid the question? A gay character cannot appear on a film because you don’t want to talk yo your kid about something that is completely normal? Wow, bad parenting.

  • Mike

    I’ve tried to shield my now 12-year-old son from even knowing that homosexuality even exists. If he never hears about it when he’s young and impressionable, God willing, he won’t turn out gay.

    That said, this was one of the funnier jokes in the movie. A great film! I think that this joke goes over most kids’ heads.

    • Thomas Waters

      This is a really sad comment. Your son is either gay, straight or bisexual. Hearing about gay people won’t really impact that at all. People don’t choose to be gay. They do choose to either love and accept themselves as they are or hate themselves. Being gay isn’t the worst thing that could happen to your son. Having a parent who doesn’t love him exactly as he is… That’s the worst thing tat could happen to him.

    • Moonie

      I didn’t know what an ‘asexual’ was until I sixteen.
      Didn’t make me any less of one.
      You’re a huge bigot, and you shouldn’t be shielding your son. You should be ready to accept whomever he is, whatever that may be. Society doesn’t make people gay. If he’s gay, the only thing you can do is accept him and love him as you already do.

    • Michael

      Mike, if your son is 12, he’s already gay or straight. It’s not a choice. You’re born with your sexuality.

      • Ruth

        Based on what actual science?

        It may feel that way, but there is no science to actually back it up … no matter how often you repeat it.

        • David

          Look into, duck’s homosexuality, and if you still don’t believe it, look into it further, if homosexuality is so “unnatural” why is it that there are over a hundred animals in nature, whether domestic or wild, that display homosexual behaviour? If it’s a choice then why would animals not knowing much more than instinct and their own nature be attracted to the same gender? There is so much research done in this topic, however I’m sure you’ll simply deny it. There are at least ten miscellaneous invertebrates, over fifty insects (insects!), four definite amphibians, at least twenty reptiles, at least 15 fish, 8 definite birds (with a much larger list I’d rather not count out), and 20 mammals i can name off. Nature is where the term “unnatural” refers to, it is obviously natural and not just people saying they’d like to kiss guys instead of girls. Do your research before arguing a point, it may help you.

          • David French

            Why would I possibly care what ducks do with their bodies?

          • Sean F

            Ok – so your point is that animals other than humans also have individuals that are naturally genetic dead ends? Essentially, they are genetic aberrations (using you logic) since they are not disposed to passing along their genes. They are the product of a set of genes that have decided to not replicate due to natural sexual inclinations.

            Why do you hate gay people?

          • MyUsernameIsaLecture

            I love it when Rightists try to use science.

            (Hint: You don’t quite understand how genetics work.)

          • Paul Duggan

            Ducks are also ‘naturally’ rapists. The males can’t help it.

          • redspider

            A duck walks into a hardware store and says to the clerk “Got any grapes?”

            The clerk says, patiently, “No, this is a hardware store, we don’t have any grapes, try a grocery.”

            The duck leaves.

            The next day the same duck walks into to the same hardware store and says to the clerk (who is, coincidentally, the same clerk) “Got any grapes?”

            The clerk says, a little less patiently, “No! Like I told you yesterday, this is a hardware store, we don’t sell grapes here.”

            The duck leaves.

            The next day the duck walks into the store again and says to the clerk, “Got any grapes?”

            By this time the clerk is thoroughly peeved at the duck and says “No! We don’t have any @*&^ grapes! This is a hardware store! If you come in here and ask me again I’m going to nail your f@*&^ feet to the floor!”

            The duck leaves.

            The next day the duck walks into the hardware store and says to the clerk, “Got any nails?”

            The clerk, relieved, says, “Finally! A sensible question! But no, I’m sorry, we’re all out of nails, I just sold the last package.”

            And then the duck says, “Good. In that case … got any grapes?”

        • Efrit

          Since when do Christians care about science?

          • Garrett

            LOL! I love finding atheists in places like this, full of so much ignorance.

          • David

            Well, since the very origins of modern science, actually. You know: Copernicus, Stifel, Huygens, Galileo, Newton, Servetus, Kepler, Boyle, Leibniz, Bayes, Euler, Linnaeus, Priestly, Boole, Faraday, Babbage, Sedgwick, Pasteur, Cantor, Planck, Lemaitre, Polanyi, Heisenberg, Smalley, and literally tens of thousands today. (Do you recognize any of the names?) So… always.

        • Anna

          What proof do you have to backup your Bible and God?
          Also, homosexuality is frequent in many animal species. Is it really a hard concept to grasp that someone might only be attracted to the opposite gender and only that gender? I’m a woman and I’m not attracted to men, I can’t help that, or I would have, because who wants to live in a world with homophobes like you?

          • Aimee

            You don’t have to be attracted to the opposite sex to keep your legs closed.

        • Garrett

          Yet a magic sky-daddy with superpowers will grant your wishes and love everyone unconditionally unless you aren’t a heterosexual white male is true. All the evidence we need is in the same book that told us about him. I swear, if we could harvest ignorance as an energy source America could end its dependence on fossil fuels.

          • Brad

            Speaking of bigotry and non-tolerance…but I digress.

        • Jennie

          Why would people, let alone children who are still in elementary, middle, or high school, actively CHOOSE to be gay? To be gay is to be hated, picked on, and bullied. You are different from the norm and thus you are a target. So why would any child make the conscious choice when they could JUST AS EASILY~ be straight? Why do so many children, if this is a choice, then commit suicide because they’re gay and being bullied? Tell me, please, I’ve never gotten an answer for this.

          • Anna

            Here’s your answer.

            I tried to be straight. I tried my best at it for a few years. I wasn’t fooling anyone and I couldn’t keep it up, it caused a depressive spiral and I wound up having to go to therapy. That’s what happens if you’re gay and “choose” to be straight. Emotional damage and misery.

            Do you think we enjoy it and have fun being hated by people like you? No, we don’t. I still wish I was straight sometimes but mostly it’s just when I hear people like you start to open their big mouths. I’m happy with myself now. I’m not doin’ it in front of YOU, am I?

          • MyUsernameIsaLecture

            I think you might have misunderstood Jennie’s point. I THINK what she was saying that, if sexual orientation were just a matter of choice, very few people (particularly young people who are more likely to be the victims of bullying) would choose to be gay.

        • trizzlor

          Multiple large studies have repeatedly shown homosexuality to have a heritability of 30-50% (ex: Långström et. al. 2010), which is significantly different from zero. For comparison, a highly inherited trait like height has a heritability of ~80%. These are advanced twin and family studies which account for things like shared environment so the measurements are robust. There is also substantial evidence that conditions within the whom and maternal immune response as a result of birth order also have statistically significant impact on homosexuality – these are not traditionally genetic factors but they are certainly not left up to the child’s “choice”.

          If you have some contradictory evidence I’d love to see it, but your claim seems baseless in the face of decades of research.

        • Braddy

          yes there is, its hormonal. As human beings, our hormones are like light switches, and depending on which position its in (or scientifically if the fetus is strong enough to block out male pathogens in the fetus that are entered through intercourse and sperm cells, the chances are your kid will be gay) depends on your sexuality. Duh!

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          Let’s rephrase Ruth’s comment for honesty: “Someone told me, very adamantly, that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that homosexuality isn’t a choice. I haven’t actually looked at the extensive studies that have been done on this topic – and even if I did, I wouldn’t understand them – but I WANT to believe it’s true (because it matches my worldview nicely,) therefore it must be true.”

        • MyUsernameIsaLecture

          For the record, though – your claims have no bearing on reality. To assert that there is “no science” to suggest the heritability of homosexuality merely reaffirms your own ignorance.

          If you aren’t afraid, actually look at the science – not at what other people tell you the science is, but the actual science itself. You may well be surprised.

          Suffice it to say, there has been an extensive amount of research done on this very topic. While we still have a lot to find out, it’s pretty clear that while it’s not simply a matter of “a gay gene,” homosexuality is NOT a choice for the vast majority of people. Rather, it is the result of a complex series of biological and environmental factors during early childhood. (Even things like the mother’s hormone levels at birth come into play.) See: Birth order studies, twin studies, digit length studies, etc.

          But don’t take my word for it – do the research yourself.

    • Lorraine

      The obvious flaw here is that, once upon a time, society pretty much shielded *everyone* from knowing that homosexuality existed, and yet it did.

  • Danny

    Since the bible says King David, the Christian God’s annointed one, had hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines, you must have had an interesting talk explaining why the bible says the Christian God annointed a polygamist and adulterer as his “chosen” one and then blessed one man’s marriage to hundreds of women while keeping hundreds of mistresses. And your discussion must have been bizarre about Lott having sex with his own daughters – the so-called chosen ones praised for being survivors of Sodom and Gomorrah – having incestuous sex in a cave. The bible is full of immorality performed by the so-called “heroes”, so using the bible to mask prejudice against gays in some self-righteous manner is sadly and not-surprisingly-at-all done by lots of hypocritical sanctimonious types.

    • Basil

      Good point Danny. I can’t believe that in 2012 there are parents that are so stupid, they think that if their kids never hear about gay people, then somehow their kids won’t turn out gay. It’s just mind blowing idiocy. Being gay is not a social disease, like a common cold, that someone tries not to pick up. It is an innate part of being human. Roughly one in twenty people are gay — and whether they heard about other gay people, or not, has nothing to do with it. The test of being a good parent isn’t whether or not you kid turns out gay — you have no control over that in any case. It is whether or not you can love and accept your children, whether they are gay or straight. If you can’t, then you are, by definition, a bad parent and an awful human being.

