A Muslim Voice That Must Be Heard

Earlier today I co-hosted Jay Sekulow Live for a full hour, and caller after caller lit up our board to decry the embassy attacks of September 11 and ask, “Where are the more moderate Muslim voices? Why are the radicals so dominant?”  I answered from my experience in Iraq with one word: “Fear.”  In nations where jihadists live, speaking out can mean death.  There were many Iraqi Muslims who hated the jihadists, or “takfiris” as they called them, but until we were able to clear al Qaeda from a village or region, their revulsion was often expressed in hushed whispers.  In a nation like Egypt — dominated as it is by the Muslim Brotherhood — dissent is dangerous.

I am so used to the fear and silence of dissenting Muslims, that this blog from a fellow Patheos blogger Nancy Shehata felt like a surprising blast of cool air on a hot and miserable day:

I am so god damned tired of this.  Sorry, I just can’t find any literary way to put that.  I am so god damned tired of Muslims allowing themselves to be manipulated by a god damned low-budget stupid YOUTUBE VIDEO.  This low-rent video was put together by a few bigoted individuals who should have been ignored.  Instead, they have found fame in infamy.  Their worthless little film was used by “radical Muslims” to pull the strings of ignorant puppets, to whip up a crowd into a frenzied mob, to incite people to murder.  I am shocked but not surprised by the film.  I am horrified and really, really pissed off at my Muslim brothers.

And . . .

There are no outside enemies who are hurting us worse than we are hurting ourselves.  As long as schoolgirls in Afghanistan fear acid attacks, as long as a widow who wants to remarry fears death at the hands of her son if she does, as long as billionaires are financing ego-stroking skyscrapers while orphans are starving, as long as heroin smugglers are hiding their product in the corners of mosques and markets, as long as girls are sold into marriage to pay of debts, as long as children are being abandoned to popular culture, as long as we Muslims are not living according to Islam, we will be the worst human beings in the world.  It’s not the U.S, it’s not the U.N.  It’s not the satellite dishes or the fashions or chemtrails or anything else.  It’s us, damn it.  We’re falling short.  We are not living correctly according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, we are not fulfilling our roles as the Khalifahs and role models for this planet, and as a result Allah has removed His blessing from us.  Our problem, not theirs.

These are brave words.  If uttered in parts of the Middle East, these words would be a death sentence.  I don’t know Nancy Shehata, and I’m not familiar with her other writings, but on this day she said what needed to be said.  And for that, I’m grateful.

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  • Jeremy Forbing

    Thank you for putting these words out there to be read by more people. I know I normally disagree with just about everything you post, David, but please believe me when I express how much I respect you for helping Mrs. Shehata’s call for peace and reason find a larger audience.

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  • http://Yahoo Aminu Abubakar

    America, yes, great America they said, a land of freedom, an epitome of human right, civilization, liberty and freedom. Mother of all democracy but father of ‘ them all crazy’ . A country that refused to see and accept muslims as human beings with feelings, rights, liberty and democry from Almighty God, of course not from almighty America. That’s why today when you kill muslims today, to average americans and their corhort world over, you are seen as an hero, who deserved recognition and award ( Armstrong doesn’t deserve). Yes, i said kill, if suporting a lunatic to raise $5m, to insult and blasphame our noble prophet is your achievement this century, you better start thinking of raising $5b for a greater achievement next century. Kill us all and leave our noble prophet alone. I think that will make you happy and more human beings.

  • http://cavetrollhead.livejournal.com Phillip Hall

    Person ‘one’ insults person ‘two.’ Person ‘two’ kills person ‘three’ We need to be grateful for the circumstances in which we were raised, where that formula for justice doesn’t equate. Thank God for all Muslims who don’t accept it either. It takes courage and I hope the Lord rewards them.

  • Mustafa

    Person 1 insults person 2. Person 2 kills person 3 associated with person 1 is exactly what happened, and this is without any room for argument forbidden in Islam. Under Islamic law, this is simply murder. As a Muslim, I find this video extremely offensive and it’s no surprise because its purpose was to offend. However, by responding this way, all my fellow Muslims have done is paint a larger target on their passions that more hateful bigots will now aim for. It’s like in middle school – If someone teases you and you let them know it worked, they’ll only tease you more, not less. Keeping things in perspective, if you believe all human life is equally valuable, as I do, 4 Americans died in this attack. In the 330+ drone attacks to date in Pakistan alone, over 3,000 people have been killed, including about 200 children. They never said or did anything to offend Christians or America, yet because we never see their faces or hear their stories, we’re at peace with killing them by the dozens. That is more wrong than the Libyan embassy attack.

