A Nation Greater than We Deserve

Flags In Ceremony at Arrlington
On Memorial Day, be thankful for the world we have — and remember those who helped us create and defend it.

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You’ve Never Heard Anything Like 500 Marines Worshipping God

US Marines Days of Elijah

These men are not afraid of singing and dancing in worship to God. [Read more...]

U.S. Marine Sings Michael Buble’s “Home” on a Plane Headed Home

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You can sense the excitement in this video. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 9: Three Racial Moments with Naomi

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One advantage of being on a cruise that lasts this long – 15 nights! – is that you really spend time with your family. I mean, really. Like, you can’t get away from them. They’re right here with me. All. The. Time. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Day Eight: Losing Time

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We take long vacations for a reason. Our youngest daughter, Naomi, is adopted from Ethiopia and does not adjust well to change. She digs her heels in (figuratively, thankfully) any time her circumstances change suddenly. Living on a boat, outside of her normal routine is not a recipe for fun for her… even if Mickey and Minnie say it should be. [Read more...]