      • Ren

        Oh well i definitely agree with your views on homosexuality Basil….but I think the direct insults aren’t very appropriate… i’m sure they’re just trying to be the best parents for their children in the way they know, i’m also sure they were brought up in a different environment…i get a bit sensitive to your remarks because i think of my own parent and grandparents and the hardships and struggles they’ve seen in life and the things they’ve come to believe in, and even though i highly disagree with some of their views, i don’t think that gives me the right to call them awful or idiotic… sorry i just get a little iffy when ppl bring out the personal remarks, i think it could just be a bit more P.C and professional otherwise it doesn’t make the person whose being insulted see your point of view… but great arguments aside from that.

        • Basil


          I really and deeply understand your concern , but at some point we have to be honest about things, even if it is brutal and uncomfortable. What happens to those kids who are gay? Do their parents punish them, to try and beat the gay out of them (a la Pastor Harris’ advice in NC)? Do they get dragged off to “reparative therapy”, even though it doesn’t work (even Exodus now disavows it) and leaves teens at greater risk of depression and suicide? Or do those kids get thrown out of their families and made homeless?

          About 5 to 7 percent of people are LGBT, but LGBT youth make up a disproportionate number of kids who attempt suicide, who are bullied, who are at risk of depression/anxiety, and who are homeless. The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates that gay and transgender youth make up about 20 percent of homeless youth nationwide, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has suggested that the number may be as high as 40 percent. Family rejection, on religious grounds, is the core factor that is literally killing LGBT teens, or leaving them homeless on the streets. That is the reality we are living with.

          On a personal level, I know about older generations having a hard time with things they perceive as new (being gay is as old as humanity, but I guess being open about it is new-ish). But if you can’t love and accept your own kids because they are gay, which is the obvious logical implication of some of the comments on here, then yes, you are a despicably evil person. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to believe that parents owe their children unconditional love. There is no “unless you are gay clause” for loving children.

          • Derpadoodle

            The bible says that homosexuality is a sin, so it makes sense that sinners like gay kids would do worse sins like attempt suicide. Has nothing to do with Jesus, or people who believe in Jesus telling kids that if they think a certain way they are going to Hell. Those people are just doing the Good Work.

          • Ren

            No I love that old fashioned way of thinking, unconditional love all the way. I just felt strongly about the words idiot and stupid, as a gay youth myself i can’t really come to convince my own grandparents but i would never think badly of them, it’s innate of children to also love their families and parents unconditionally. And i feel like many yrs down the road the world will certainly have a stronger society more accepting of love. And i really appreciate your thoroughness and thoughtfulness on the topic, you seem to be one of the very insightful people this world needs more of :)

            Derapadoodle: We also appreciate your opinions, but I personally believe we shouldn’t use the bible to judge others as Jesus was once judged and persecuted by the church… There are alot of things the old testament tells us are sins, like eating shelled fish or stoning disobedient children. I don’t want to argue about which one of us is right or wrong, I just think we shouldn’t judge others lest we be judged for persecuting our neighbours. Just love each other.

            alright now i’m gone, kind of don’t wanna get into a whole debate

          • Iconoclastic Tim

            A really really disproportionate number of attempted suicides, since your 5 to 7% figure is off by a factor of ten, being much closer to .5 to .7 %.

            Really, where do you fake your numbers from?

    • Ren


      • Basil


        I really loved your last note. I wish I knew your grandparents. I would tell them how they are very lucky to have you, and that they should not take you for granted. I understand — I had similar issues with my parents, but they came around — which actually surprised me. I remember one of the elders of my congregation (Quaker) telling me that love is like rain — wearing down any mountain, any obstacle, in the fullness of time. Turns out it’s so very true. When the time came for my wedding — they were there for me because I am their son, and my husband is now their son-in-law.

        I cut the older generation some slack and/or maybe I cut more slack to older family members (which makes me inconsistent, but human). But you know, I remember when came to this point in life where I just made it clear to all my family members that love is a reciprocal obligation — and that if they don’t want to accept me as I am, then they have no right to ask love of me. It’s too much to give love and then get back only pain and rejection. I lost some family members because of that (fortunately not my parents), and I am ok with that, because I am a good son, cousin, brother, etc…, I’ve shouldered all the obligations expected of me by my family, and beyond (my family are immigrants — long story, but it’s very old world – lots of obligations), and I deserve at least what I give. In the end, families are defined by love, not bloodlines, because love is what redeems us, love is what endures. Your grandparents are lucky because they have your love. Maybe other members of your family will step up and remind your grandparents of their obligations to you.

        Maybe because I am old and ornery, I feel an obligation to speak for youth who cannot speak for themselves, because I remember vividly what that was like. It was awful to be so afraid and to think you are so alone. As adults, I think we have both a right and an obligation to challenge those who use religion as a weapon to promote hate and divide families. It’s just not right, and it’s LGBT youth who are the victims. Everyone deserves a chance for love. That includes you. Hopefully, in the fullness of time, your grandparents will come to understand that as well.

        I wish you love, with all my heart. You are good grandson, and you must therefore be a good person.

    • Ruth

      No, we simply explain those sins later when the kids are old enough. The fact that the Bible documents something in no way shows that God approves that something. God has made it abundantly clear what He approves. The fact that the Bible is so faithful in documenting things that God dislikes lends to its credibility. It has not been “scrubbed” of the uncomfortable and sinful stuff.

      • Garrett

        Homesexuality is a sin now, is it? I’d have to assume all genetic mutations are sins, then. Well, all the people who don’t have brown eyes, black hair, and black skin should kill themselves to purify the world of all sin.

        • Brad

          If homosexuality is merely a genetic mutation, why do atheist’s support it so fervently?

      • M

        Yes, God is clear that women who are menstruating must be separated from men, that shellfish and blended fabrics are abominations, that women should marry their rapists, that killed a fetus is not the same thing as killing a person, and that parents should kill their disobedient children.

        It’s all very clear. And all very ignored by modern Christians.

        • Brad

          I didn’t know that Christians were still under law rather than grace? Have you even read the New Testament and thought about how the law of the Old Testament symbolized the reality in the new? No, you clearly haven’t.

      • Sam

        If you think God has made anything he approves clear in the Bible, I doubt you’ve read it, or more likely, you’ve probably cherry-picked a few specific parts and ignored the complicated stuff, assuming your pastor will sort it out for you. I don’t blame you, you’re certainly not alone, and it is a thick, thick text. In the Fall, humans put themselves in God’s position, and there we still sit today. It is not up to us to decide what God thinks is moral or immoral, and since he sent his only son to die for our sins, we don’t even have to worry about it, because we will always be saved by God’s grace.
        At any rate, maybe you can clarify your logic a bit? You say that we can’t tell whether or not God approves of something based on whether or not it is documented in the Bible, but then you say that we know God approves of certain things specifically because they are documented in the Bible. This doesn’t make sense to me.
        Finally, please remember that there are many, many LGBT Christians out there (like this one talking to you right now), and remember that God has called you to love your neighbors as yourselves and to look upon your neighbors’ actions and selves in nothing but the best light.
        Just some things for you to think about. :) Have a nice day.

        • Mike

          Interested in your theology. Do you believe that our behavior is irrelevant since “we will always be saved by God’s grace”?

          • Brad

            Nope. Our behavior is completely relevant and demonstrates whether or not we embrace God’s grace – ergo, this is why the Law was set aside on account of Christ’s perfection and sacrifice that gives us to access to God apart from the Law. So I don’t have to eat shellfish or adhere to cleansing rituals and be perfect morally. I just have to have faith in Christ and if I, or anyone else don’t, then I’m under the Law and subject to it’s requirements and demands for perfection. How do I know I have faith? Because I joyfully do what God requires by nature on account of being happy for what Jesus has done.

      • Braddy

        Not everyone likes the Bible. Not everyone likes Jesus. Jesus may exist in your make-believe imagination, but that bullshit doesn’t work with real life.

  • Pj

    You people are effing insane. It’s a throwaway line in a movie … not some global-homo-agenda coup.
    “Shielding your children” — oh GROW THE EFF UP … it’s called LIFE. Gay people exist in LIFE … you’d be just as silly to say “I’ve tried to shield my children from people who are left-handed!” 2012, people… get with it.

    • Brad

      So to be consistent, you hate X and R rated movies which shield young children from watching that garbage too, right? Since, axe murders and gratuitous sex are just part of this thing “called life.”

  • HS

    Seriously?? THAT was big enough to warrant an entire article? Doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me. If your kid is old enough to even CATCH the line, then they’re probably old enough to know already. (And guess what? Your kid is probably absolutely fine with it … unless you’re one of those brainwashy-bigot-type of parents.)

    • Ashe

      You win the Internet.

  • Rick

    “Introduces Children to Homosexuality” ???? It’s a line about ‘a boyfriend,’ not a graphic discussion of sexual practices. Wow … The author is clearly troubled by something inside.