  • Faith

    @Mustapha, I agree that the people killed by the drones is a travesty. A terrible thing that the U.S. doesn’t have enough outrage over. In part I think because our media is still in love with Obama and therefore he does not come under the scrutiny that Bush did. The anti-war movement really declined after Obama was elected, but Obama is just as bad as Bush was. Alas, few want to admit it. However, I do want to point out two things without dismissing the enormity of the violence that the drones are doing on innocent people. 1) Libya is not Pakistan, Pakistan is not Egypt, etc. The U.S. can’t deal with all Muslims as one monolithic group but has to make decisions based on our relationship with each country and what is going on there. So let’s keep what’s going on in Libya separate from what is going on in Pakistan as much as we can. Secondly, the drones are in part, a child of terrorism. If we feel we have to police terrorist states to protect ourselves, to prevent another 9/11 from happening, drones are a good way to do it. They came about because Americans feel threatened by Islamist terror. Violence begets violence. I think if there was a sudden cease of terrorist activities the world would be a lot more peaceful and the U.S. would not be following a lot of the violent policies they are. Terrorism does nothing for humanity. The greatest amount of religious persecution going on right now around the globe is Muslim against Christian. The Islamic world is in turmoil and dragging the rest of the world down with it. So while the U.S. often wrong in its policy, it seems to always be in reactive mode against the threat of Islamic instability and violence. If these unstable countries could get themselves under control and behave rationally, the U.S. wouldn’t need to do what it is doing.

  • Jettboy

    The two Muslims that have written here as comments show why Islam is a reprobate religion. They point fingers at everyone but themselves, hiding or refusing to acknowledge their own sins. Its all eye for an eye and hate filled screeds of damnation and retribution! They are a shallow people. A psychotic people. A bloodthirsty people. They confuse war with murder without making any logical argument why they are the same. Muslims have too much passion and too little brains. They are dangerous and the only religion that I think should be outlawed in the United States.

  • http://www.usmc.mil S. Murphy

    No, Jettboy, they pointed out that Muslims in certain countries have very direct and personal reasons to have hard feelings towards the USA. When somebody’s kids are dead because of a drone strike, it’s hard to explain to them that it was a reasonable amount of collateral damage, or we got the wrong house, or that one soldier was just crazy, but the rest of us aren’t like that.
    The Muslims who came out in Benghazi and marched with signs saying ‘We’re sorry” and “This is not our Islam and Prophet” and “No to insulting the Prophet, no to violence, no to terrorism,” live in the same town as the rioting loonies and AQ gangsters that killed our ambassador. Are they shallow, for coming out and demonstrating against this violence? Do they not count because they don’t fit your stereotype?

  • Evan Maughan

    Actually Aminu, the biggest killer of Muslims in the world is not the U.S. and its not “the Joooos” it’s… wait for it… Muslims. Do you want to see how we have come to see your faith? When I was a child, the Middle East was a land of magic lamps, beautiful princess, Sinbad the Sailor fighting of evil wizards and monsters. Now I see the Middle East and the Muslim religion as insane, bat crazy nuts. A people full of rage because they have come to realize that they live in disfunctional states run by petty dictators and theocrats. Left behind as the rest of the world surges ahead. A people that treat women like dogs or pigs giving them no rights. Ignorant, angry, killers, savages, that is what many of us have come to see you. Your own post you speak of killing for insulting Mohammed – “peace be to his name” what irony that is. Your religion is a weak religion if you have to kill those with different opinions or beliefs. Is it true that all Muslims are savage killers, no, not for all Muslims, but the faith as whole has become sickened and tainted by those like yourself. Kill, kill, kill to us that seems to be just a common past time for you people. You earned your reputation as you attack us for believing different, just as you attack and kill each other. I don’t believe in tearing down other people’s beliefs, but when someone tells me I do not have the right or freedom to speak my mind or my beliefs, that makes me want to do exactly what they tell me not to. One can know a prophet of God by his fruits, what good fruits has your faith given the world in the last 400 years? The wild children of Ishmael, you could have been so much more. Instead you lash out at the world because you can not face your failures as a faith.

