Jon Stewart Obliterates the Obama Administration’s “Shoot First, Aim Later” Libya Response

Just when I was about to write about the Obama administration’s utter inability to keep its story straight on Libya, Jon Stewart comes through better than I ever could. Watch it and weep at the incompetence. “Shoot first and aim later” indeed:

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  • Frozone

    What is truly shocking here is that only Jon Stewart, with infotainment news, is the only one reporting this. Where is the coverage from the “legitimate” news outlets. We are entering some strange and scary alternate reality where even the venerable cannot be trusted…

  • Liz

    This is not funny. I would like to be hearing the word “impeachment” more often. Papers drafted. I’m sure those dead Americans left families.

  • Green Eyeshades

    “Two things apparently have become clear. The attack on our embassy was planned and coordinated, the response to it-eh not so much.”


  • Linda

    Somebody needs to tell Jon Stewart if he wants to get the real story about the news he needs to watch Fox News. They had the whole story within 24 hours after it happened. Obama apparently had the story too but it was not politically a good thing for the truth to get out. People can’t see the apparent falsehood this man puts out even when put in a silver platter and served to them.

  • Linda

    Yes and those who blame the good job Romney did in the debate claim that all Romney says is lies, they need to think back to this incident. I guess Romney made Obama lie about this. No Romney spoke correctly to begin with and all the news media,were saying he was stupid for talking when he didn’t know what happens.Saying it was all over. Romney has already lost. Kinda looks like he may have ESP or something, because Romney was right on.