    Furthermore, wasn’t the entire theme of the movie about accepting someone for being different (and not witch-hunting them for it)?

  • Steve Billingsley

    As someone who occasionally blogs, this is helpful. If I want to elicit lots of comments, then bring up the topic of homosexuality and state (or imply even slightly) that you think that homosexuality is anything less than completely peachy keen OK. Then watch the comments roll in.

    Cue the “bigot” comments in 3, 2, 1….

    • David French

      Bingo, Steve. Apparently the only reason a person can believe extramarital sex is wrong (and that’s really what we’re talking about) is pure bigotry.

      • Basil

        Logically, if the gay couple in question is married, then there should be no problem. Not that I think a PG kids cartoon movie really delved into that.

      • Jacob

        No, it isn’t just bigotry. It’s a complete misunderstanding of your own religion. Anything in the bible referring to homosexuality is in the old testament, which features several large passages that you typically ignore (no meat and cheese, you can stone a disrespectful child, etc.). The new testament never mentioned homosexuality. In fact, Jesus says to love everyone. You go directly against his teachings if you choose to be in favor of denying people basic rights and treating them as your underlings.

        • David French

          Anything in the Bible referring to Homosexuality is in the Old Testament? You’re misinformed. From Romans 1:

          26 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; 27 and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      • Lorraine

        How did we get from a throwaway mention of a male character’s boyfriend to extramarital sex?

        • Basil

          I’m trying to figure that one out myself. Seems kind of shifty

      • BJT

        The only concern is that the character may be engaging in extra-marital sex – not that that is implied in the line from the film.

        So to prevent the concern the character needs to marry.

        Therefore we agree to legalise gay marriage and then they’d be no problem with the character.

    • Garrett

      I don’t think it is fair for any of us to call you a bigot because you never clearly stated your stance on homosexuality. Because you didn’t defend yourself and include that bit of information, I can only assume that you think being gay is sinful. If that is the case, I think I can call you a bigot on behalf of 90% of the Internet. If you think gay people are free to be gay, then welcome to the club of knowledge, acceptance, and being a true American.

      • Brad

        You’re also a bigot for not convincing your critics that your deeply held views are valid and for not poll testing your views for proper societal endorsement. /s

  • Derpadoodle

    As a professional bigotist and mob-mentalist, I found this movie sickening and disturbing. A kid who can see ghosts is obviously a satanic herald and should be at the very least excommunicated and preferrably sent back to Satan where he came from. It’s only by working and thinking as a group that we can oust those who would tempt us from our holy ways from our group. This all ties in to the current economical climate. Everyone knows that the reason unemployment is at 44% is because of the gays being allowed to get married. Different people are Bad people and thinking outside of what is given to us to learn in the bible is the devil’s trickery. Reelect Bush 2012.

    • some guy

      You accuse conservative Christians of group think and ostracizing those who disagree with them, yet your comments do the very same to them.
      You’ve come to the conclusion that Christians and conservatives are a bunch of stupid bigots-how truly individual, original, and tolerant these thoughts are.

      As far ad this movie, this may only be the beginning. How long before “prince and prince” or some other children’s book abotu a gay relationship is made into a disney movie?

    • Garrett

      YOU ARE THE BEST TROLL ON THE INTERWEBS or a horrible person who should be sent to Iran.

    • Iconoclastic Tim

      Having determined what you are, all that remains is to determine which variety. Baking soda, or vinegar and water?

  • William Reed

    Wow! What a bunch of mis-informed people out there! In the 1980′s people looked for biological evidence of homosexuality. They found none. Then they looked for genetic evidence. Once again, no evidence. (Onec people realized that the only way you get anything genetic is by the union of a male AND female, the idea of homosexuality being genetic goes out the window.) Yet here we are in 2012 and people still try to advance the idea that someone is born homosexual! Do some research.

    • Garrett

      From what I understand, homosexuality is determined in the womb. The most widely accepted explanation is that, when a fetus, the mother’s body usually sees a male as a foreign object and attempts to get rid of it by producing antibodies. When these antibodies are not present or not enough are produced, the fetus is treated as though it were a female. The reverse applies with lesbians, with antibodies attacking the female fetus. It is a mother’s GENES that decides whether or not to produce antibodies against fetuses. This is 2012, so even if homosexuality WERE a choice, why wouldn’t you respect that? I respect your choice to be religious and believe in a god, don’t I?

    • Basil

      “The 1980′s” — ok that was 23 years ago — which is a long time in terms of what we know in science. As for the genetic basis of homosexuality — well, we know from studies of identical twins (vs. other siblings) that if one identical twin is gay, the odds that other is gay are greater than they would be if the relationship between them was just ordinary siblings (i.e., not identical twins). That strongly suggests a genetic component to sexual orientation — since identical twins (unlike regular siblings) share identical genes. But, as far as I know, scientists have not isolated a “gay gene” and most of them say that sexual orientation generally is probably a result of many different genes.

      We also know that there are visible anatomical differences between the brains of gay vs straight persons (and other mammals as well) — reflecting differences in the wiring of our brains, which in turn determine our sexual attractions. I had a biology professor pass me a very dense article about that (complete with brain photos — honestly it was not an article for laymen). Nonetheless, it was documenting a biological difference between gay and straight, although it’s cause could be a number of factors (genetics, hormones, etc….)

      • Another Ignorant Bigot

        In all fairness, you are speaking of correlation, not causation. You cannot assume that things that have strong correlations have a particular causation. No genetic factors have ever been found that are unique only to homosexuals. Since we have no “gay gene” we say then it must be a combination of genes or the “result of many different genes”. If memory serves me correctly, the studies of varied brain abnormalities (for lack of a better word) were found in those who died with AIDS. And some brains of straight people who acquired AIDS had the same abnormalities. Try as they might, scientists cannot prove a genetic or physiological cause for becoming a homosexual.

        I am a Christian and not ashamed to admit that. I have sin in my life with which I deal daily and it’s a struggle. I am not better than anyone else who sins. But I do believe homosexuality to be a sin that will cost your soul. Again, I am not without mine and I do not hold any animosity for anyone who sins because I believe Jesus loves all of us and wants nothing other than our salvation. But believing it a sin, I would have to be the lowest form of human to remain silent.

        • Athena

          Apt name. At least you are being honest about what exactly you are!

          • Brad

            Was there a lucid response in there somewhere? I didn’t see it.

        • trizzlor

          @Another Ignorant Bigot: “In all fairness, you are speaking of correlation, not causation.”

          No, you’re incorrect. Family studies examine multiple relations of individuals, starting with twins (raised together/apart to account for environment) and moving out to siblings and cousins to show a direct ADDITIVE relationship between genetic and homosexuality. So unless homosexuality causes you to have specific genes (which is preposterous) then specific genes muse cause you to have homosexuality. These same techniques have been used for decades to establish the genetic links of common diseases and they are extremely reliable.

        • Basil

          I know all about correlation and causation, and I also know about statistically significant differences. If you have a population of identical twins — and you compare them to fraternal twins, and you find to non-twin siblings — and you have found a statistically significant higher incidence of homosexuality in the 2nd sibling — then yes, you have found a evidence of a genetic cause to, at the very least, influences sexual orientation, even if you have not found the exact single gene, or combination of genes that influences sexual orientation, or explained the mechanics of how that genetic influence works with the brain biochemistry.

          The science is actually pretty overwhelming — that sexual orientation is something “innate” — to use a term from the legal world (whether that innate characteristic is due to genetics, fetal hormones or something else — it’s there). What is absolutely clear is that it is not a “choice”. If it is for me, then logically it must be a choice for you, and everyone else. Please explain when explain when exactly you made your choice, and how many persons of the same gender you had sexual relations with before you chose to become a heterosexual.

          Legally, it is generally held as unconstitutional to discriminate against people on the basis of innate characteristics, like race. So if we now understand sexual orientation as innate, which it is, then discrimination is untenable. But we also protect people based on choices — such as religion — which is by no means innnate. If we can protect people from discrimination based on religious orientation (which we very well do), then we can certainly guarantee equal protection based on sexual orientation.

          More generally, if you want to believe that homosexuality is a sin — that’s your right. As long as that belief is not imposed upon me, by means of civil law, I’m ok with that. Leaving legal considerations aside, I disagree with the presumption of homosexuality as an automatic sin. I reserve my free speech rights to tell you that your beliefs are completely and totally wrong, and that they reflect your own prejudice dressed up in cherry-picked religious garb.

          • Brad

            And I shall now exercise my equal right to tell you that you’re beliefs are no less prejudiced and veiled…to say nothing of the data you cherry-picked.

          • Brad

            By the way, it has been suggested that alcoholism has genetic roots too. Do drunks get their own minority protection too? Homosexuality is a behavior, it’s not a race or a nation or a skin color.

          • Basil

            Equating gays with alcoholics is hardly original – it’s an argument by innuendo, which an argument that bigots make. Equate some group you personally don’t like with something that is universally acknowledged as a social ill, poof, you win. Except you don’t because it is a false equivalence. Alcoholism is a disease which people seek treatment for (quite successfully). Homosexuality is not a disease, it is a natural variant of being human — like being blond. Attempts to “cure ” being gay have been repudiated by all the relevant professional medical associations, since they often drive patients to suicide or depression. Or to make it really simple for you – no one ever died in a car accident because the driver of the other car was … gay.