  • Evan Maughan

    Mustapha, if you read my post above you will see that my opinion of the Muslim faith is very low, it was not always so. As for the drone attacks, why are there so many targets in Pakistan? I do not like Obama, but I do agree that those that plot against my nation, my rights, my life should be killed. Again, why are there targets in Pakistan? One of the ugly facts of war is that good people, innocent people die. The U.S. has done a great deal to try and keep those numbers of innocents killed low while our enemies seem to purposefully target innocent people. Not only do our enemies have no problem killing innocents “in the name of Allah” but they also know that we try not to kill innocent civilians, thus they will hide behind them. In the Iraq war, schools, hospitals, mosque, all popular places for the insurgence to hide out because they know U.S. forces would not just blow them away. Disgusting tactic that preys on our desire to minimize collateral damage and hurting non combatants.

    So, you want the U.S. to stop attacking, then join together and get rid of the damn terrorist in your nation. Instead of arresting those that helped us find many of these terrorist. Wars are ugly and too many good people die and Pakistan’s playing us for fools while providing safe havens for terrorist is not going to bring an end to conflict, it will possibly make it worse. My biggest fear is that some crazies get some of your nukes, and they would be jumping for joy to nuke one of cities and kill all those “infidels”. You were very insightful in your observation as to what happens as Muslims react to insults by killing. We Americans tend to ignore insults, heck my faith gets bashed all the time by many evangelicals, liberals, and atheist. On the other hand we do not tend to ignore the killing of Americans (well Obama does when it is politically expedient but thats another thread). If you want the killing to stop, then stand up to the ugly elements in your faith that view killing like a great big jihad party.

  • Evan Maughan

    No. Not both posters. Mustapha made some good points, the first poster though, he is where I think Islam is heading. It is not eye for an eye, it is a life for insulting their prophet (an eye for an eye would be a tad more reasonable). Yes some Libyans came out against the murderers and may God bless them for having the courage to do so. There is an account of a navy seal who was protected by village in Afghanistan from the Taliban, I’m 100% sure this is a village was Muslim. The sad irony is that these noble people seem to be the silent majority, a majority that shrinks as children are raised in hate, and opponents get killed.

    Another big problem, Mohammed made a big mistake when he formulated the doctrine for his faith. It states that lying is okay when it is to one not of the faith. Thus Islam is a religion that one can never trust, because to them we are a lower class, unclean. Promises made by a Muslim can not be trusted, unfortunately that Muslim may indeed be honest, but my knowledge of that aspect of his faith will always leave my weary of him. In Afghanistan we see that many Afghan troops and police will turn around and shoot our guys in the back. To them it is ok to take an oath of office, pretend to be on our side, then break that oath and trust and kill us (it’s okay, were just infidels). Thus Islam is faith that can never be allowed trust because to many adherents of the faith, we are not worthy of respect or honesty.

  • http://Yahoo Aminu Abubakar

    @ Evans. Savages indeed! When u threw bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing millions of children and women, does that make u less savages. The atrocities ur fathers comitted to d red indians hv indeed made u lesser savages. The roles u ar playing in Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently Syria has potrayed u as much more savages. Evans u talked about women being abused by Islam? No wonder ur america is d fastest growing in d number of women that embrace islam throughout d entire world. We see what happen in ur streets every minutes, the rate at wc u rape and abuse women. Single child mothers, at 9-12yrs ar already victims of all sort of abuses all in d name of right and freedom. Primary sch pupils go to schools at will with guns, killing their teachers and colleagues at will all in d name of freedom. Do u know hw we see u people, d barbarians. Even selling ur products , u ar sexually abusing ur women folks. It is this ur barbaric cultures wc ur govt is spending part of it budget to curve that will always go contrary 2 Islam and Muslims. Evans, i believe u ar an atheist and a gay that,s why u always view islam on d contrary. Do urself a favour by reading beyond what ur bigot writers fabricated. Read alqur,an the final message, and d truth will set u free. I pray that almighty God will open ur heart 2 accept d truth. Waqul jaa,al haqqu waja, alal badil, innal badila kana zahuqa. Peace be wt u.