        • rygar

          So the worst thing you could possibly do in life is NOT point your finger in judgement at every single person that YOU consider to be a sinner? Where in the bible does Jesus tell us that this is the way to live your life?

          • Aimee

            “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” Psalm 37:30

            “Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the LORD, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken. Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.” Amos 5:14-15

            “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24

            “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.” 1 Timothy 5:20

            “These things speak and exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no one disregard you.” Titus 2:15

            “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” 2 Timothy 4:2

            “Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases? Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! So if you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who have no standing in the church? I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers, but brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers?” 1 Corinthian 6:2-6

            There are several more, but I think you get the point. The verse that you are refers to hypocrisy and judging a person for a sin that you yourself are committing:
            “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. ” Matthew 7:1-5

      • Aimee

        So in other words, there’s a lot of theories but no still no evidence.

  • Ho Lee R. Thant-Hau

    You took your kid to a movie about witchcraft? Obviously you are no Christian.

    Read Exodus 22:18; Deuteronomy 18:11-12.

    • Nancy French

      No, I didn’t.

      • Ho Lee R. Thant-Hau


        Now, if you repent for endorsing witchcraft, and change the minds of all who followed your endorsement, you might avoid Hell.

      • Garrett

        Nancy, could I ask for your stance on homosexuality and if you have ever picked up a science textbook of any sort?

      • bodi

        Nancy didn’t see the movie. Everything in this article is based on Nancy’s interpretation of someone else’s reaction. Writing at its finest.

    • M

      Seriously. Witchcraft is mentioned WAY more in the Bible than homosexuality, so why would parents even need to be warned about this movie? A good Christian who cared about following the Bible and not just about scapegoating a minority for the failures of broader society would have avoided it anyone.

      But that’s not what most Christians are interested in. They want to focus on a sin they are not even tempted to commit, to deflect attention, for themselves, from their selfishness, their failure to help those in need or love their neighbor, their love of violence and power, and their focus on accumulating worldly goods.

      Pretending that homosexuality, something they don’t want to do anyway, is the biggest sin out there frees them up to behave abominably and ignore most of Christ’s teachings.

  • Wendy

    As a Christian, I hope I am teaching my child by example that our purpose is not to place judgement on someone because of race, religion, age, or sexuality.

    • Ashe

      Parenting: You’re doing it right.

  • DanielB

    Why is it two girls/women can be ‘girlfriends’, i.e. best friends, yet if two boys/men are ‘boyfriends’, it means they are gay?

    • Cassidy

      Probably because most guys are so afraid of being called gay by their friends that they would never even think of calling their guy friends boyfriends. They feel as though they have to maintain their masculinity and being or even just being called gay apparently means that they can’t be masculine. Girls on the other hand don’t have any sort of masculinity to maintain so they don’t really care.

  • Alfred

    Yeah, there’s some swearing in this movie, yeah the guy in the movie is gay, it’s a PG 13 movie. No matter how hard you try to keep your kids from hearing swear words or sexual orientations, they are still going to learn about them one way or another. I think this movie is good, my boyfriend and I went to see this last Saturday and it was overall a great movie. It casually slipping out that there is a Homosexual character was really cool of the director and it made some of us happy.

    We want to live as normally as the rest of the world, just in our own way and standards.
    (Also, it’s rated PG 13 for a reason, why are you taking your young kids to these kinds of movies anyway?)

    • Aimee

      Throwing sexual references into a kid’s movie is cute, isn’t it? Whatever it takes to promote the homosexual agenda though, right?

  • ano

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to go with the kids and see it.

  • Danny

    The most telling thing is what the bible says is NOT a sin.

    The bible insists on slavery, even going so far as telling slaves they must obey even the most cruel of masters. Slavery is immoral and one of the greatest evils ever. The most telling thing is that the Christian God insists upon it in the bible, providing instructions on where to get slaves from neighbering nations and proclaiming that selling your own daughter into slavery is just fine. People should reflect on why slavery is advocated by the Christian God in the bible before proclaiming any other section of the bible as being good or just.

    • Mel

      No, no, NO. Slavery is NOT advocated by God. This is just another one of those convenient rumors trotted out by those who want to destroy the Bible’s message. I swear, do a freakin’ Internet search and find what those verses that Paul is referring to about slavery actually MEANS instead of repeating falsehoods. (here, I’ll help you. Here is one:

      Here is another that shows why some of the Old Testament laws are no longer valid.

      RESEARCH, PEOPLE! Never in the history of man have we had such huge access to information, yet so many people fail to actually USE IT and EDUCATE THEMSELVES that we end up with comments like this that perpetuate the same falsehoods.

  • Jeff

    It’s no surprise you’re in TN….seems as that is where all the anti-science God-fearing idiots congregate. It’s no coincidence that the KKK is quite popular there. Majority of the state is uneducated, illiterate, and so full of hate,stupidity and bigotry. Apparently, like most there, you’d rather identify with the bullying Xtian mullahs and taliban. All you’re doing to your kids is indoctrinating and brainwashing them to pass your ignorance onto the next generation. The same reason racism and “southern pride” still exists today in a region that is riddled with inbreeding, high crime rates, corruption, meth and other drugs. The “bible belt” is nothing but a tragic irony that , with it’s residents, should be cut-off from the real America(that would solve the debt problem too, since most welfare/disability,social aid goes there). Deliverance wasn’t a tutorial on living.

    • Mel

      Your comment is nothing but a shrill screed that adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. Why would you even post this?

    • Iconoclastic Tim

      Heh heh, you’d be almost funny if you weren’t so damned pathetic. Has she told you your opinion is hateful to her? Then why do you need to equate her opinion as being hateful to you?

      Anti-science. Let me guess, to keep the stereotype going, I bet you believe that climate change is man-caused. Despite no evidence supporting it, despite the evidence indicating similar “climate change” elsewhere in the solar system, indicating at the very least a common, “solar” possible cause, and despite the fact that vulcanism releases more of the allegedly dangerous greenhouse gasses into the air in one month than the sum total of human output in the history of the species. And you think Tennesseans hate science? Want to know what’s more hysterical than someone who doesn’t know better because they never learned? Someone who doesn’t bother to learn even when given the opportunity, and who then calls everyone else ignorant. Your willful ignorance is remarkable in it’s stridency, and, frankly, if I were you, I’d sue your parents and any other adult who influenced you as a child (assuming you aren’t still one) for having allowed you to become an utterly ridiculous caricature of what a responsible, reasoning person should be. Compassion to none, hatred for all who don’t agree with you. Heil yourself.

    • Brad

      Another example of true bigotry…hint hint, it’s not just the irrational anger, it’s in the need to name call when you don’t have anything of substance to say.

  • salvage


    Oh Bible banging wingnuts, will you ever stop finding new ways to be deeply stupid?

    • David French

      Does the article say the movie will make kids gay? I know I’m deeply stupid, but I don’t see that statement or argument anywhere in the article.

      • matt

        Silly old man, several people in this “feed” (as we call it) have said they wish to not allow their kids to know about homosexuality in an attempt to stop them from being gay…. that is what that comment was about.

  • Jeff

    Typical Tennesseans… Go show how tolerant you are and attack the mosque in Murfreesboro some more. Meanwhile, as society crumbles around you (and in TN, it is), blame gays, minorities and others, even though your type is running the show. A state where a congressman can get away with saying he’d “stomp a mudhole” into a transgendered person. A state that is routinely ranked as the most corrupt. Failing schools and constant complaints of too much science (evolution), but a need for creationism, even though the 3 R’s can’t even be taught…

    • Mel

      Now I’m convinced that you, “Jeff’” are either a) wearing blinders; or b) being paid to troll.

  • Jeff

    I’m tired of people discriminating against minority groups. The film made it a point to not bully….yet somehow religion justifies it. Go ahead, keep your kids in the dark. Meanwhile they’ll learn all kimds of things while you act ignorant in the name of god.

    • Brad

      Homosexuality is not a nation or a skin color.

      • Brad

        …it’s a behavior.

        • Jerry William Leo Peet

          You’re an idiot.

    • Aimee

      It’s funny that liberals get so angry that we teach our children that homosexuality is a sin & yet they abort (murder) theirs.

      • Jerry William Leo Peet

        Probably because abortion is legal. And the idea that homosexuality is a sin is false. Not only because you made it up, but also because there’s no such thing as a sin, because you made that up too.

        Just like you made up your god. At least us “liberals” aren’t feeding our children bullshit fairy tales and calling it history.

  • Mary Anne

    Little food for thought: I am a 22-year old who during her teen years tried to kill herself several times because she had grown in a Christian family who made her believe she was a freak for being gay. An aberration. I was lucky enough to survive my clumsy suicide attempts and I consider myself lucky. But it was YOU, people like you, bigoted and close-minded that took me to where I got, not my homosexuality. The blood of thousands of kids is in your hands and the hands of the children you raise to believe the same things as you do.

    Do you know those terrorist attacks based on other religions that kill thousands of people in a heartbeat? Aren’t those the product of radical religous belief? Well, so are the deaths of thousands of young boys and girls all over the world due to the prejudice and bigotry of people like you. You don’t kill them on a building by throwing a burning plane into them. You kill them with hate, one by one, slowly and painfully until they cannot handle it anymore and would rather di.

    So the next time you teach your child to be hateful towards a homosexual or shield them about their existence, I hope you know you are raising a murderer. Sometimes words are worst weapons than guns.

    I am sorry, but do not tell me MY life is wrong. It’s taken me five years of therapy to understand that no belief that spreads hate AND BLOOD can be good. And you know? I know many of you reading this will wish that I would have died so there was an abomination less in this planet. But there, you are proving my point.

    Now what’s an abomination?

    I really hope that your God is forgiving, because you all have a lot of deaths to repent for.

    • The Phantom

      “I am sorry, but do not tell me MY life is wrong. ”
      No problem. But maybe in return you could
      A) Stop blaming straights like myself for YOUR issues, we weren’t there. We did not make you do that, you did it yourself. As your therapist has no doubt told you at some length.
      B) Try to scrape up some respect for people who decide they don’t want to take LITTLE KIDS to see a movie with sexual innuendo in it. Some of us think that stuff is bad for kids, we have our reasons.

      Opinions differ. You get to have yours, and I get to have mine. That’s what “free country” means.

      • David

        And based on the information in the article exactly what sexual innuendo was in the movie and where was it?

    • Keena


    • Jesus Morales

      @MaryAnne, don’t wish you were dead. Glad you’re here. Therapy has its place but the only place to find true healing is in God. I don’t know what people said to you but I’m sure none of them wanted you dead. The guilt you talk about is something we all face. The best “cure” I’ve found has been to turn to God, turn away from sin, and accept God’s unconditional grace.

    • Aimee

      Mary Anne, you obviously had some issues growing up but it’s not up to the rest of the world to coddle you. People have different views & they’re not going to change them for your emotional stability. If you decide to get your life together someday, meet a nice man, marry, and have children, teach them to stand up for themselves. Teach them the tolerance that you are preaching. That people have different views on issues and that it’s not worth killing ourselves over. Go ahead & throw some of the blame on your parents if they weren’t watching out for your safety, but not getting what you want from mommy & daddy does not make them bad people. Neither does it make the rest of us who believe in an everlasting God who’s love can only be experienced through the belief & commitment to Him.

      • Sundown

        Aimee, you really should be ashamed of yourself for mocking Mary Anne.

        Do you think suicide is a joke?

      • CoyoteWalker

        Really? REALLY? I love how people who believe in the bible and it’s myths think a good man or a good woman will “fix” homosexuality. NEWS FLASH AIMEE: THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. This IS, however, something wrong with someone who responds to a BRAVE admittance of suicide and depression with “well, people shouldn’t coddle you. you just need a good man”. Do you even know how callous and heartless you sound?
        Honestly if there is a god, I bet he (or she) would rather have an atheist to the likes of you.

  • Kat

    Mary Anne, I am truly sorry for your struggles.

    However, there is a vast difference between taking violent actions against others and holding private religious beliefs that have been held for generations.

    Do you advocate that this country get rid of the principles of free speech and religion because of the emotional struggles of people who disagree with those beliefs?

    It’s obvious that you still have a lot of anger issues. I hope that in the future that you come to realize that Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not have politically correct beliefs about homosexuality have just as much of a right to exist and you do, and that you don’t get to override those rights because of your emotional struggles.

    In short, I hope you learn to exercise the tolerance that you demand of others.

  • Keena

    I’m so tired of seeing and hearing people argue about this stuff. It is ridiculous when there is such a simple solution. What are you people going to do when you children go to school? I know what you SHOULD do. You should teach your children that although you may not believe in same sex marriage or homosexuality, that they should accept everyone as they are. Acting the way you do is only teaching your children hate and how to be judgemental of others… and correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Bible say that you shouldn’t be doing either of those things. Having a very close friend of mine that is homosexual has made this a very sensitive subject for me. Although I am not the most religious person in the word, my mother is a Christian. My mother has welcomed my friend into our home for years and her opinion of him as a person never changed, even after leaning he was gay. She still held strong in her beliefs, but who would she be to judge another or treat him unfairly because of the way he is? I don’t understand how any decent person can treat people so differently and terribly because they do not have the same beliefs. Everyone is different. I can’t stand the thought of anyone being treated bad because they are different. To the women that first made that extremely judgmental comment… I can understand if you don’t want your kids to see this movie for several reasons. There are a few scenes that my own mother would have considered inappropriate. Just be careful of your attitude towards things when you do decide to have that talk with your children. You don’t want them to end up being the cause of another teenage suicide. I just will never understand why this is STILL an issue. Christians should be more loving and caring than non Christians if they are true to what the Bible is really asking them to do. Just think about that.

    • R.C.

      What, by the way, is all of this stuff about “What the Bible says” coming from critics of the Frenches?

      With respect, a lot of you visitors who’re arguing against the Christian position (on this Christian blog) sound more like un-seminaried fundamentalist snake-handlers in your use of the Bible than most fundamentalists. I don’t blame you for not knowing much about a religion you don’t subscribe to, but really, when you don’t know much, isn’t it better to avoid commenting on such a topic and revealing that fact to everyone?

      It’s not as if the Bible contains all the information necessary to understand the Bible; let alone any information about which books are or aren’t supposed to be included in the Bible, or any footnotes about how difficult passages are supposed to be interpreted in the Bible, or a lexicon of important terms used differently in the Bible than in common usage…let alone a general dictionary of Ancient Hebrew or Aramaic or Koine Greek.

      In fact, the Bible never anywhere states that everything required to be a good Christian is written explicitly somewhere in the Bible.

      Don’t get me wrong: Christians have to pay attention to it, but it largely serves as a source-material document giving a partial record of the traditions which Jesus gave to the apostles and the apostles passed on to the world. That is Christianity, and much of it is only vaguely assumed, not exhaustively documented, in the Bible.

      Yet some of you have this notion that, because you heard that the Bible somewhere says “God is Love” you can come in making all kinds of non-Christian assumptions about God and Love and extrapolate from this to a conclusion about whether Christians are hypocritical or not when teaching X or Y. The topic is much deeper than quantum physics ever has a prayer of being, but you just want to do the equivalent of skimming a copy of A Brief History Of Time and then go toe-to-toe with all the Christians saying they don’t know their religion as well as you do?

      And don’t forget Christianity refers back to all the traditions of Judaism, which Jesus claimed to be fulfilling by becoming an all-in-one Todah (“thank offering”) and Sin-Offering and Passover-Offering. A veritable combo-platter of Hebrew sacrifices in one guy: But you can’t understand all that only by referring to the Jewish scriptures, because they, just like the later Christian ones, could only be properly understood in the context of a living tradition percolating among the faithful. (If all you had was the Hebrew scriptures, you wouldn’t have even had sufficient instructions to do most of the sacrifices, not even the “four cups” liturgy for the Seder/Passover meal, which is, uh, not unimportant. To both Jews and Christians!)

      So unless you’ve been percolating with them, and studying the Bible harder than most of their seminary professors, chances are you won’t come up with any challenges they didn’t laugh off long ago.

      Anyhow you can’t have a Bible without knowing which writings belong in it, which it nowhere lists; you have to get that part from “Christianity,” which involves information extending beyond the borders of the Bible. The same is true about how to understand the parts of the Bible dealing with (or possibly dealing with) homosexual behavior. If you know what all the Christians were teaching about human sexuality from AD 33 to the present, then you know what Christianity says about homosexuality. If you don’t, you can read your favorite 21st-century assumptions back into the text and invent all kinds of chicken lips and snake feet. You can use the Bible as your sort of textual Rorshach ink blot, and go all Simon-’n’-Garfunkel, seeing what you want to see and disregarding the rest, but what you come up with won’t be Christianity.

      This is why it’s nonsense to say the kind of things that liberal Christians sometimes say to contort their religion to match their accepting stance towards gays. These folk would have you believe that an objective scholar can’t list a dozen reasons why “abomination” in the context of shellfish is being used differently than “abomination” in the context of incest, eating blood, idol-worship, and gay sex. These folk would have you interpret the Bible in such a way that David and Jonathan were gay lovers and even married…which would imply that Judaism had started out obviously agin’ homosexuality, suddenly became all pro-ghey without the slightest remark of protest in David’s lifetime, and then reverted back again, and that Saul’s remark to David — Saul being such a sympathetic music-critic, you know — wasn’t what it sounded like in Hebrew culture, which is to say, somewhere between a snide remark and a deadly insult.

      These folk would have you believe that the only reason Sodom got burned was “being unhospitable” as if the text didn’t make it perfectly plain that the form of the inhospitable behavior was especially revolting in the author’s view. (Hint: When the Bible discusses sex, it uses flowery circumlocutions like “know” for sex it approves of, and blunt graphic forwardness like “he spilled his semen” or “we want to have sex with them” for sex it disapproves of. It’s an ancient style motif, like anime characters having spiky hair.)

      These folk would have you hypothesize all kinds of things about “the disciple whom Jesus loved” and go on to tell you that the only kind of gay stuff that Paul — a former Pharisee — would have any problem with was temple prostitution or pederasty. A more ridiculous collection of anachronistic groaners can scarcely be imagined.

      The reasonable person checks the Didache and Ignatius of Antioch and Clement of Rome and Tertullian and Irenaeus and Cyril and those guys, and goes, “Oh. Gotcha. So, basically the traditional Christian view is that gay sex is a disgusting offense against the order of nature set up by God, bounded about by strong taboos purely for the benefit of every soul, and when uber-traditional groups like Catholics use warm and fuzzy terms like ‘objectively disordered’ in our day while insisting that gays still be respected as people with human rights, they’re bending the Christian prohibition as far as it’ll go without changing the essence.”

      And that’s what you see here. You see, Christian folk would like very much to raise their kids to have a Christian worldview, because they think it’s an accurate understanding of reality and the meaning of it all.

      Now they know that when kids see stuff as “normal” around them they interpret it not only as “commonly occurring” but as “morally permissible,” even when it isn’t. (Hmm, I think some adults make the same error, too.) So, these Christians would like to have an opportunity to teach their kids about what morally permissible sex and marriage are, and then later on, under the heading of advanced topics, explain about people who don’t do it that way: People who have premarital sex, for example, or affairs, or kinky fetishes, or porn addictions, or same-sex attractions, or who remarry after divorcing from a legit Christian marriage, instead of “remaining [single] or else reuniting with their spouse” like good Christians are told to do in the Bible.

      I grant that the Christian prohibition against serial polygamy is a lot weaker these days than the prohibition against simultaneous polygamy. Maybe that’s why they’re having such a tough time sounding sincere about homosexuality? Because of the obvious hypocrisy about divorce and remarriage? If any gay-marriage advocate wants to decry hypocrisy among Christians, surely that’s the weak point to attack, since “husband of [at most, in a single lifetime] one wife” was always supposed to be a firm mandate for Christian clergy.

      But you have to know something about Christianity to make that criticism. For you critics, I’d suggest that as a useful starting-point.

      • R.Miller

        R.C. The best comment on the whole thread! Praise Be to God !

  • Rygar

    This should quiet the H8′ers. Probably won’t, though. Logic, science and proven facts are the good christians’ mortal enemy. They just usually pretend they don’t exist, like homosexuality.,8599,1815538,00.html

    • Jesus Morales

      :-D I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh. What exactly were you trying to prove? First, that study was of only 90 people. You can’t take one study of 90 people and make definitive conclusions about the millions of people in the USA or Europe; or make definitive conclusions about the billions of people all over the world. Second, the article points out this all developing science, they are still looking into the matter. Third, read the conclusion. The author of the study says that genetics and the environment (and other factors) may influence a person. So, I’m assuming you were trying to say that gays are “born that way”. The problem is that without even going into other research, the very link you posted doesn’t even support that claim.

      • rygar

        Yes, this is just a scientific study with interesting but not completely conclusive findings. This is also one of MANY SUCH STUDIES that have come up with similar findings. You choose to disregard anything doesn’t support your personal beliefs. You would rather argue pointless details than contemplate the implications of such scientific findings. YOU FEAR THE TRUTH, or even the possibility of a truth that doesn’t fit into your small view of the world.

        • rygar

          Also, assuming that homosexuals are sinners turning their back on god, isn’t it god’s job to judge them? Why is it so often christians who commit the egregious sin of playing god and presuming to hand down his judgements?

          • R.C.

            Strange complaint.

            Aren’t you rendering judgment, just by saying that? Everyone judges: They must, and everyone ought to. However, not everyone ought to judge. And of course no one should judge.

            What we’re dealing with here are three different acts going by the same name: (1.) Discerning between truth and error, good and bad, wise and unwise, helpful and unhelpful; (2.) making a necessary decision as obligated by one’s official or unofficial position of authority or influence; or, (3.) showing hypocritical unforgiveness and/or haughty, self-righteous condemnation towards the broken-hearted. Everyone must do (1.); when one happens to be in a position that makes (2.) obligatory one must also do (2.); and nobody ought to do (3.).

            But what has happened is that folk who don’t like what Christianity says about sexuality have decided to target Christians who are faithful to Christian sexual teachings in a dishonest way: They catch them doing (1.) or (2.) and accuse them, in all cases, of doing (3.). By conflating these things they are showing how badly they (accidentally or intentionally) misunderstand the “Judge not, lest ye be judged, for with the same measure [standard] will you be judged” quote from Jesus.

            Are Christians obligated to behave morally? Yes. Is knowing what is or is not moral behavior a prerequisite for that? Yes. Can deciding whether a particular behavior is moral or not be described as “exercising judgment?” Yes. Is that the form of judgment Christians are required by their faith to exercise? Of course; and they’re even obligated to not keep such conclusions a secret but to state them plainly (and as lovingly and winsomely as possible of course, but never to sacrifice outright truthfulness for fear of being disliked) to the world so that the world had an opportunity to avoid the pitfalls if it listens. And of course this applies five times over to parents raising children.

  • Rygar

    I understand your concern, though. I took my 10-year-old niece to see Paranorman, and she turned into a zombie.

    • R.C.

      Now THAT was actually funny.

      Why can’t everyone be so clever?

  • James in San Francisco

    There still seems to be way too many people in this world (as evidenced by some of the postings here0 who profess to be christian but sure don’t seem to be acting too much like christians! WHAT’S UP WITH YOU PEOPLE ANYWAY!?

  • Lacey

    Your shouldn’t children see a movie because it makes you a little uncomfortable to explain another lifestyle to them? Wow.

    • Yenashia

      I agree!
      Is it so hard to say “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” anymore?

      • Jerry William Leo Peet

        Even better yet “Start paying attention in health class.”

  • jonahsdive

    Wow there is a lot of ignorance out there. Bible = hate? I didn’t get that when I read it, and I’ve read it many times. I did get that mankind is in a fallen state, full of problems, and our only solution to the problem is to seek God. If I choose to obey the Bible as Jesus did, then yes, I will care about what kind of movies and music my children are exposed to. And it may be one small throwaway line in a funny movie, but as in most movies, every line is very carefully planned for it’s impact; there are no accidents. There is no need to put that line in the movie, and it’s presence sends a clear signal that homosexuality is normal and non-threatening; it is preaching. Please accept the fact that there are millions of people who want to carefully raise their children to learn to respect themselves and their bodies, and that there are healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing sexuality.

  • Jesus Morales

    Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I was thinking this movie might be interesting to see, but at best it will be a Netflix rental now. It’s a shame that they’re trying to sneak in things like this. I would really like to be able to take my daughter to a movie without having to worry about her being exposed to concepts she’s not old enough for.

  • R.C.

    I am so very, very, tired of the whole gay thing.

    These days, one cannot open a newspaper, watch a movie, watch a television show, read a book, or read a blog without someone flogging one’s eyes with the apparently vitally important information that they habitually partner with a person of the same gender to indulge in mutual masturbation.

    Being of a libertarian mindset, I have long regarded laws against private consensual mutual masturbation between adults to be immoral laws.

    After all, each instance of criminalizing behavior is an instance of We The People, through our representatives, threatening persons with the use of force and the deprivation of their liberty or property.

    I am not a pacifist and so I hold that such threats are sometimes warranted. But neither am I a warmonger and so I hold that one must achieve a very high threshold of justification before using or threatening violence against another…whether one does it personally (as in cases of justified/unjustified self-defense) or through one’s elected representatives and police force (as in the cases of just/unjust criminal law) or through the nation’s armed forces (as in the case of just war/unjust war).

    In each case the high threshold of justification required for using force against another amounts to requiring that the offender has already used, or is clearly threatening to use, force or fraud to initiate harms against some innocent party. I can shoot a man who breaks down my front door and enters my house; but not a man who merely has the poor taste to listen to Lady Gaga recordings. My country can invade a country which has invaded ours or that of an ally; we cannot invade a country merely for having famously snooty waiters in its capital city. Likewise we can lock up a man who kills, robs, rapes, or defrauds others; we cannot justifiably lock up a person who self-medicates against life’s trials and tribulations getting his flatmate to fellate him.

    This says nothing about whether the practice is a form of sexual dysfunction, or of kink, or Offends God, or is healthy from a purely evolutionary standpoint, or any of that. It only says that the threshold for justifying violence is high and this doesn’t even come close to meeting that threshold.

    This, at least, was my inclination until all the persons inclined towards this particular practice started force feeding me the details of their predilections through every form of mass media. I have never wanted to lock up or mistreat those of my friends and colleagues who indulged in it; it has never even been a point of animus towards persons I otherwise disliked.

    But now I wonder: Is this the reason so many successful societies had these odd, seemingly-pointless laws and taboos against doing this? Is it a matter of social evolution that societies which prohibit this behavior by force are healthier overall and more likely to survive and thrive? Is it some fact of human nature that if you don’t prohibit or discourage it, everyone becomes deeply neurotic over sexual matters and spends all their time talking about it and agonizing about it and demanding validation from others about it, until, in the end, education and infrastructure and public health and economics suffer because all our energies are devoted to assuring homosexuals that we don’t disapprove of their entertainment?

    I exaggerate in jest, of course. But also in protest. I feel like I am back in high-school English class being asked to evaluate the symbolism in every book, every poem, only to find that it’s always, inevitably, inescapably, a Christ figure (or a Marxist class-warfare symbol, depending on whether the teacher wore loafers or sandals).

    I’m tired of talking about this! I’m more over this than I was back in the 90′s, hearing about Bill Clinton’s hide-the-cigar games or O.J.’s glove. I just can’t feign interest any longer. I would gladly pay an extra 10% in taxes purely as a bribe to all members of the LBGTGXYZPDQ crowd to change the f***ing subject.

    • Sundown

      Libertarian? Ha. You’re as much of a libertarian as Fidel Castro is!

  • Yenashia

    I actually think it’s nice to see this. Instead of dropping hits through the entire movie, or having them all over each other, the quick mention is nice and more realistic.
    I think it’s cute, really.
    Gay culture is accepted a lot more than it was in the past, and honestly this doesn’t surprise me.

    Not trying to instigate anything here, I just think it’s cute to see a little hint dropped.

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  • sino

    There’s nothing bigoted about not wanting your kids to learn about aberrant sexual behavior before they’re ready for it.

    • Sundown

      Point to one ONE instance of actual sexual behavior in this movie.

      • AD

        The kid mentioning his boyfriend. Maybe to you that isn’t sexual behavior but then again we once had a president that believed oral sex is not related to his aforementioned denial of his “sexual relations”. Typical libtards to wanna play word games to manipulate

  • Ned Schnittt

    More intolerance from the anti-Christian hate-mongers who preach tolerance. Thank you for discrediting yourselves. May God Bless You.

  • Abaddon

    Thanks for the heads up, was really looking forward to this movie, sad to see it just a cog in the gay adgenda. Will not be going to this flick.

  • Jenny
    This is an excellent article. The Christian worldview has God’s Word as its foundation and final authority. The naturalist/atheist worldview does not. Therefore, it is easy to understand why there is such division here.

  • Boris Labella

    Not only does it punish responsible owners, but also add to already overcrowded animal shelters which in turn just wind up killing the dog.

  • Mary Anne

    @Jesus Morales thank you for saying that but your other comments in this thread kinda contradict what you just said. I was raised in a Christian family and I turned to God many times during my struggles and guess what? Still gay! So the social influence thing? Lies. Plus how can I believe that God would welcome me when so many people were telling me he wouldn’t accept me? I believe in God but not in the God many people in this thread try to impose on me. I believe in an understanding being who will welcome anyone into his grace that doesn’t hurt themselves or others for the way they were born. And that’s why I’m not gonna give those people the satisfaction to die.

    @The Phantom your comment is just stupid. I am not blaming straights. I am blaming bigots like you for my and other thousands of people’s struggles. I love straight people. Straight but not narrow people. I generally even don’t mind straights who might think being gay is wrong but still don’t treat you like a monster or insult you because they are actually respectful. I know it might be hard for your close mind to understand this but gay people do not just hang out with each other. I know, surprising.

    Also really? I made myself gay? Sure! You keep saying homosexuality is a choice but you do not give a logical reason as to why millions of people in the world “choose” to be beaten and hated and insulted and discriminated against. Please explain, are we born with the capacity to hate ourselves so much we actually SEEK hate from others? Cause otherwise I don’t get it. Please enlighten me.

    Ps: To those preaching tolerance: homophobia is not an opinion, it’s literally A FEAR. And I don’t tolerate fear because fears should be understood and faced. I faced mine and I am a happier person now. Just saying.

    • AD

      It’s natural for a klepto to steal and for a psychopath to hurt with out recourse – it’s NATURAL for them. But that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. If you have gay feelings, fine. Having gay feelings isn’t a sin, just acting on them is. I have hetero feelings and that’s not a sin, but if I act on them, it is then a sin. You deal with the cards you’re dealt and if abstaining due to your personal feeling is what you gotta do, then do it.

  • eagle

    I didn’t want to see this movie because the trailer made it look like it was full of witchcraft. My kid probably wouldn’t pick up on the gay stuff. He would pick up on the witchcraft. You probably don’t have a problem with Harry Potter either?

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  • Robert G.

    how did a single comment from a cartoon character announcing his boyfriend turn into a freak out about what people do in bed? i saw no quick cut to a stop-motion sex scene between the cartoon boyfriends.

    did you? hell, his boyfriend wasn’t even in the movie.

    chill, dude.

    i respect your right to believe in any sort of spiritual tradition from Jesus or Buddah or Momahammed. if you find such beliefs help guide your life for the better, that’s good. if it helps your children to grow up to become adults who are not toxic, that’s more than good.

    but your religious beliefs are not mine. nor should they be imposed on me. gay rights are civil rights. sure, our society may be informed by religious views but we are not obligated to follow them in our civil law.

    look, my world view incorporates you and creates space for your religious beliefs. it even welcomes them. by contrast, it seems that your world view not only pushes gay people out but simultaneously demonizes them. worse, some take particular delight in doing just that.

    i took my family to this movie. three kids from 15, 13 to 9. they loved it. i loved it. we all got a laugh over to the scene in question. no big deal.

    but they’ve been raised in a great college town where people are exposed to all sorts of different people, philosophies and ideas.

    i admired my kid’s response – as well as the loud laughs from the audience. and yup, it’s a northeast state.

    i hope i am alive when my kids can live in any state and they will hear gleeful laughter and not angry, ticked off gasps over such a matter of fact gay – and human – joke.

    • Jerry William Leo Peet

      The reason people are getting worked up about it is because they’re fucking stupid people. We all try to reason with them, but there comes a point you have to tell a dipshit religious nut that they’re a backward thinking moron who is destined to a bitter old age of people being disgusted with their idiotic bigotry.

    • Lori Moffit

      Nor should YOUR beliefs be pushed onto others. There should absolutely be some sort of clear disclaimer in the advertising of this movie to let parents know about themes being slipped in under the radar like this.

  • Robert G.

    oops. it’s mohammed.



    i hate spell check on my iphone.

  • David

    For all of you ‘good christians’ on here bleating over and over “We’re not bigots! We’re not bigots!” Here’s a simple litmus test for you. Take all of your comments I’ve read on this thread about gays such as “We don’t have to accept that (gays)” and calling gays abhorrent and saying you don’t want your kids associating with homosexuality try this instead. Each time you’re about to trot out one of those pet responses replace the word gay with “black” or “colored” or “Jew” or “Latino” or “muslim.” If you did that you’d sound exactly like a bigot then wouldn’t you. You wouldn’t be caught dead saying something so racist or bigoted and yet, and yet… you all have no qualms making the EXACT SAME comments about homosexuals. Well guess what, you failed the test. Like it or not, admit it or not, but yes Virginia, you are a bigot.

  • Robert G.

    In case you missed it, attorney Ted Olson had this to say:

    Together with my good friend and occasional courtroom adversary David Boies, I am attempting to persuade a federal court to invalidate California’s Proposition 8—the voter-approved measure that overturned California’s constitutional right to marry a person of the same sex.

    My involvement in this case has generated a certain degree of consternation among conservatives. How could a politically active, lifelong Republican, a veteran of the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, challenge the “traditional” definition of marriage and press for an “activist” interpretation of the Constitution to create another “new” constitutional right?

    My answer to this seeming conundrum rests on a lifetime of exposure to persons of different backgrounds, histories, viewpoints, and intrinsic characteristics, and on my rejection of what I see as superficially appealing but ultimately false perceptions about our Constitution and its protection of equality and fundamental rights.

    Many of my fellow conservatives have an almost knee-jerk hostility toward gay marriage. This does not make sense, because same-sex unions promote the values conservatives prize. Marriage is one of the basic building blocks of our neighborhoods and our nation. At its best, it is a stable bond between two individuals who work to create a loving household and a social and economic partnership. We encourage couples to marry because the commitments they make to one another provide benefits not only to themselves but also to their families and communities. Marriage requires thinking beyond one’s own needs. It transforms two individuals into a union based on shared aspirations, and in doing so establishes a formal investment in the well-being of society. The fact that individuals who happen to be gay want to share in this vital social institution is evidence that conservative ideals enjoy widespread acceptance. Conservatives should celebrate this, rather than lament it.

    Legalizing same-sex marriage would also be a recognition of basic American principles, and would represent the culmination of our nation’s commitment to equal rights. It is, some have said, the last major civil-rights milestone yet to be surpassed in our two-century struggle to attain the goals we set for this nation at its formation.

    This bedrock American principle of equality is central to the political and legal convictions of Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and conservatives alike. The dream that became America began with the revolutionary concept expressed in the Declaration of Independence in words that are among the most noble and elegant ever written: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Sadly, our nation has taken a long time to live up to the promise of equality. In 1857, the Supreme Court held that an African-American could not be a citizen. During the ensuing Civil War, Abraham Lincoln eloquently reminded the nation of its found-ing principle: “our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

    At the end of the Civil War, to make the elusive promise of equality a reality, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution added the command that “no State É shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person É the equal protection of the laws.”

    Subsequent laws and court decisions have made clear that equality under the law extends to persons of all races, religions, and places of origin. What better way to make this national aspiration complete than to apply the same protection to men and women who differ from others only on the basis of their sexual orientation? I cannot think of a single reason—and have not heard one since I undertook this venture—for continued discrimination against decent, hardworking members of our society on that basis.

    Various federal and state laws have accorded certain rights and privileges to gay and lesbian couples, but these protections vary dramatically at the state level, and nearly universally deny true equality to gays and lesbians who wish to marry. The very idea of marriage is basic to recognition as equals in our society; any status short of that is inferior, unjust, and unconstitutional.

    The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held that marriage is one of the most fundamental rights that we have as Americans under our Constitution. It is an expression of our desire to create a social partnership, to live and share life’s joys and burdens with the person we love, and to form a lasting bond and a social identity. The Supreme Court has said that marriage is a part of the Constitution’s protections of liberty, privacy, freedom of association, and spiritual identification. In short, the right to marry helps us to define ourselves and our place in a community. Without it, there can be no true equality under the law.

  • amy lane

    Oddly enough, I had several uncomfortable conversations with my children after a seemingly normal event. You see, I was pregnant with my third, and my first and second wanted to know what happened. And so (this will horrify you) I told them that it was ALL PERFECTLY NATURAL. I know–shameful, how children want to know about the real world. Especially shameful how parents want to shield children from basic things like love and family, because their own world is so very very small that they don’t recognize love, family, kindness, and human decency when it bites them on the patootie.

  • tammy

    Actually, anyone who says that to believe that homosexuality is wrong is a bigot. A bigot is anyone that thinks their way is the only way. Everyone is a bigot so I will avoid focusing on what I like or do not like and teach my kids what God says about it. Homosexuality is against the Bible and Christianity so I will not have my children watching pro-gay bigotry.

    • SeeJay the WeeJay

      “Pro-gay bigotry”


  • Will

    I’ve just returned from a screening of ParaNorman. In my opinion, you missed the point of the movie completely. It was a film about acceptance. Accepting who you are, no matter what the world thinks of you. The world is full of bullies – from kids at school to people in your community. And, sometimes, your parents.

    Norman is everyone one of us, even you. There are people in this world who are not like us. This will never change. You can either teach your children this at a young age or lock them in a windowless room with only a small hole in the door for food & water. I’m believe you missed a valuable teaching opportunity.

  • GetALife

    I’ve been “introduced to heterosexuality” at a very young age. I still remember the ***shock*** when I saw James Stewart kissing Grace Kelly.
    I’m still trying to recover from this horrible and disturbing sight.

  • Sundown

    Don’t you think that you MIGHT be overreacting?

  • David

    For those of you who are scared of the conversation this might provoke with your children, let me script it for you:
    Child: What did it mean when that boy said that he had a boyfriend.
    Adult: Well, Sparky, you know how your cousin Bubba has a girlfriend, and when she comes over they like to hold hands. Sometimes when a boy reaches Bubba’s age, he realizes that he doesn’t want to hold hands with girls, but he wants to hold hands with boys.
    Child: Oh, ok.

    Oh the horror! What an uncomfortable conversation! (See you can discuss homosexuality in an age appropriate manner.)

    • AD

      You clearly do not have kids of your own so you also have no hypothetical say on what other parents do with THEIR kids, do you?

  • Chuck

    You have every right to not watch this movie if you want because it is against your sensibilities, as long as I have every right to boycott Chik-Fil-A because it’s against my sensibilities. Freedom of speech doesn’t only work one way.

    Secondly, the vast majority of kids have ZERO problems with homosexuality. Especially when you begin explaining when they’re young that they’re simply two people who love each other very much just as a mommy and daddy do. Honestly, they don’t really care, and are more concerned with getting treats that being taken aback by homosexual relationships.

    • AD

      No offense, but your comment is ridiculously misinformed that I think it’s giving me cancer. Children are not born with ANY type of social mores or scruples. You could tell them that some people chose to love their pets like a mommy and daddy and they will be fine with it. THE POINT of the parental concern is that
      a. This is a children’s movie and has no right usurping the parents decisions on when/where/how to discussions matters of sex and relationships

      b. not everyone believes that homosexuality is natural or right. Yes, I said it – not every parent agrees with it.

      c. This characters sexuality as NOTHING to do with the plot in any way and DOES NOT belong in this movie!!

      • CoyoteWalker

        1. How, in any way, does that ONE LINE automatically mean the child is going to ask about sex? Relationships? Maybe, but sex? Honestly as a child, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed. Also, depending on the child’d age, if they or someone they know has already had a bf/gf (like most kids do in some form by the age of…oh say…7) then they’ll probably understand the implications of him saying he has a boyfriend anyways without your help. If that’s true, which would mean they WOULDN’T ask you what it means then it’s absolutely BRILLIANT that the film makers made that line so casual, because it helps implement the idea (as the entire movie tried to do as well, thanks for noticing) that different isn’t bad and that bashing/bullying/etc someone for being different is bad as well.

        2. If you’re really upset by it personally (YOU, not your child) then (if you want) sit them down after the movie and ASK THEM what they thought of the movie. Of what the movie was trying to teach, and of THAT LINE. Start a conversation with your child, a calm one that tries to gauge where they are and what they feel. Once you do that, if you want, then you can try and teach them your belief. (It should be noted that depite the fact that my grandmother disliked gay people, didn’t think their lifestyle was right and didn’t want them in her house, she was ALWAYS polite to them and taught me to go out of my way to be nice/friendly with EVERYONE that was different because different people are whats needed to keep things going).

        3. No. his sexuality has nothing to do with the plot directly. However, the plot it self was about a town disliking a boy because of the way he was. More specifically, his parents didn’t like him for what he was. He had no support at all. Sounds familiar to a lot of “my parents always taught me it was wrong”, “i got made fun of at school for it”, or “i got kicked out of my house for being gay” stories doesn’t it? THE WHOLE MOVIE was about being accepting and understanding of someone different than you. That just because they’re different doesn’t mean you have to hate them. So when the JOCK (the opposite of the stereotypical gay guy) throws out that one liner so casually, with no fear (implying that everyone already knows and is OK with it) it subtly shows to any kids/teens/etc watching that really it’s not that bad. Does it have to do with the plot directly? No. But it does have to do with the lesson the movie is teaching you, if you feel like listening to things outside your little book of myths.

  • Emily

    Honestly, Paranorman was quite a good movie, and I found it’s message to be an important one, not to mention moving. It showed that two wrongs don’t make a right, and how important it is to forgive. The boyfriend line at the very end of the film went by so quickly I missed it the first time. It was so unexpected that it didn’t even register in my mind. I think the film is probably a little dark for younger children, but I doubt they would pay much attention to that single line.

  • TJ Brown

    So the blonde bimbo (not saying that she is but that is how she came off as) who has been ogling his butt, and chest the either movie should end up with the block head jock who she just met , yeah with a by kiss at the end because that would fit in with Christan values. The two big gasping lines at the beginning and the end are the line kids here everyday no matter how conservative you think you are as a parent, and if your child was old enough to catch the line that means they’ve heard it before and I bet it wasn’t in a controlled PG setting. And to tell parents not to watch such a wonderful movie because of a ‘reveal’ about a gay character is beyond stupid know that we know he is gay does it change anything about he character, no no it doesn’t. If anything throw away lines like these show children that there different people in the world and they don’t have to be stared at or overly explained.

  • Pooka

    The main problem with the film was horrible storytelling. It was like a first draft from a creative writing class. Nothing fit together correctly. The title character barely has any agency in what happens. The zombies were completely superfluous.

    I find it odd when animated stories are told poorly. What other type of film is constructed frame by frame? It’s like they didn’t storyboard it at all.

  • Jerry William Leo Peet

    Oh no, there was a gay teenager in a movie! Whatever shall your dipshit fundie arsehole mind do to cope with this shocking discovery!

    I suggest a big spoonful of “Get Over It”

  • Jerry William Leo Peet

    I don’t get why Christians are so uncomfortable with the notion of sex. God said to Adam and Eve “Be fruitful and multiply”


  • Christine

    A PG movie pointed out that some people aren’t attracted to the same sex! *Gasp!* The horror! This is somehow more important than the death, violence, and casual child abuse/neglect and bullying that often gets shown in PG movies! Do you let your children watch the news? Or read the newspaper? What do they they think about the massacres going on in Syria?

    There are children being abused by their parents inside the US, people dying all over the world from easily preventable causes — and the American Christian Right gets hung up about same-sex couples. Come on, guys, priorities.

  • Alice

    ParaNorman was a movie about a young boy who was ostracized and bullied by his community because he was different and they couldn’t accept that.
    So no, if you do not accept those different from you, I would not suggest this movie.

  • Anna

    Haha only Americans/American parents would react like that! Seriously, that comment would have not raised a single eyebrow here, I don’t understand people making such a fuss about it! (Also, i do no understand why they would refund tickets. Homosexuality is completely normal & natural, so why should it be viewed as otherwise.)

  • Jeffrey Valencia

    The movie’s takeaway, at least for me, was that being different is okay. Being different by talking to the dead or being gay. The story headline is so ridiculous, “ParaNorman Introduces Children to Homosexuality”. It didn’t but if it did obviously someone has to because the people who are offended by it are surely not going to.

  • Lily Star

    What did I just read? Was this actually serious? If your child asked about a heterosexual couple, you’d tell them something simple like ‘yes, those two people love each other’. So you say the same for a homosexual couple. There is no difference. That is literally all there is to it.

  • pjeseb

    Yes, because if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you must be having sex with him or her. Even if you’re a teenager.

    I’m so sick of the “pro-family” crowd who pretend that gay people and gay sex are inextricably linked.